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Canadian Slackers Association


This page is dedicated to the Slackest country in the world, Canada, and the Slackest People in the world, Canadians, eh?

The Canadian Slackers Association Presents...

*new* Why Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving First: Happy Thanksgiving
Whats new and exciting here at the Canadian Slackers Association? Click here
November/December 2001 Who was the Slackest Person in Canada for this two month period? Canadian Slacker Of The Month
Top Ten reasons to be a slacker in Canada (Like you really need a Reason?)Top ten reasons to slack in Canada
Top Ten reasons to become a slacker: Top Ten

Coming Soon from The Canadian Slackers Association:

  • Candian Slacker Tips.
  • The National Slacker Party Of Canada: *Vote Slack*
  • Why Canadians Slack Best.
  • The List Of The Canadian Slacker Olympic Team
  • A whole bunch of other useless crap I can dig up out of my bent and twisted mind.

    Why do you think Canadians Slack the best?
    Why do you think Canadians slack the best

    Current Results

    By making this page am I still a slacker?
    Yes, I'm still a slacker. Just because you're a slacker doesn't mean you put in no effort, it means you are unmotivated and don't put in full effort. I've had this page in my mind for months before I actually created it and i most likely will only update it every few months.

    Bringing YOU slack since July 1st 1998...

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