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last updated: 5/4/12

Upcoming Fetish Filth:

Watch for a split LP with Staccato Du Mal on BloodLust!

For Sexkrime Arts news:

Dead Aktions:

04/27/12 - Milwaukee, WI @ Borg Ward w/ Plague Mother, Darger, Custodian, Blessed Sacrifist
09/24/12 - Milwaukee, WI @ Borg Ward w/ Skin Graft, Paranoid Time, Custodian, etc. as part of Milwaukee Noise Fest
12/13/10 - Milwaukee, WI @ Borg Ward w/ Cages, Mark Lord, Stillbirth (as a collaboration with Peter J. Woods)
11/18/10 - Milwaukee, WI @ Borg Ward w/ XAllXForXThisX, Slow Owls, Wesley Charles Tank
08/23/10 - MIlwaukee, WI @ Borg Ward w/ Work/Death, Cowards, Pharmakon, Mena (performed as Ten Little Piggies)
08/06/10 - Milwaukee, WI @ Borg Ward w/ Being, Rusalka, Paranoid Time, Taskmaster, Blessed Sacrifist, Custodian
06/29/10 - Milwaukee, WI @ Borg Ward w/ Cowards, Perispirit, Jon Mueller, Peter J. Woods, (performed as Threatening Reflections)
06/10/10 - Philadelphia, PA @ Polish Springs w/ Liver Mortis, Honeymoon Camden, Newton, Slow Owls
06/09/10 - Far Rockaway, NY @ Red Light District w/ K.P., Newton, Pharmakon, Slow Owls
06/08/10 - Boston, MA @ Cowboy Country w/ Mark Lord, Sharpwaist, Mischlinge, Slow Owls
06/07/10 - Buffalo, NY @ Sugar City w/ Pacing, the Voidologists, Slow Owls
06/06/10 - Cleveland, OH @ Bela Dubby w/ Fluxmonkey, Slow Owls
06/05/10 - Ypsilanti, MI @ Dreamland Theater w/ Evenings/Paranoid collab, Daytime Child, Slow Owls
06/04/10 - Chicago, IL @ Enemy w/ Jason Soliday, Shattered Hymen, Vertonen, Slow Owls
05/15/10 - Milwaukee, WI @ Borg Ward w/ Crank Sturgeon, PCRV, Mildew, IfIHadAHiFi
04/24/10 - Minneapolis, MN @ Medusa for Heavy Focus Fest III w/ Bloodyminded, Sightings, Wilt, Werewolf Jerusalem, Custodian, etc.
04/21/10 - Milwaukee, WI @ Borg Ward w/ Dead Times, The Body, Owlscry, Slob Donovan
04/13/10 - Milwaukee, WI @ Borg Ward w/ MLU, Slow Owls, Mena
01/06/10 - Milwaukee, WI @ Borg Ward w/ Ratatosk, Winters In Osaka, Peter J. Woods
10/09/09 - Milwaukee, WI @ Borg Wad w/ Lychgate, Ashes, Corporate Park, Stumblesome, Mildew, Owlscry
09/26/09 - Milwaukee, WI @ Borg Ward - Milwaukee Noise Fest 2009
09/01/09 - Milwaukee, WI @ Borg Ward w/ Nightmares, Anal Hearse, Custodian, Reptile Worship
08/16/09 - Milwaukee, WI @ the Eagle's Nest w/ Halflings, Custodian, Anal Hearse
07/28/09 - Milwaukee, WI @ Borg Ward (Collaborative set as Ten Little Piggies, with Anal Hearse) w/ Neckhold, Hal Rammel/Peter J Woods
06/13/09 - Milwaukee, WI @ Borg Ward w/ Josh Hydeman, Corephallism, Naomi Elizabeth, Anal Hearse, Blessed Sacrifist
06/05/09 - Milwaukee, WI @ Borg Ward w/ Weak Sisters, Hatehearted, Blesses Sacrifist
03/21/09 - Milwaukee, WI @ Borg Ward w/ Wince, Monsters of Pot, Disthroned Agony, Custodian
01/08/09 - Milwaukee, WI @ Borg Ward w/Reptile Worship, Blessed Sacrifist, Aymeric Hainaux (France), Awkward Binoculars (Korea)
11/21/08 - Milwaukee, WI @ Borg Ward (As Threatening Reflections) w/ Douglas Ferguson, Jon Mueller, Reptile Worship, Anal Hearse
10/17/08 - Milwaukee, WI @ Borg Ward w/ Brutophilia, Task Master, Coastal, Rusalka, Paranoid Time
09/27/08 - Milwaukee, WI @ Borg Ward - as part of Milwaukee Noise Fest
09/28/08 - Iowa City, Iowa @ Mold Nugget
09/29/08 - St. Louis, Missouri @ Apop Records w/ Public Shallows
10/02/08 - Denton, Texas @ House of Tinnitus w/ Ashes & Mistress
10/03/08 - Austin, Texas @ The Still w/ Douglas Ferguson
10/05/08 - Birmingham, Alabama @ Greencup Books w/ Hollow Bush
10/06/08 - Atlanta, Georgia @ Eye Drum w/ Self Inflict
10/07/08 - Chapel Hill, North Carolina @ Nightlight w/ Clang Quartet, Sunburned Hand of the Man
10/08/08 - Dayton, Ohio @ Dayton Dirt Collective w/ Heart of the Whore
10/09/08 - Columbus, Ohio @ Behind Skylab w/ Mike Shiflet, Brad Griggs
10/10/08 - Chicago, IL @ The Mopery w/ New Pledgemaster
