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The Heroin Opium Epidemic
You will be shown who helped the Afghans
develop into the globes largest supplier of Opioids
in just 5 years from 2009 to 2014

Learn how it got out of control
How it is intertwined with Human and Child sex trafficking
getting U.S. soldiers hooked on the drugs
Funding Terrorists Black Lives Matters
Antifa and the other groups
currently attacking our Democracy


You are the

Visitor to this page since it was added online
Dec 2008

It was last updated Apr 1st 2021


I began this page as a warning to parents to
be vigilant with their children as my daughter was a heroin addict
and I had no idea this had happened

As I delved deeper into the problem in late 2009 I began
to find disturbing circumstance surrounding
the opioid crisis in the U.S. and it went
from a page about my daughter to one exposing the
causes and far reaching effects of the crisis.

I sent this info to ALL he MSM and it was completely ignored.

ALL links were working and
were connected to valid pages when they were placed on this page
If any are not working or you get an error message
It seems some of the info is being redacted by the linked website
or possibly hackers accessed my editing program
and changed my html coding
what are they trying to hide ?


This page is Very long but if you take time to check and double check the info
you will get an eye opening epiphany about who was
behind the funding of the Afghan poppy farmers
and the far reaching and many faceted devastating effects connected
to the Current Worldwide Opioid Crisis
including child and human sex trafficking


Opioids include heroin, opium and morphine
and the poppy fields of Afghanistan
are at the center of the current crisis

Did you know heroin, opium and morphine
are derived from the sap of the bulb of the poppy flower -- verify that fact first

The Beautiful Deadly Poppy Flower -
The Source of Illegal Afghan Heroin, Morphine and Opium
which provides 90+% of the global supply of those drugs


You will discover how U.S. Aid starting in 2009
funded the Afghan poppy farmers
and see much of the profits were funneled
to Al Qaeda ISIS and the Taliban

Who was in control in 2009
President Barack Obama then V.P. Joe Biden and Sec of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

First I offer some easily checked statistics to put
this problem in perspective to other "problems" in the headlines

800,000 Americans go missing every year
99.5% are found safe
some of the remaining 4000 are rescued
and have told frightening
stories of their abductions
the rest are never found
or found dead
it has been documented many of the missing
were taken and sold into
human and child sex trafficking rings
by heroin addicts to raise money to fund their habits
and deeply involved in the
sale of humans for sex trafficking
to fund their efforts are Antifa and Black Lives Matter
- the same groups which are now
destroying our cities
In some cases these miscreants are selling
those that are in union with them
But the main stream media is not reporting these missing persons
and in many cases there is no one to report them missing
because they are estranged from their families


40,000 Americans Die from just Heroin, Opium and morphine related use each year
thats 109 PER DAY

100,000 Russians PER YEAR die from those same drugs ( 273 PER DAY )
Hillary Clinton Joe Biden and OB 44 were in part responsible
for killing them too without firing a shot

17 Unarmed black American were killed by Police in 2019
but one is too many

200 Police officers died
in the line of Duty since Aug 2019

34,000 deaths by ALL type of firearms
( 91 per day )

Since Aug 2020 over 600,000 "LEGAL" abortions
have been performed in the U.S. alone ( 1640 per day )

Hundreds of soldiers come back from deployment hooked
on the drugs refined from the poppy plant

Of all those statistics the only one
to get real media coverage
is the 17 Blacks who died
Where are our priorities ??

It is my hope You will become educated and
be moved to learn more about how the current heroin epidemic
got its start in 2009 and who was behind it

If so, You will learn about the connection between
Afghan Heroin and ISIS, Al Qaeda the Taliban
and how the money from the drugs distribution
is indisputably helping fund those terrorists recruiting efforts

The profits have resulted in ALL the global attacks


In 2008 the Afghans were refining and distributing 15% of the world's total Heroin supply
and at the time the Afghan farmers were growing diverse and useful food crops
but in 2009 that started to change and by
2014, in just 5 years, poppies became the #1 crop grown in Afghanistan
and they were growing and producing an astonsihing 93% of the globe's total heroin supply

You will understand the import of that info
as you read this page -- remember those dates
There is ONLY one way that increase could have occured
and that is with help and aid from outside sources

The most shocking irrefutable and easily verified fact is:
in January 2009 Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden
were charged to get hundreds of Millions of dollars
to the Afghans in the form of agricultural aid
under orders from Barack Obama
early in 2009 they started to significantly increase U.S. aid to Afghanistan

The exact figures can be found on Government sites

Millions of dollars were sent in the first year
followed by hundreds of millions in subsequent years
Most was earmarked for agricultural assistance -
in the form of farming subsidies = equipment and supplies
and teaching farming techniques

By sharing our technology it was hoped it would
assist the Afghans in becoming more self sufficient
and increase food crop production per acre and
earn more profits for individual farmers

But The corrupt Afghans who are in league with the terrorist groups
used the money and began conscripting farmers to grow Poppies

Do you see the connection between our aid
and Afghans going from 15% to 93% of the world's opioid supply in under 5 years

In addition we urge ALL who really want
to do something to step up
and help Rid the world of the drugs and make it harder for the terrorists to get funds

use the "Tweet" buttons on this page and Send tweets
to President Trump and request he take action to destroy the heroin crops

Tap on the above image for a quick synopsis
on what this page is about


Now read these words carefully
and Bookmark this page to be able to come back because it is long


Since 2009 global Heroin use has risen
dramatically over and above ANY pre 2009 time span
and become the drug of choice in every country
because the dramatic increase in supply
has dramatically reduced the street price making it
far cheaper than before the enormous growth in availability

While Colombia and Mexico still produce much
of the illegal heroin opium and morphine
found on the streets of the U.S.
enough Afghan heroin gets in to keep the price at record lows

You will be shown how that meteoric rise occurred
And who was mainly responsible
I assure you will be bewildered at what you learn

Its true Heroin has been used for millenniums

Afghan Heroin is now killing at a rate NEVER seen in history
- will one of your loved ones be next ?

Start your education and journey into the deadly heroin culture
you'll learn more about heroin and opioids than
you ever could have imagined


I am positive the victims and families of the continuing terrorist attacks
in Barcelona in 2017 the Manchester England Bombing - The London Bridge Attack - et al
had no idea they would become caught in the web
of the complicated and deadly heroin epidemic

ISIS Al Qaeda and the Taliban
get some of their Money from those Afghan Heroin crops
they help the poppy farmers with the crop and refining of the heroin, opium and morphine
then use their vast network to distribute them,
they give the farmers enough money to assure
they will have more money than if they grew food crops
and keep the rest

Please take some time to research the facts on your own :
Some of the money from the illegal opioid
is being taken and used by ISIS and the other terrorists groups to fund their deadly agenda
The connection IS there
to any clear thinking human
It is indisputable

It's time we cut off U.S Funds to the corrupt Afghans
and destroy the source of the drugs in the fields of Afghanistan
We can CUT OFF the head of Snake that is opioids and terrorism


Click on Above thumbnails to see larger images
The info about the images and the cause and source of the
Current Heroin Epidemic which started in 2009
can be found on this page


