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*~*~*Absolut Furlong*~*~*

Hi everybody as most of you all know my name is Kim and as you can see I love Eddie. Okay I guess you can say that I have a MINOR obsession with him, but anywho...I apologize to the people who have emailed me and heard nothing in return. I have been having a slight problem with hotmail but it is all good now! Im going to be updating as much as I can. For info on Natasha and Ed just go to my Eddie girls link, and with in a couple days I will be adding new sites to the list of Eddie URLS that I have. About the pics in my gallery...ALL of them can be enlarged by clicking the right side of the mouse and choosing the view image option. Im probably going to change that set up soon, but for now just use the mouse to do it manually. Well I hope you all enjoy my site, and feel free to email me with suggestions or questions. Talk to you all soon, Kim :-)

*Eddie's CD Collection*

(All of his covers including CD singles!!)

*Animal Rights*

(See What Eddie Has to Say And What He has Done!)

*Picture Pages*

(A Collection of Eddie Pix Through the Years)

*Vital Stats*

(Juicy Tid Bits That All Eddie Lovers Must Know)

*Eddie's Opinion About Stuff*

(Opionated Quotes From The Man Of The Moment)


(A Timeline Accomplishments)

*All About Me*

(Find out about me, my friends, family, ect.)
(I Finally Put PICS UP)


(Different Sites Containing Eddie stuff and a Fan to Fan review)
Check out the new link and the Picture Swap

*Eddie's Home*

(Pictures From Eddie's Old Home)

*Cool Links*

(A Collection Of Webpages)

*Say What??*

(Updates + Late Breaking Stories)

*Calvin Klein Ads*

(Eddie's CK Ads)

*Family Album*

(Baby Pictures and Family Pictures)

*Eddies Women*

(Previous Relationships And Jackie)


(A List Of Fans To Contact And Get To Know)

Are you a true Eddie fan? Wanna join an active fan list? Well its just officially started so come on and sign up :-) Maybe Eddie himself someday will check out the list!! Maybe he'll contact us!! Only one way to find out!! Click on the Fan List link to find out more!


(Very Sexy Autographed Pictures And A Really Recent One!!)

I just had to put this on my front page!! This is my alltime faveorite movie poster of Eddie!! Also I think PECKER is one of his finest movies but that is probably because he smiles in it and is for once playing someone happy. Everyone should go out and rent Pecker if you havent done so already...look how HOT he is!!!!

My website is completely unofficial and sadly I do not have any direct contact with Eddie himself. The pictures on this site are from my personal collection and other awesome Eddie sites on the net!! Please feel free to email me information that I have over looked or different ideas to make my site more interesting. I will be adding more to my site to make it one of the best Eddie information sources on the net. Also if you know anyone that is good with banners I would love to somehow make an absolut bottle with an image of Eddie on it to make an official Absolut Furlong ad. Thanks :-)

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Do you want to write to Eddie? If so here is his address:

Edward Furlong
Box 853
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Let me know if you hear or recieve anything back!!