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Welcome to my web page divoted to everyone's favorite Anime series:

Tenchi Muyo!

This is a great OAV series! It stars Tenchi Misaki, a high school student from Japan that has strange adventures with girls from outerspace. Ryoko is a demon that is released from her cave by Tenchi. Ayeka is a princess that is in search of her brother, but instead finds Tenchi. Sasami is Ayeak's sister and a wonderful cooker. Mihoshi is a Galaxy Police officer who is tracking down Kagato, an infamous criminal. Washu is the #1 genius scientist in the galaxy who wants to use Tenchi as an experiment. All in all I'd say Tenchi has it pretty rough, but then again, that is what makes the series so much fun to watch.

Tenchi Muyo translated in english literaly means "No Need for Tenchi".

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Check out this cool stuff and get explinations about the Tenchi Manga series by clicking on Washu's picture to the left!
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