Underneeth It All Its Just A Regular Pen
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Underneeth It All Its Just A Regular Pen

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A li'l sumptin sumptin about da band
  • Casey-Average Punk who is an aggressive skater, snowboarder, and starting skateboarder. He can sing in high C. He's to cheap to buy anything so mark bought the P.A. system. He has a 5-star Trapper Keeper to help organize him at school. He also likes to swim naked in his pool
  • Cory-Punk who is an aggressive skater, snowboarder, skateboarder and loves to swim but ass naked in Casey's pool.
  • Jason-Pussywipped Punk who skateboards, plays the drums and loves his girlfriend Amy.
  • Russell-As Russell would say "I'm Disrexic". He aggressive skates and plays bass. His favorite saying is "Freddy the Crouger". He also drives a station-wagon that is a 1985 Plymouth Reliant with a 76 ball on the antenna. Russ's new word for the week of June 1,1999 is HOBO but he just said Barmitchfa. Russ has been known to try to pick up chicks in his car but by the looks of him and his car, all they can do is laugh. After Russ gradiates, he plans to join the army and fight for his country in Kockovo(Kosovo).
  • Mike-ex-pothead turned straight-edge. Skateboards rides BMX and plays back up lead. Mike has never come to practice so who knows if he's in the band or not

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