First is a twitter feed -
After reading this long boring page
Please Add you comments to the many posts
on the Afghan Heroin / Isis / U.S. Aid connection


You have found this page
out of the billions of sites on the web
was it fate ?
Please take the time to find out why you were directed here


I encourage readers to do your own research
But I am sure the info presented here is valid


This page has been on the web since 2008
and is constantly being added to as
more developments occur
You will be shocked at how far the problem reaches and
how many other tragic consequences are connected to heroin

They can ALL be attributed to the actions and
inactions of incompetent politicians


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If you don't believe the Data presented here
you owe it to yourself and your loved ones
to research and check it


Afghanistan Produces None of the legal opiates
used by pharmaceutical companies for medical purposes

Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton should have had checks in place
and she should have seen the
comet like rise in heroin production
after they arranged for the aid to the Afghans


After you read this page
You will understand why the Mainstream Media refuses to reveal the info
and has been complicit in the cover up
It would destroy the reputations of those involved
and silence many of those who put their faith and support in them

But the truth MUST be exposed

We do NOT claim President Obama Joe Biden Hillary or Joe
sent the massive Aid knowing it was
going to be distributed to the heroin producers
and resulting in ISIS, and the other groups in Afghanistan
profiting from the money we sent

But Joe Biden Clinton and Obama are responsible
( for NOT following the money
and recognizing the results of the aid sent
Their failure to track the aid and detect the increase in Production of Afghan Heroin was apparent and
Our leaders failed to see the connection to the aid we provided
that rise in heroin availability
and the fact terrorist groups were benefitting
from U.S. benevolence

It is more proof that they were incompetent and lacking in their duties

They were in charge and there should have been oversights in place
to follow up on the aid we sent

Additionally, Obama ordered our troops to protect the poppy crops
which proves he and Clinton knew about the situation

The U.S. still has troops in place in Afghanistan
- Shouldn't some be used to help to eradicate
the growth and distribution of killer Heroin, Opium and morphine
NOT protect the drugs

see the Photo Gallery
to see proof

I am sure former Secretary of State and
2016 presidential candidate #Hillary Clinton
Joe Biden and EX-President Obama supporters
will try to debunk and ignore these facts
but they are a matter of Government record

I have repeatedly sent emails, tweets and posted notices
in regards to these unforgivable actions
to many politicians and on 99.9% of the Networks, reporters and anchors pages
( each has been contacted numerous times )
They will NEVER be able to say "I had No Idea

I challenge anyone to research my facts presented here
and IF you do and find any which
you believe are wrong
please send them to me and
and supply the source of your info
so I can correct any errors
But I am very positive there are none



To contact the webmaster of this page
Leave "About your Heroin Webpage" in the subject line


I initially built as a warning to parents
it has morphed into a source of information
so Now this page is
for ALL who are looking for facts about the Current Heroin Epidemic

Again the reasons why I started researching opioid drugs
and how they destroy lives
is not politically motivated
it is personal but needs to be presented
so caring people can be educated about
all the far reaching effects of the drugs

My daughter had been a heroin addict for many years
she became hooked while in the Marines

I had no idea my daughter was a user

Here is a page which lists the signs of Heroin use

Please read the information so your loved ones
can be helped before they are hopelessly hooked

Tap Here
For a link to Addiction Help
In EVERY State


The Data presented is well documented,
Although some of the proof has been deleted off the web
I have been told by officials for "Security Reasons"
it is my opinion it has been expunged to cover up the facts


Press HERE to return to the Beginning of this page

Obama Ordered an increase in Aid to Afghans :

Again in Jan 2009 President Obama ordered
Hillary Clinton to substantially increase
the U.S. agriculture AID to the Afghans
through negotiations with the Afghan Agricultural Ministry
with the hopes of getting more cooperation from the Afghan people
to support and assist our troops
tap HERE
for PROOF from an official 2010 Dept Of Agriculture .gov report on the aid sent

The only flaw in this report is the reference to
a certain province producing less heroin ( poppy crops )
this report was written in 2010
around the same time
the rise in Heroin production was beginning
why no one kept track of the poppy production
after the effects of the aid from 2009 kicked in baffles many


There are many pages providing additional documents on the
millions in financial aid, technology and equipment
we have sent them
A quick Google search will provide you with ALL info
you will need to convince you of these events
and you will feel more confident in your own searches I am sure


There were also well hidden ( until recently ) actions by Former President Obama
Who ordered U.S. Troops to guard the poppy fields

There are online whistle blower accounts
by actual troops
who provide thousands of images of U.S and Coalition soldiers
providing protection for the poppy crops

I dare anyone to show me Pics of huge Fields on fire -
There are a few of small piles of poppy bulbs being burned
but none of the huge fires it would require to
make any kind of dent in the supply

See the photo section on this page
with images for proof of that action
and search yourself to see more

TAP HERE to be taken to that section

You need to ask - why this was done
IF Obama / Clinton knew nothing about the heroin
Once more it is up to you to investigate the reasons for
U.S. troops guarding the Poppy Fields
It is somehow connected to the CIA and Black Ops
You will be sickened by the results you find

If you missed the following info above, I will repeat it a few times
This next section is the most telling DATA = and is indisputable
If you have any doubts fact check it yourself

Soon after the aid started to flow into Afghanistan in late 2009
the Poppy Plant became the #1 crop grown in Afghanistan
the Three Opioids = Heroin, Opium and illegal Morphine
are extracted from the sap of the poppy plant

This bears repeating: Between the end of 2009 and
the start of 2014
a period of just 4 years
the Afghan poppy growers went
from producing 15 % of the world's total
supply of heroin, Opium and Illegal morphine
to supplying 93 % of global supplies of those opioids by 2014

It is apparent there was no system to follow up
on how the aid we sent was used
which is another indication of the inept leadership of Hillary Clinton
who ran the State Department starting in 2009
No one saw the dramatic increase in Heroin production
coming out of Afghanistan ?


Much of the Afghan Heroin goes to Russia, Iran and Other European and Asian countries

But Enough of the Afghan supply gets into the U.S.
to have an effect on the street price of the other heroin

the street price of "Big H" is now at an ALL time low
making it a very cheap drug of choice
increasing the U.S. heroin epidemic

The latest Russian, U.S. and world wide heroin epidemic
and accompanying plunging street price
coincide EXACTLY with the dramatic increase
in U.S. aid sent to the Afghans starting in 2009


Iran refuses to give stats but
Since the 2009 increase in Afghan poppy crop production
after our aid was delivered
the Drug death toll has tripled in Russia and now
over 100,000 Russian lives are presently lost annually from opioid overdoses:
which equals 273 PER DAY

No one would blame the President Vladimir Putin if
he would demand an explanation
and an investigation into the reasons
why the aid was not stopped
when the spike in heroin supply was seen

To any clear thinking person, The connection is obvious
between the 2009 increase in U.S. aid
and the meteoric rise of
in the production and supply of Afghan opioids
But no Media Networks reported on those facts
it does not take a genius
to understand the symbiosis


U.S. Deaths from overdoses of JUST heroin
more than doubled in that same time frame
to unprecedented numbers

