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Rosters of Maine Central Equipment including:

Covered Hoppers
Cross Hoppers
Flat Cars
Pulpwood Cars
Woodchip Cars
Miscellaneous Cars
The Saga of Locomotive 574

Updated pages as of 4/29/23

This is a web-page dedicated to my favorite Maine Central era, 1970. This is also about the time I was just getting interested in trains and when I realized that my Uncle Chick whom I visited with my Mother every other year or so, lived across from the MEC tracks in Brunswick . As you may see within this site, My Uncle also worked for the MEC as a track maintenance employee, and was unfortunately involved in an accident that would end his railroading career after 32 years of service.

I would like to say that this site is one of love and not for profit. Where I have used pictures on this site, I have tried to give credit to the owner. There are some without proper credit and if you see one without it, please let me know who to give the credit to.

I would like to thanks all of the generous people who did donate the use of their pictures on this site, without these I would not have even tried to produce a site such as this.

For anyone who would like to donate the use of their pictures, I would use them on this site only with proper credit given. The pictures are stored on a secure site that does not allow pictures to be downloaded off of it.

Thanks again for joining me and I hope you enjoy my "Memories of the MEC". Let me know what you think.

Please come back and visit again!