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Let's write some fanfic!

Eve watched Anita as she emerged from the drying tube. Seeing the woman naked was certainly a revelation; all those scars...

"Enjoying the view?" Anita quipped as she caught Eve staring.

"I'm sorry, but I couldn't help noticing..." she gestured vaguely towards Anita's left arm.

"Oh yeah, I guess I've been through the meat grinder a few times." She indicated each scar--or group of scars--as she recited the cause. "Broken collarbone and serious blood loss, thanks to a vampire. Shattered elbow, another vamp; damn near lost the use of it. And here," she pointed to a puckered, cross-shaped scar, "I was nailed with a red-hot branding iron."

"Holy shit..." Dallas felt sick.

"Yeah, and this is just the beginning. It doesn't count all the other times I've been shot, stabbed, bitten and bodyslammed. I've been at Death's door so often, I'm staring to wear out the welcome mat." Eve just shook her head and changed the subject.

" and Jean-Claude are...together? Seems kind of weird."

"And a billionaire marrying a penniless cop isn't weird?" Eve smiled ironically.

"Good point. But I'm still interested." Anita considered a moment.

"Do you know what it's like to live as a slave? To have no will of your own?"

The question was as unexpected as it was effective. Eve went a bit pale, but controlled herself. The memories of her father, of what he did to her, were never far.

"You might be surprised." she mumbled, ashamed that she couldn't meet Anita's eyes. For her own part, Anita decided not to pry.

"I suppose that's why Jean-Claude picked me, becuase I could give him what no-one else could; freedom." Anita smiled at Eve's surprised expression. "For a vampire, there are really only two classes; masters and servants. Jean-Claude has been a servant for almost his entire life. As a human, he was a whipping boy for a noble family. A surrogate who is punished whenever the noble son gets in trouble." Her face fell. "You can still see the scars on his back." She took a deep breath and continued.

"After he became a vampire, he was still a servant, enslaved to a cruel master. Then Belle Morte took over and taught him how to control his powers..."

"Who's Belle Morte?"

"Right, I forgot...she's a Master Vampire, one of the most powerful in the whole world. She is le soudre de sang, the 'fountainhead' or creator of a bloodline of beautiful, sexy vamps who use their sexual skills to gain power. She's also a very cruel beauty. She think she's greatest thing since sliced bread. She enjoys her little games and doesn't care who gets hurt in the process."