In 2014 11,600 died in the U.S. from heroin overdoses
that is 32 PER DAY _
11 are Black - yet we hear no protests fro m NFL players or Black Lives Matter


Heroin abuse has Far Reaching Effects
and touches everyone's daily life in some way
and not only Addicts are dying
as seen in the next images

A mother committed suicide after
Her son died from a Heroin Overdose

Read the details of this Tragic Story HERE


Press HERE to return to the Beginning of this page
to get an education about the drastic
and far reaching effects of heroin

Tap here to get an insight into the Missing Persons
and Human and child Sex Trafficking connection to Heroin


Meryl Streep co starred in the movie "Doubt"
with Philip Seymour Hoffman
and chose to support HILLARY


Tap your screen HERE to read about
the many celebrities and famous people who have died

from heroin and opioid overdoses over the years
yet Hollywood types like Meryl Streep chose to
ignore the cause of death of many of their fellow celebs
and attack President Trump
instead of addressing the heroin problem


Afghanistan poppy fields produce NONE
of the the legal morphine
or other pain medications
used in medical treatments

You will be presented with
facts about what and who
is to blame For the PRESENT crisis
Let the blame fall where it may
and it will be shocking

We must demand action
And the suspension of ANY money / technology or equipment
/going to Afghanistan unless they
Agree that we have complete control over
how it is disbursed

Then We must have competent people in place to oversee the operation


Which brings us to another facet of
Missing Persons - law enforcement frequently reports
a missing person had been found
after being taken and sold into a human trafficking ring
by heroin addicts to raise money to fund their habit
Tap here for the stories


Please read this NEXT Link
to find out how Heroin
affects whole families
A mother committed suicide after
Her son died from a Heroin Overdose

Tap HERE For the Article about this tragedy


My father was a Cleveland Narcotics detective
in 1956 he was injured
while arresting a heroin dealer
and required an operation
see this next image for the story

In addition a Friend of mine
Cleveland Police Officer Frederick Vacha

was murdered on duty by a heroin dealer
His story can be read HERE

Those are my reasons for this page


Another addicts father contacted me after
he wrote a moving letter
to Hillary using the DATA on this page
You can understand why it went unanswered if you read it
You can read that letter at This Link HERE


This page offers information which is NOT political rhetoric
is it NOT an attack on Anyone
but presents the hard facts and verified data about
the current Opioid/Heroin Epidemic
with the goal those who are
responsible for the present situation
are exposed for their actions

It is NOT Black or White
the outcome affects us all


Please join me on Twitter
Tap on the button


This page is long so Please Bookmark it so you can
read the entire content at your leisure

This page and the DATA found here
may well have affected the outcome of the election


There are Billions of websites
on the internet -Why did you find this one ?
was it fate ? and meant for you to learn
all the VERIFIED facts and DATA about
The Current American Heroin Epidemic
which began in 2009


Please Help By

Sharing This Page's URL
on Facebook
especially on Donald Trump pages
- Click HERE

OR Use the Twitter Button
I have supplied below to Tweet the people
who should be addressing the problem
Hillary Clinton's needs to explain
how she allowed the funds to be misused

Donald Trump is considered by many to be
too brash BUT people DO hear him
I think he has the ability and where-with-all
AND WILL solve this problem



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Can you deny ex-President Obama and Hillary Clinton
by increasing aid to Afghanistan
were directly involved in
the causation of the skyrocketing growth
of the present deadly Heroin Epidemic
which is centered in Afghanistan ?

Only those who can NOT make the connection
will refuse to admit who is at fault

This page is more of an attempt to
ask the next President to rectify the mistakes
and failures of previous and current leaders
to stop the heroin trafficking at it's source
and cut off the head of the snake
in the poppy fields of Afghanistan

Now the timing in this next few paragraphs is the key::
in Jan 2009 Hillary took over the State Department
and under orders from former Pres Obama
began programs to increase the amount of aid
to the Afghans, with the hopes of winning
more support for our troops from the populace

How did the increase in aid
and staggering jump in the supply of Heroin go unnoticed
is one question addressed on this page


If you recall Hillary Clinton
had the mother of a heroin addict
speak at her convention
she said she had
NO idea her daughter was a user
I can relate to that
It can happen to ANYONE

Those three opioid drugs are the leading
death threat to Millions around the world

I hope you agree
Illegal Heroin, Opium and morphine
can and should be classified as
Weapons of Mass Destruction

You Must also check these facts:
Heroin overdoses alone
kill 32 Americans PER DAY
One of those could easily be a
loved one of yours
The 32 deaths from HEROIN alone
are more than any other Drug
and almost exactly the same number
of those who are murdered by guns Each Day
11 of those are
our Black brothers and sisters
do we hear protests from football players
OR Black Live Matters
about those 11 Blacks dying EVERY DAY ? -

The heroin/opioid epidemic
can be dealt with and stopped
if our leaders would just take action
I offer one solution later on the page

It is the contention of those
familiar with the Heroin epidemic
Joe Biden Hillary Clinton and ex-President Obama are so disconnected
they have no idea their actions resulted in
the availability, supply
and the scope of the Heroin Epidemic

Their duties require them to be informed
of all aspects, operations and problems
which face our country
the heroin epidemic is near the top
our leaders have failed to do that
read on to find how they were
involved in the Heroin Crisis
it is incomprehensible but verified

If you are truly serious about
getting ALL the Facts about
those Deadly Drugs and their source and
how we can eradicate that source
You will take the time to read
this page, the links and
Look at the images found here
and do some research of your own

The info found here reveals
those responsible for the current drug situation

Please Pay Attention to
These Next few paragraphs
they reveal the basic info about the Heroin Epidemic

The Afghan poppy growers far surpass
the combined total global output of all
the other illegal top heroin suppliers
Mexico, - Colombia - Turkey and Pakistan
and Venezuela -

That data is undeniable

As a result of the Afghans production there was
an extreme drop in street price around the globe
making heroin cheaper than other street drugs


If you don't want to read this page
I have placed a video on this page
Tap HERE to Be Moved to the video

maybe you would rather get the DATA
by watching it
then read the page


If you don't believe the info presented on this page
Don't take my word

read the proof HERE



Now the frightening findings

Heroin has been around for centuries

But recent increases in its use by Americans
has a root cause which can be stopped

One problem IS with the reporting
on the current opioid epidemic
I am referring to the hard drugs
but the illegal use of legal prescription opioids
is a majopr problem too
I offer data on the prescription drug problem
near the bottom of this presentation

The Main Stream Media like CNN, ABC, NBC AND Fox
never mention the source of the Illegal Opioids
I have seen numerous specials
on their networks
they go on and on
about the programs in place
to give addicts other drugs
to ease the rehab process
and tell us stories of parents who
are distraught with their addict children

Not one story has mentioned
the aid we have sent to Afghanistan
which was diverted to the
production of the poppy crops

There is no mention of the existing solutions

As you are finding out
This page gives you the info
about how the Illegal Opioid Epidemic
grew so quickly as pointed out above
since 2009 the main source of the global supply
of those deadly drugs
is now the Afghan Poppy Farmers