10/11/08 - Chicago @ Applebees w/ Slave Trade
08/06/08 - Milwaukee, WI @ Borg Ward (As Ten Little Piggies) w/ Ahlzagailzehguh, Yellow Tears, Dark Grave, Anal Hearse
05/29/08 - Milwaukee, WI @ Borg Ward w/ Peter J Woods, This Specific Dream, Outer Gods
02/22/08 - Milwaukee, WI @ Borg Ward w/ Head On Electric and Total Boring
12/31/07 - Milwaukee, WI @ The Church of Murray w/ Bashful Vigilantes, Innocent Civilians, Ape In a Tank
11/14/07 - Milwaukee, WI @ 6 Flags Great America w/ Dead Black Wolf, Secret Abuse, Acre, Slow Owls, Bashful Vigilantes
10/26/07 - Milwaukee, WI @ 6 Flags Great America w/ Patient, Raperies (Like Draperies), and Air Conditioning
09/15/07 - Milwaukee, WI @ Darling Hall w/ Bloodyminded, Ghost Ice, Patient, etc as part of MKE Noise Fest
09/09/07 - Milwaukee, WI @ 6 Flagz Great America w/ Realicide, Half Gorilla
07/12/07 - Milwaukee, WI @ The Haggerty Art Museum at Marquette University w/ Raperies (Like Draperies), Porcelain Dorsal Fin, Slow Owls, and Anal Hearse
Terminal Phase Luna Tour 2007 (BLOODYMINDED, Charlie Draheim, Climax Denial, and Silvum)
04/16/07 - Chicago, IL @ Elastic Arts Foundation
04/17/07 - Columbus, OH @ Cafe Bourbon Street w/ Envenomist
04/18/07 - Lexington, KY @ The Frowny Bear w/ Cadaver in Drag
04/19/07 - Atlanta, GA @ The Eyedrum
04/21/07 - Chapel Hill, NC @ Nightlight (No Future Fest)
04/22/07 - Baltimore, MD @ The Bank w/ Macronympha, Earth Crown, Villa Valley
04/23/07 - Philadelphia, PA @ Circle of Hope w/ Air Conditioning, Macronympha
04/24/07 - Akron, OH @ Diamond Shiners w/ Tusco Terror, Bee Mask
03/12/07 - Milwaukee, WI @ Astor Theater w/ Raperies (Like Draperies), To-Night Golden Curls, Teeth Collection, Sibling, Mouths
12/01/06 - Milwaukee, WI @ Stonefly Brewery (collab. set w/ Pitstain, as "Godsick") w/ IfIHadAHiFi, Styrofoam Duck
09/29/06 - Milwaukee, WI @ Valhalla w/ Juhyo, Porcelain Dorsal Fin
08/23/06 - Chicago, IL @ The Empty Bottle w/ Panicsville, BLOODYMINDED, Is, Luasa Raelon, NC
07/01/06 - Chicago, IL @ NC's apartment w/ Roxanne Jean Polise, Godsick, Ricky Kasso, HAZMAT, Siberia
06/26/06 - Milwaukee, WI @ Riverwest Commons w/ Bruxizm, Trichome Descent, T.V. Sessions
06/23/06 - Detroit, MI @ Behind the Green Door (CLIMAX DENIAL/HIVE MIND collab set) w/ Laundryroom Squelchers, Viki, Vertonen, Mike Shiflet, Spine Scavenger, Charlie Draheim, Redrot
04/05/06 - Chicago, IL @ Nite Cap Lounge w/ Insect Deli, Mister Fuckhead, and Magic Missle (Climax Denial was a one-time-only duo of Alex K. and Shane T.)
03/25/06 - Chicago, IL @ 6 Days Left w/ Ghost Ice, Worm Hands, Mildew, and Warmth
03/03/06 - Milwaukee, WI @ Darling Hall w/ Mildew, Wigwam, Body Jazz, others
02/23/06 - Wheaton, IL @ Wheaton Grand Theater w/ Mark Solotroff, Is, and Crippled Insectual (Vertonen + Insect Deli)
01/14/06 - Chicago, IL @ ENEMY w/ Oscillating Innards, Bloodyminded, Wilt, Is, Death Factory, and DJ War Bride
11/10/05 - Milwaukee, WI @ The Loft w/ Occasional Detroit, Rottenmilk vs Bubblegum Shitface, and Juiceboxxx
10/15/05 - St. Louis, MO @ Lemp Center for the Arts - As a part of the 3 day Noise Fest
09/10/05 - Madison, WI @ The Halfway House w/ Drums of Myrrh, The Body, and Raperies (Like Draperies)
08/07/05 - Columbus, OH @ Cafe Bourbon Street w/ Sword Heaven, Captain Ahab, A Rose For Bohdan, Pitstain
08/05/05 - Detroit, MI @ Behind the Green Door w/ Vertonen, Snake Charm, Kvlts, Pitstain
08/03/05 - Richmond, VA @ ADA Gallery w/ Yip-Yip, Pitstain
08/02/05 - Hickory, NC @ Flight Test Records w/ The Uncanny faZey Action feat. Joyce Nash, Pitstain
07/31/05 - Champaign, IL @ Basement show - (Collaborative set with Silvum and Pitstain)
07/30/05 - Champaign IL @ McKinley Foundation - Westminster Hall w/ Mark Solotroff, Silvum, Pitstain, Wilt
07/03/05 - Chicago, IL @ the Empty Bottle w/ Aaron Dilloway, Workbench, Hive Mind, Bloodyminded


