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6 American Congresmen have sued Clinton for crime against Yugoslavia!!!

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Yugoslav Army have hit 83 NATO Aircrafts. 26 NATO pilots are in prison!!!




1. Kosovo is a part of Serbia, where about 80% of population are Albanians.

Original name for Kosovo was "Kosovo and Metohia". Kosovo ( Albanian population) and Metohia (Serb population). Where is Metohia now?

2. 20 years ago, Albanian population on Kosovo and Metohia was about 60%.

3. After World War 2, Albanian population there was about 40%.

4. Because of that percentage (40%), former President of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Joseph Broz -Tito, gave this territory autonomous status.

Canada will give the same status to 40% Chinese city Vancouver that has more people than Kosovo itself? Will that happen?

5. Since then Albanians have had schools in their language, TV stations, Radio Stations etc. Everything was bilingual formally, but in reality, everything was Albanian.

O.K. They have right to speak their own language. Right?

6. Each Albanian family has 4 - 10 children. That was the reason their population has had increased rapidly.

If they can support them, why not?

7. Albanians were mostly farmers, and owners of small businesses (mostly restaurants). Small number of them has finished Colleges or Universities.

"I have 10 children, no time for school - let's work. "

8. From 1960s until 1980s, Albanians used to rape Serbian women and girls. During night some of them used to ruin Serbian graves. They were considered criminals.

Every country has criminals, even USA (can you believe that USA has them). But raping…. sick!!! Where was NATO and CNN in that time?

9. Serbs were afraid of those criminals, so they moved out from Kosovo and Metohia to central and northern Serbia.

Is that Ethnic Cleansing? I have never thought about that.

10. Police and The Court, which employees were mostly Albanians, resolved all such criminal problems. The World did not know about all those criminal acts, just as people in Yugoslavia did not know how many murders had happen in USA.

11. Some Albanians were satisfied with their power to commit "Ethnic Cleansing", and they decided to try more. What? TO CREATE BIGGER ALBANIA and to SEPARATE KOSOVO FROM YUGOSLAVIA (SERBIA).

12. NO WAY!!!

Why not?

13. Because hundred and fifty years ago, only Serbs lived there. Albanians came to Serbian teritory from Albania, just as Chinese people came to Canada or USA from Chine because of possibility of better life. Serbia was richer country in comparison to poor Albania. In Serbia, Government pays schools. Health care is free completely (hospitalization, drugs, surgery).

Can you find that in any part of the World? Imagine!

14. Every Former Yugoslav family (Albanians, Croats, Slovenians, and Serbs) was able to have a vehicle, to go on vacation at least twice a year. No one had a loan or credit card, or any debt. We did not know what was Loan or Credit Card. Each family in Yugoslavia has its own home. Nobody rents the apartment in Yugoslavia. We do not know what is that. Even students live for free in Student Buildings. The government pays their rent.

15. But, our president Tito died. Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia and Bosnia have separated, afraid to live with other politician, but Tito.

16. Albanians thought, "maybe we could do the same". They started to find out the ways to buy guns. In Yugoslavia is illegal for everybody to carry a gun without permission.

The same is in Canada or Germany or China or….

17. When they collected lots of guns (illegally) they started their fight for separation.

18. The Serbian government doesn't have criminals anymore, but well-organized illegal Army. They did not allow their children to go to schools, because, they were afraid that educated people can be against their idea. Only source of information for an ordinary Albanian was well organized KLA -"Kosovo Liberation Army" and its media and politicians. Why not join them. It's better than fight those mad people with guns. If they say something, that's it. Other Albanians do not have any other source of information or education. The world thought Milosevic took their schools. Funny!

19. Albania supported KLA. The USA put KLA on CIA list of terrorist organizations.

20. Finally, KLA started to shoot…

21. Well-organized Serbian Police started to capture the people with guns (criminals, terrorists or call them whatever you want). Nobody touched an Albanian civilian.

22. There were not 5 of those criminals, but several thousands. Enough to present to the World that Serbian Police deals with Albanians rather than Terrorists. Serbs do ethnic cleansing. NATO (USA and 18 poor puppets) decided: Let's beat them!!!

23. WAR!!! World war 3?????????

24. Every Serb will die rather than allow a foreign country to occupy Serbia.

Would you my American friend do the same. You can kill all Serbs, or you can go home. Only 2 choices left. I know my people. Germans know them very well too.

25. The best solution: - Several thousands of terrorists (criminals, separatists) can not be captured easily. Serbia would need at least ten years to capture them one by one. Meanwhile, more of them would take guns. Never ends. New War!!!

- OR

- Clean the territory and then let all Albanians come back to Kosovo. But nobody who has a gun won't come in, believe me! Who lost the home? Only several thousands of criminals, not Albanian people.

- Nobody wants to clean Kosovo from Albanans. Funny!!! Hitler, who Serbs have fought against, did ethnic cleansing (Jews). Milosevic is not stupid. He is the best guarantee for all Albanians (without guns); They can live in peace and choose their Provincial Government etc.

- New Country - Kosovo ?- NO WAY - We still have friends who would fight for us: Russia, Bjelorussia, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia. Nobody wants such a war!

- Serbia was born at Kosovo. Our ancestors came to a wasteland and named it Kosovo and Metohia (later Serbia) hundreds years ago. USA was born on the East Coast of new land (Washington). Indians lost their land.

That was the Ethnic Cleansing!!!


KOSOVO is Serbian land, but still open for all religions, nationalities, animals, trees, winds, earthquakes etc. You are welcome too, but do not think that you can take off or buy my homeland. Never, never never!!!

Soon, Albanians will be able to come back, not because of NATO, but because of Serbs that will allow Albanians to come back, live, work, have their senators in Government etc. In one sentience, they will have everything that Serbs have, nothing more, nothing less! Albanians are still our citizens, our humanitarian catastrophe, not USA humanitarian catastrophe!

Serbs have never attacked foreign territory, but also, never lost a War. We will win this time as well, because God is with us, and He knows the truth. The God does not watch CNN! More than anything, we are on our land. We do not attack yours!!!

Wake up my friend, you do not know who Serbs are. Friendly, funny people who will offer you to be a guest for free, who will give you a cigarette for free, who will make you laugh. We do not die for money, we die for truth.

Imagine, Canadians give me 0.25$ for a smoke. Ahahaha, Hey man, I am from Serbia. We did not get used on that. Do not talk about money when we are together, come over to my place for a drink, I'll pay for everybody. You do not have apartment, live in mine. I have some food as well. Maybe, your son will be able to help my son in 40 years!

I would fight for my new country Canada! All my friends would do the same!


A Canadian with Serb Origin

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