I will wager most of those reading this page
do NOT know how Heroin, Opium and Morphine are made

They are produced and made through a fairly simple method
from the Poppy Flower Plant
the method is Described HERE

It is true we have been sending
assistance to Afghanistan for a few decades
even before the Russian occupation started in 1979

BUT - again, Starting in 2009 then President Obama directed
the Head of U.S. State Department, Hillary Clinton
through it's USAID program
to increase the amount of "FOREIGN AID"
going to the Afghans
to win over the people of that country
with the hopes of them
not turning against our soldiers

So as a result of the Obama directive - in 2009
through the Clinton State Department
the Afghans have received millions in foreign aid subsidies
in addition to our advanced agricultural techniques
and farming equipment
which included tractors, plows, harvester and More
with no control over where the money was distributed
Even a small business has to show
the money flow of any investments, loans or aid
given to the business

The Obama administration
and Clinton Department of State
had no such system in place for following
the cash flow

That is a Major lack of planning and leadership
and shows Clinton was not able to handle
the directive she was given by President Obama

Pay attention, It is inexplicable and obvious
corrupt Afghan officials funneled to the poppy growers
that is the ONLY explanation
for the 15% to 93% INCREASE in Afghan opioid production
right after the Money
and other agricultural assistance
was delivered starting in 2009
If Hillary had put in place
a checks system She should have been aware of the
enormous change in production of the poppy crops
and hopefully would have cut off the funds
her failure to do so is Just another indication
of her incompetence and ability to manage her duties

It is another easily verified fact
U.S. troops are still - as of Dec 2016 -
protecting the poppy fields and crops

( see the Photo Gallery to see proof HERE )

Moreover, The U.S. had provided our technology
and knowledge to improve the Afghan farmers ability
to produce better yielding crops
on less land

BUT the Afghans used our money and technology
not to grow productive food crops
to feed their people
but to expand their poppy production
and grow more potent opioids

I need to get this point across:
and present it once more:
It is not by chance
and it is fully documented
since the foreign aid and agriculture assistance
was initiated in 2009 there has been
a huge rise in the production
and world-wide availability of
Illegal Afghan Heroin, Opium and Morphine


How did such dramatic changes take place
without Hillary Clinton Joe Biden and Pres Obama
not being aware of that information ?
That question needs to be answered


The effects of the Heroin / Opium / and illegal Afghan Morphine trade
hits every state from New Hampshire to Hawaii
Alaska to Florida
and all areas in between
and recent reports detail a disturbing number
of soldiers are returning from Afghanistan
hooked on the plentiful and cheap heroin

More Verified Facts >

Just Heroin overdoses (Not including morphine and opium )
kill 32 Americans EACH DAY that's over 11,600 per year

11 of those 32 Americans
or over 4000 per year are black

Do you ever hear anything from Black Lives Matter
protesting our leaders giving money to Afghan Drug Farmers ?

I would think Black Lives Matter would be outraged

Next to guns Heroin, Opium and Morphine drug overdoses
are one of the biggest death threats
to our fellow citizens

Drug use is one of the top causes of death to Blacks
More Blacks die ( I repeat - 11 Blacks PER DAY )
from using those drugs
than from ANY other cause except from all types of gun violence
including death by police

This PBS site verifies the above


One can safely deduce
the actions of Hillary Clinton
are at least in part responsible
for the current heroin crisis in America
NOW - what are her plans
to put an end to it ?
She has offered none


The refinement of the poppy for legal morphine
used for medicinal pain control
is strictly controlled and there are
very few countries from which legal morphine
can be supplied through
none of the medicinal variant
comes from the Afghanistan Poppy fields

We are not talking about
illegal use of Legal prescriptions
That is referred to later on this page


Now We suggest how President Trump can stop
the production and trafficking of these drugs

The Solution
His goal must be to stop
the flow of these drugs
at their source and that is fairly simple
and it will be imperative President Trump
do what is needed to end this

He should first stop the flow of money
to the Afghans which in 2009
the Obama Administration through
Hillary Rodham Clintons Department of State
increased tremendously over previous foreign aid bequests
Then send the Afghans a message stating
they stop growing these crops
if they refuse he should give them ONE FINAL WARNING
that he will napalm the poppy fields
and if they try to replant them
he will do it again
And tell if our satellites or unmanned drones
detect any new poppy crop areas anywhere
we'll render those fields unusable for any crops

I have stated we have provided the Afghans
with technology and implements to grow other crops
and should insist they use that knowledge
to grow crops which will feed their people
thereby making them more self sufficient
resulting in lowering our need
to send food and humanitarian aid to them

The transition may be hard for the farmers
but that is not our main concern
our concern is to stop the supply of Heroin
and saving 11,000 lives PER YEAR in the U.S. alone

Once More = On Dec 25th 2016 George Michael died and
it was soon released he had been
using heroin frequently

George Michael Died from
heroin connected use
Christmas Day 2016

It was also revealed he had been taken to the hospital
numerous times in the past
two years for drug related issues

I don't recall the Main Stream Media reporting the other incidents
But they are ALL reporting his death
more proof of the journalistic practice of
"Do nothing to harm a superstars image

Many very famous personalities have died
from overdoses
of these Illegal drugs
you know many of them but
I am sure some will be a surprise -
I included a photo gallery of just a few
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George Michaels died Dec 25th 2016
Philip Seymour Hoffman Died Feb 2014 from an illegal opioid overdose
All the news networks covered the stories
BUT none addressed the source of the #drugproblem

The MSM glorify these misguided idols
why do we always pay tribute to those
who die by their own bad judgement


Where are ALL the friends of George Michaels, Philip Seymour Hoffman's
and the dozens of other celebrities who have died from Heroin overdoses
their fellow entertainers, actors and actresses, and
the loud mouthed Hollywood activist who jump
on the band wagon for
Every cause imaginable
to eradicate the source of the drugs
that so often kill their friends

Here are JUST a few other NOTABLES
who have died as a result of heroin
Lenny Bruce: The standup comedian died in 1966,
Jim Morrison: The Doors frontman died on July 3, 1971, at age 27
John Belushi: expired March 5, 1982
The list goes on and on
and these drugs have claimed millions
worldwide in just the past few decades
and many of those who have died have been U.S. citizens


Philip Seymour Hoffman and George Michaels Died from an overdose of Heroin

I think Mr Hoffman and Mr Michael would like their legacy to include
* thier death helped stop others from drug addiction *

The death of a celebrity ( Mr Hoffman Michaels, and all the others ) from heroin
is always news for a few days then forgotten

Philip Seymour Hoffman Left a mark on the world
he was remembered during the 2014 Oscars

He had been in rehab at least twice I
In an interview a few years before his death
he joked about his drug and alcohol use
It was no laughing matter


George Michael was a proponent for ending aids
he was a homosexual and gave much of his fortune and time
to assist the research of that deadly disease

It is a mystery as to why such successful people
with so much to offer
die so young because of
causes which could have been controlled


Re: Prince = The illegal use of legally manufactured prescription drugs
is what killed him
that is another problem and referred to NEXT

FYI: (( .ed ** the correct spelling for the word IS prescription **
the correct pronunciation is "PRE"-scription NOT "PER-scription ))

This next section a was written on April 23rd 2016
I need to make an observation on a recent death
Mark my words - I will go out on a limb
and predict the Super Star Musician Singer Prince
who died two days ago on April 21, 2016
will be found to have had a prescription opioid drug addiction
and was given the drugs by illegal means
Once more it is the people in the celebs inner circle
who like George Michaels, Philip Hoffman, Michael Jackson etc etc allowed them to
indulge in this fatal behavior

The Musician / Singer Prince died from an addiction
to legally manufactured pain killers like percocet or oxy

He somehow was able to get the scripts
for large quantities of those drugs
and abused them and died from his inability to control their use

Yet he is still an idol and looked up to
by almost everyone

It is proven that with fame
comes tremendous pressures which many
can not deal with

In Princes situation the people who supplied him
with his drug supply,
I am positive is at the moment I am writing this
- trying to cover his tracks

Does having talent give people

a free pass to abuse themselves

That is not the massage we should be sending
and I am sure the entertainer known as Prince
would not like his legacy to be
his being responsible for others thinking
drug abuse is acceptable

Prince chose to partake in drug use and is dead because of his bad choices
God Bless him and keep him


UPDATE ON MY above statement -
I never like to say I told you so
but to the many friends of the entertainer Prince
who have adamantly stated
Prince did not have a drug problem
will now eat crow because Breaking News indicates
he was using large quantities
of illegally obtained prescription drugs
How foolish do those people look now


We can and need to
cut off the head of the snake at its source
in the poppy fields of Afghanistan
and see to it the crops ARE destroyed
and then remain that way


To recap this Presentation

On January 21, 2009, Clinton was confirmed as Secretary Of State
And took the oath of office that same day

You find
since 2009 the U.S. has sent hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars
to subsidize and show Afghan farmers how to produce more
but the money and info
was funneled to Poppy Farmers
who grow the poppy plant
from which the three illegal opioid drugs
heroin opium and morphine are made

Those Opioid drugs are refined
from the sap of the poppy flower
Which is documented as the number 1 crop grown in Afghanistan

More on Hillary's State Department
It bears saying again:
The most glaring fact is:
It is no coincidence
the entire world's supply
of Afghan heroin, opium and morphine
began its skyrocket assent
from 15% of the worlds total in 2009
and by 2013 this 93% in 2013
That stunning growth is a direct result of
the actions of Pres Obama and
Hillary Clinton's State Department's USAID program
setting up the subsidies to the Afghans
Joe Biden was supposed to work with Hillary
to put Checks in the money to
to keep track if it but They classified the money as Foreign agricultural aid

The corrupt Afghan leaders distributed
the money as they saw fit
without any input from the U.S.

Once Again, It should be basic practice and
does not take a Rhodes Scholar to understand
there should have been some checks and balances
built into the agreement for the funds

We have heard NOTHING from Hillary or President Obama about
admitting they made a mistake and
AND revealing they played a major part
in the dynamic jump in the Opioid Supply

They could claim they didn't realize
the money was going the poppy farmers
or Hillary was given
bad advice by her advisors
or she was unaware of the situation
because her underlings failed to report to her
but those are not acceptable excuses
she was the head of State Department
and as the head was supposed to
have complete knowledge of what others under her
supervision were doing and oversee their activities
Then report to the President
her failure to do so speaks volumes about her

Obama and Clinton have offered no plans
to rid the scourge of heroin from the globe

It would help the U.S. world image if we would


This next section is important
It offers information about Hillary's Duties as Secretary of State

I am sure Clinton and President Obama Supporters
will try to debunk and ignore these facts
but they are a matter of Government record
and it is too late for them
to cover up these actions

Some followers have already
erroneously claimed that her duties
do NOT include assisting foreign agriculture
Thats is not the case
Here is the proof they do

and Here is the the actual government page
laying out the State Departments job
presenting the reason they are in operation
and outlines the USAID Division
WHICH sets up financial and agricultural subsidies
it is under the control of the Secretary of State

Click HERE for the
State Departments Official Agricultural Policy Page


Thus the present Heroin Epidemic is the end result of
Hillary Clinton and Pres Obama
sending money to Afghalns which wound up
financing their poppy crops


The most easily verifiable Fact:
Since 2009 when Hillary Clinton and
President Obama initiated the largest
foreign agricultural subsidy program since WWII
the supply and deaths
from Heroin and other opioid overdoses
have jumped to records highs



President Barack Obama and his Secretary Hillary Clinton
have failed us in so many ways

I am not going to waste time and space
presenting the obvious about the many ways
they have undermined our daily lives


As you are finding this page addresses one of
President Obama's Joe Bidens 's and Hillary Clinton's failures which is:
after assisting Afghanistan
they did not take the steps
to rectify their error and stop
the #Heroin / #Opium & #Morphine opioid epidemic at its source
which you can NOT dispute is Afghanistan

Barack and Michelle Obama has been contacted many times too
but have ignored our attempts to
get answers as well

NOT only the drugs but our taxpayer dollars
are Killing 100s of thousands PER Year worldwide
and since the 2009 increase in production
32 American EACH DAY are dying

Thus the Opioids, Heroin, Opium and Morphine combined
contribute to major related crimes committed
to pay for user's habits

It is also verifiable - Hundreds of millions of dollars
generated from the AFGHAN drug trade
wind up in the coffers of ISIS, Al Qaeda and the Taliban
so we are in essence financing the terrorists
who are trying to destroy us

A small element of Afghans
are against the cultivation of the poppy plant
google that fact: it too is public record:
and the facts revealed will dumbfound you
ONCE AGAIN our troops are protecting the drug crops

just look at ONLINE PICTURES pictures HERE showing
U.S. soldiers standing guard over the poppy crops


So, President Obama and Hillary Clinton
Aa the heads of the government
should have been aware how the money
we sent was being used
and should have recognized the connection
between the 2009 extreme jump in Afghan heroin
and then receiving the aid

They are directly responsible for financially and technologically supporting
the Poppy Farmers in Afghanistan who produce
the illegal Heroin, Opium and Morphine


In addition those drugs from Afghanistan poppy crops
are one of the main funding sources of ISIS
and the other terrorist groups based there
who use the money to enlist their fanatical followers
one ISIS fanatic killed 49 Americans
in the Orlando Florida Pulse Night Club

President Barack Obama and #HillaryClinton also provided
Afghan agriculture leaders additional resources and
we taught them our techniques
to achieve more efficient useful crop productive
thus we have shown them and even helped them
develop more poppy plants on less ground
as a result the drug producers
are now able to grow more and
increased potency opioid plants

Which is more important ?:
The livelihood and pockets
of Afghan Farmers who grow the deadly crops
and those who benefit from them OR
saving the lives of fellow Americans ?

As of Aug 2016, the farmers who grow the poppy plant
from which Heroin, Opium and Morphine are derived
are still receiving U.S. funds, aid
equipment and agricultural help from the U.S.
those farmers could in reality produce food crops
and reduce the need for the U.S. to provide the Afghans
with millions in food aid we now send
But that would not be nearly as lucrative for the Afghans


It is worth sayinain
in 2009 WE BROUGHT THEIR Agriculture Secretary
and a host of others of their leading agricultural leaders
to the U.S ( on our dime ) and we Gave them hundreds of millions
and taught them how to grow more productive food crops
this just resulted in the farmers using our info to grow
MORE productive Poppy crops on their land
NOT other food crops Many try to blame George W. Bush but that
argument is not based on real circumstances
He was too busy trying
to get our military established in Afghanistan
to expend man power on the drug problem
But he did say He would address it in the future
He just ran out of time
and his successor Obama did nothing to
stop the source of the opioids


After reading this page come back here
and sign the petition to ask our leaders
to stop the supply of these drugs
into the U.S. and around d the globe
and instead from 2009
Bush's successors did everything to
help the spread of the Heroin Epidemic

Click Here to read and sign the Petition
And share it Please


I MUST RESTATE: Pres. Obama,
had the opportunity
to destroy the poppy fields
no other president has EVER had that
except for George W - and Donald Trump
and for Bush the troops were too busy
getting the "opposition under control"
to direct any efforts to the drug problem.

Trump cannot get and cooperation or extra funding from the House Democrats


Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton were in a position to advise President Barack Obama
on this situation and they chose to continue
to give money to the Afghan Farmers to produce more crops

Approx 89 Thousands Americans have died in just the last 7 1/2 years
as a result of their inaction

100% of The Afghan Poppy crops supply 93%
of the entire global Illegal Opioids
and the Mexican Drug Cartel's mules ( Illegal aliens )
are one of the main links in the supply line
carrying those drugs into the U.S. across our open borders

Afghanistan's Poppy fields supply the world with those three deadly opioid drugs

Recall FYI:
The #1 crop grown in Afghanistan is the Poppy Flower
Heroin Morphine Opium are derived
from the sap of the Poppy Plant
processing it is NOT a very complex operation
I won't clutter this very long page with that into again


President Obama has allowed the poppy fields to flourish in Afghanistan

Hillary headed the programs which
funded the #Afghanistan poppy crops

0% of the additives for Legal Medicinal
opiates / pain killer drugs like Morphine
come from Afghan grown poppy plants

The production of medicinal pain killers
does NOT rely on
the success or availability of ANY part of the Afghan poppy crops

Existing producers of licensed legal opiates
the U.S., Australia, Turkey, India, France, Pakistan
strongly oppose allowing Afghanistan to become a competitor
on the licensed, legal market.

Of course some of the drugs on the street
are from the legal manufacturers and
prescription drug abuse has killed many
but the major problem is the illegal opioids

President Obama's goal was to have our troops out
by the end of 2015
in Dec 2015 President Obama issued orders to keep
as many as 9850 troops in that country
Why ? to save the poppy crops ???

Since 2010 the highest number of troops
deployed at any one time in Afghanistan
was over 140,000 - during Obama's watch
some of whom could have been used too destroy those crops

He chose not to take any action
which could have made tremendous headway
in the war on drugs, and
gave orders for U.S. troops to protect the poppy crops


All we hear about is the epidemic
and Not One news show
has presented the info on the source
Which I offer Here

Here is a websippte
providing proof the source
of Illegal opioids = heroin, opium and morphine
is the Afghan poppy plant

For those who may have missed it above:
Afghan's Poppy crop does NOT contribute ANY opiates
for the worlds production of legal pain medications
used by the medical community


I say once more: Much of the illegal supply comes over the
Mexican border on the backs of illegal aliens
paid by the Mexican Drug cartels


It is known and is a certainty
part of the 100's of Billion of Dollars
worth of the drugs
produced and smuggled out of Afghanistan is helping fund
the Taliban, Al Qaeda

They all have the same goal
- to destroy the U.S.
and harm all decent people wherever they can

I remind you
Fact 1: Heroin and Opium and Morphine
are derived from the Poppy Flower Plant

Fact #2: Poppies are the main crop grown in Afghanistan

Fact #3: The U.S. given the Afghans 100's of millions
and our know how to grow more productive food crops
but the farmers in turn
used that info to grow more poppy crops

Fact #4: I must repeat:
President Obama ordered and authorized
U.S. troops to stand guard
over many of the poppy fields to protect them
from being destroyed by a very small element
of the Afghan population
which is against the cultivation of the plant


I built this page to
educate anyone honestly interested
in helping solving the Heroin / Opium and Morphine problem

I hope no other parent ever has to go through
It is my prayer everyone who reads this presentation
Posts notices on FaceBook using the
"Share on Face Book" link on this page

When a celebrity dies from an overdose of Heroin
it is news for a few days, then forgotten.

The millions of families
who have lost a member to Heroin - Opium or Morphine
will live with their loss everyday, forever


I want to make my mark and leave an impression
Help me do that

EMAIL the webmaster HERE

We now hear about the zika virus
but there have not been ANY deaths reported
as a result of that disease

President Obama gave the go ahead
to spend dollars
to battle the Zika virus

There have been 4555 have world wide deaths from Ebola since 1976 ( 40 YEARS years )
compared to the more than 450,000 documented U.S. deaths
from Heroin and Opium and Morphine in that same period

President Obama was very active during the 2014 Ebola outbreak
he initiated programs to protect us from the infection
these precautions cost us taxpayers an esimate $1.9 Bilion dollars
Only a handful of U.S. citizens died during the outbreak of Ebola

BUT Obama has looked the other way while
32 of his countrymen die
from heroin and opium or morphine Each day

During that same time frame ( 40 Years )
since the end of the Vietnam war in 1974
Around the world = Millions have died from Heroin & Opium and illegal Afghan morphine
Some estimate the number at 4 to 5.5 million worldwide

A minimum of 11,600 U.S. citizens die EACH YEAR
from heroin overdoses alone
= again, that's 32 Per day

President Obama has done little but give lip service
to the " War on Drugs"

President Obama took an oath to protect ALL Americans
from All threats, domestic and foreign
failed to do that
and not one news anchor has ever asked him about it

Mike Pence or Donald Trump will tell the Afghans
"We will destroy the poppy crops
If you don't stop growing the plant"

I have been posting this on Face Book and Twitter
Yet the message has been ignored by President Obama

@theView @Whoopie @theWhiteHouse
@POTUS @FLOTUS CNN And the Main stream media
have all ignored my attempts to find out why
they whitewash this enormous problem
and refuse to respond to my communications


Don't give me that Bullsh*t about
The drug users made the choice to use etc.
Our Government and the President has a sworn duty
to use their power to help solve these types of problems

The Beautiful BUT DEADLY Poppy Flower


DO YOU AGREE ?: IF not take your dose of heroin

I NEED to iterate: President Obama
should see to it before ALL our troops leave Afghanistan
they completely destroy all the Poppy crops and make it clear
if they are regrown we will continue to bomb the fields


In the last 70 years
The backwards 3rd world country ( Afghanistan )
has exported trillions of dollars
of the deadly drugs out of their country around the world

For a society of people, most of whom who still live in the 19th century
- the AFGHANS seem to have mastered exporting and smuggling.

Maybe some of our companies could use their expertise !!

Pres. Obama should use any means we have to destroy
the drug producing crops BEFORE we get out of Afghanistan

I know it will cause problems for some of the farmers in Afghanistan
but they have killed millions

Maybe we should use the defoliants we have in our military stockpile
to kill the poppy crops
without rendering their fields completely useless

And warn them - IF we see they have regrown the poppy crops
we will fire bomb them

You have my permission to cut and paste this pages URL
onto any other sites you deem fit

CBS 60 Minutes, Dateline and 20/20 have all done reports on heroin use in Ohio
and they ALL failed to mention anything about the
source of the #heroin -- the Poppy Fields of Afghanistan

As stated earlier,
I built this page for my daughter **
who was caught in the clutches of Heroin


This Page is NOT about the
super star singer George Michaels, actor Philip Seymour Hoffman
who died from illegal Heroin use
or musician Prince
who died from misuse of illegally obtained legal opioids

they all died from opioid related causes
this page is about
the drugs that killed them
and how the United States of America was involved in the
enormous increase in supply of Opioids from Afghanistan
BUT STILL has a chance to end the supply of those drugs
and again our President and Ms Clinton did nothing to stop
the flow of illegal heroin & opium and Morphine out of Afghanistan
and it is easily verified they have ordered out troops to protect
the poppy fields from those in Afghanistan who would want to destroy them

EMAIL the webmaster HERE

These drugs have been around for ages
see picture below FROM 1955


The Smoking Gun

U.S. Troop are protecting Afghan Poppy crops
there are thousands of such
images easily found with an online image search
Tap the images to see a larger Picture

Tap the image to see a larger Picture

Tap the image to see a larger Picture

The next images are of
some of the equipment
Joe Biden Hillary Clinton's State Dept sent to Afghanistan

Tap the image to see a larger Picture

Tap the image to see a larger Picture

Tap the image to see a larger Picture

Retrun to section you came from

You must take into account because of their fame
to protect their image
many of those listed in the following section
who died from Heroin overdoses
the cause of death was NOT recorded as heroin related
just "Drug Overdose"

Some of those listed died
from Abuse of illegally Obtained
LEGAL prescription Drugs
such as the opioid Morphine
Legal Morphine provided by authorized production is NOT in any way
refined from Afghan Poppy Plants

Now -- for the names and details of famous people
who have died from heroin connected overdoses
Over time --- among the hundreds of names
you will find
George Michaels
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Elvis Presley - John Belushi - Amy Winehouse
Chris Farley - Janis Joplin, and many dozens more.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Died Feb 2014
from an overdose of the new supply of Heroin
Which Hillary Clinton is in oart responsible
for putting on our streets

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Press HERE to return to the Beginning of this page
to get an education about the drastic
and far reaching effects of heroin

This next section reveals how Many missing person cases
are part of the heroin culture


Touch HERE
to get ALL the info on how
the Current Worldwide Heroin Epidemic came about
and which recent candidate was involved

Please join me on Twitter
Tap on the button


The connection of Heroin addiction to
Missing Person cases and Human Sex Trafficking
is real - and more prevalent than you can imagine

This section also educates the reader about
ways to protect your loved ones
from being abducted
And gives Info on How we can Find victims Quickly


Manchester England Bombing July 22nd 2017

How many of the 10s of thousands
of Women, Men and Children
listed in active and cold Missing Persons Cases
were abducted, sold
and are actually being held captive and used
for child Sex Trafficking ?

Law Enforcement firmly believes
many abduction victims and missing persons
are delivered to human and child sex traffickers
by heroin addicts to
help fund their addictions

The Numbers are not know

One such Missing Person is Jennifer Kesse

Missing from Orlando Florida Since Jan 2006
Her family is sure
that is what happened to their daughter
Jennifer Keese's case
is Profiled HERE


Here is another story of a
Missing Person who was abducted and was about to sold
into the world wide Human Sex Trafficking system

The heroin addict who abducted her
to get money to fund his habit
for some reason let her go after she
was tortured and held captive for over a week
Her last name has been removed to
protect her identity

Sati was abducted in Los Angeles
after she went to seek a career in Films
she was held against her will and given heroin
to keep her disoriented.

Reminders of her captors still mar her skin.
A bite mark -- on her shoulder
each tooth easily seen
Circular burn marks from cigarettes
run up and down her pale, thin arms.
Needle marks from heroin shoot-ups --
forced on her by her captors --
dot her upper arms.

A carefully placed part in her bleached blonde hair,
which normally frames her doll-like face,
conceals her healing scalp where hair
was ripped out in clumps.

Sati who spent most of her childhood in Chattanooga
and whose mother still lives here,
has come back home to recover after being
kept captive in the rear apartment of a
Santa Monica Boulevard business in Los Angeles
for 10 days while
she was being prepared to be sold to a Human Sex Trafficking dealer

She was Injected regularly with heroin by her captor,

He told me If I made any attempt to escape
he would kill me and my Family

"He wouldn't let me leave.
There was a tiny room.
"I would cry and he would gag me
he put me into a hole in the wall
when people would come around
so people wouldn't know I was there.
He would beat me, burn me,"
Sati says in an emotionless, monotone voice
I tried to make myself as troublesome as I thought I could
Asking for food and drinks
I am sure my captor got tired of me doing this
and I hope that is why he decided to let me go

Then After 10 days - she was injected
with a large quantity of heroin.
She was dropped off
by her captor
at the emergency room at
Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Cente

The hospital, at first, thought she was just another overdosed Heroin addict,
BUT she was saying
she wanted her mom.
Police were called and after they interviewed her
They realized she had been abducted
They contacted her mother
who travelled from Tennessee to
bring her daughter home

She is going through rehab and
psychological help to get her life back on track

She is one of the thousands of missing person cases
reported EACH DAY in the U.S.

She was able to escape

How many more who are
considered missing or dead are out there
who have been sold into
the huge Human and child Trafficking operation
and are in need of help
to get home ?


Press HERE to return to the Beginning of this page
to get an education about the drastic
and far reaching effects of heroin

We could find some of the missing women children and men
if we really wanted to

Here is how

Now here are ways to protect loved ones
And Find the Missing Quickly

We use high tech drones for our Military
Many of those are being phased out
should they just be thrown in a junk pile?

We have recently started using similar drones to protrect our borders
and they are proving to be effective

Can we Use drones to find missing and abducted
women, men and children quickly
and solve most other crimes
We believe we can

To sign the petition to help get the proposed solution in Place


An example of this system is seen if you

Click here to see a close up version of the above picture of the area
where Caylee Anthony's Body was found ( taken from space )

the picture has been altered to show what is possible

You can read scenarios on how
The drones might work
TAP HERE to read that info



Now read about the V.ALRT
and watch the Video about it below too

The V.ALRT Multi-Purpose is a personal electronic warning and
notification system

Can be used to find and locate
a lost, missing or abducted person IMMEDIATELY
summon help for a person who needs any type of help
like and elderly or invalid person who has fallen


Limit 2 per order

Is under $45.00 too much
to help protect your family and loved ones ?

Get the unique V.ALRT
to proect you loved ones
Click HERE for more Details

Your Loved Ones need this


The following video presents info on the V.ALRT system
which can help find a loved one who may have been abducted
needs some other type of help

Send a question to me
if you are not sure how this works


Read this linked Page and sign the petition PLEASE


Tap here to go back to the
the section you were reading


Press HERE to return to the Beginning of this page

how is heroin produced how is morphine produced
how is heroin made can you make heroin

Manchester England Bombing July 22nd 2017


Here is a link to Addiction Help in Every State

Tap HERE to be taken to the Addiction Help Page

lists the signs of Heroin use
how is heroin produced how is morphine produced
how is heroin made can you make heroin 95 % of the world's supply of illegal #heroin #opium and #morphine
comes from #Afghanistan #HillaryClinton President Barack Obama subsidized funded the Afghan farmers growers.
They had the power to destroy the poppy crops

crossing from Connected to the Orlando Pulse nightclub Massacre Mexico.

Donald Trump addresses these drugs as an epidemic.

It is called an epidemic but it is more of a terrorist act.

WHAT IS #HEROIN where does heroin come FROM.

how is heroin made ?

Opium and morphine are Illegal Opioids.

Barack Obama Ignores the solution.

CBS 60 Minutes report on Ohio heroin users was pathetic.

Angelfire Heroin Epidemic Hillary 2009 2013.

letterto hillary from heroin addicts mother Mrs Michelle Obama knows the facts about Heroin and Opium but refuses to reveal them.

They are byproducts of the Poppy Flower>

David Muir ABC news Heroin in America the main Afghanistan crop.

President Obama and Michelle Obama have ignored the solution to the problem.

#Joe Biden Hillary Clinton IS AT THE VERY core of the Heroin epidemic.

lists the signs of Heroin use

Nancy Grace HLN etc etc Geraldo Rivera Chris Cuomo all have the ability and opportunity to expose the source of the heroin epidemic.

Then the opportunity to stop the export and smuggling of heroin from Afghanistan which funds ISIS the Taliban Al Qaeda.

Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton State Department agents
Our troops while they are still in that country CAN ERADICATE THE CROPS.

performer Prince died from drug overdose.

Mimi o'donnell.

POPPYS POPPIES crops are grown in Afghanistan and are Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Taliban al qaeda ISIS Taliban SELL AND EXPORT THE DRUGS TO FUND their murderous agendas.

Actors actresses meryl streep Tom Hanks The Huffington Post 4555 have died.

As a result of ebola since 1976 ebola outbreak ebola bacteria virus.

Melissa donald trump jeb george w. bush 4#Hillary Clinton.

death threat to all bill t musician singer super star.

Prince died from opioid addiction overdose.

#blacklivesmatter Black Lives Matter

Opioids are weapons of mass destruction.

none is used for the manufacturers of legal pain medications.

Philip Seymour Hoffman died and millions are dead around the world in just the last 40 years.

From a THE SHOOTINGS AND murder at Pulse Gay Nightclub LGBT club Orlando Florida.

Overdoses of Heroin Morphine #Foxnews @realdonaldtrump
George Michaels Philip seymour hoffman Meryl Streep #MerylStreep #Cher @Cher
Heroin Addicts #donlemon #AC360 Anderson Cooper CNN #CNN.

Manchester England Bombing July 22nd 2017

The Current Opioid Crisis is at epidemic levels President Trump must start at the source of the drugs

how is heroin produced how is morphine produced
how is heroin made can you make heroin
murder at Pulse Gay Nightclub LGBT club Orlando
Donald trump TED CRUZ address the hroin epidemic
#Heroin is a weapon of mass destruction -
President #Obama ignores the solution Philip Seymour Hoffman
is dead from an overdose of #heroin - AC360 ignores the solution to the problem as does Nancy Grace etc etc all the way to Obama
has the opportunity to stop the #export of heroin
from #Afghanistan with our troops while they are still in that
country mimi o'donnell POPPYS POPPIES crops are grown in Afghanistan and are Weapons of Mass Destruction

Heroin is a weapon of mass destruction -
President Obama ignores the solution Philip Seymour Hoffman is dead from an overdose of Heroin - #donlemon #AC360 Anderson Cooper CNN #CNN
ignores the solution to the problem as does Nancy Grace etc etc
#realdonaldtrump and Obama have the opportunity to stop the export of heroin from Afghanistan
with our troops while they are still in that country mimi o'donnell
POPPYS POPPIES crops are grown in Afghanistan and are Weapons of Mass Destruction
ISIS / ISIL Are funded by these crops heroin.2FEAR.COM


Free SubDomains

#heroin #opium #poppy #drugcrops

a major epidemic is more like a major fatal insurgency
of lack of action by Barack Obama, Michelle Obama
does not care about the little guy David Muir ABC news Heroin in America David Muir ABC news Heroin in America
called an epidemic but it is more of a terrorist act
WHAT IS HEROIN where does heroin come from how is heroin mad

50 murdered at the Pulse Gay Nightclub LGBT club Orlando

#Foxnews @realdonaldtrump #donlemon #AC360 Anderson Cooper
CNN #CNN President Obama and Michelle Obama have ignored the solution
to the problem as does Nancy Grace HLN
etc etc Geraldo Rivera #ChrisCuomo Barack President Obama
#blacklivesmatter #heroin #Hillary #Donlemom #CNN

93% of the world's supply of illegal #heroin #opium and #morphine
comes from #Afghanistan #HillaryClinton President Barack Obama subsidized the Afghan farmers growers.
They had the power to destroy the crops

crossing from Connected to the Orlando Pulsa Massacre Mexico.

Donald Trump addresses these drugs as an epidemic.

It is called an epidemic but it is more of a terrorist act.

WHAT IS #HEROIN where does heroin come FROM.

how is heroin made ?

Opium and morphine are Illegal Opioids.

Barack Obama Ignores the solution.

CBS 60 Minutes report on Ohio heroin users was pathetic.

Mrs Michelle Obama also knows the facts about
Heroin and Opium but refuses to reveal them.

They are byproducts of the Poppy Flower>

David Muir ABC news Heroin in America the main Afghanistan crop.

Opioids are weapons of mass destruction.

none is used for the manufacturers of legal pain medications.

Philip Seymour Hoffman died and millions are dead around the world in just the last 40 years.

From a THE SHOOTINGS AND murder at Pulse Gay Nightclub LGBT club Orlando Florida.

The Current Opioid Crisis is at epidemic levels President Trump must start at the source of the drugs

Angelfire Heroin Epidemic Hillary Clinton 2009 2013 2016

Angelfire Heroin Epidemic Hillary 2009 2013 2016

angelfire Heroin epidemic Hillary Clinton 2009 2013 2016
Fact Check Fact checker Fact Checker

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George Michael Dies from heroin connected use Christmas Day 2016 Heroin Epidemic Hillary Clinton 2009 to 2013
Manchester England Bombing July 22nd 2017

Barcelona Spain Attack 2017
32 die per day from heroin overdoses and opioid
die per day from heroin and opioid overdoses epidemic