A Wood Rose For Little Love Knife c30 self released, 07/05 unnumbered edition of ???
Seismic Insecurity one-sided c30 self released 07/05 numbered edition of 25
split w/ Pitstain c30 Expectorant Records 07/05 numbered edition of 25
Basement Bruises c60 Hospital Productions 09/05 unnumbered edition of 50
Dedicated to Piper Fawn c20 Pain Compliance Productions 09/05 numbered edition of 50
Fetishizing Devotion CD-r self released 10/05 edition of (less than) 22, deleted
Fragile Grace c30 Trash Ritual Records 11/05, numbered edition of 50. 03/06, unnumbered second edition of 50
Sexuality is a Curse c32 IDES Recordings 04/06 unnumbered edition of ???
Where the Natural Light Ends 3" CD-r Expectorant Records 06/06 edition of 50 or so
Disgust c20 Morbid Tapes 02/07 unnumbered edition of 47
"Ritual Smothering" b/w "Mean Dominant" 7" Bloodlust! 03/07 unnumbered edition of 300
split w/ Corpoparassita c30 Violent Whatever 04/07 unnumbered edition of 75
Desire For Disease c30 Nil by Mouth Recordings 07/07 unnumbered edition of 80
Bodies Broken By the Weight of Time c50 Ekhein Records 07/07 edition of 75
V/A Prisoners of Sex (4-way split with Prurient, Emaciator, and Roman Torment 2xc12 Callow God 08/07 edition of 100
Lake Winds 3" CD-r Chondritic Sound 09/07 edition of 88
split with Craniopagus 7" Razors and Medicine 11/07 edition of 200
You're Never Safe CD Bloodlust! 04/08
split with Threatening Reflections CD-r Violent Whatever 09/08 edition of 30
split with Stillbirth & Peter J. Woods 3xC10 Violent Whatever/FTAM/Razors & Medicine 09/08 edition of 22
Escapism c20 Sexkrime Arts 04/09 edition of 72
Impulse c30 Syzmic Records 05/09 edition of 100
Her Skin Remembers c20 After Death Records 07/09 edition of 100
One In the Chamber c40 Hospital Productions 04/10 edition of 200
Flesh Confession c22 self-released 04/10 edition of 25
V/A six-way split with Discordance, Sewergoddess, Sharpwaist, Human Larvae, Moribund 6xc10 Phage Tapes 04/10 edition of 133
split with Slow Owls box version: 2xc10 envelope version: c20 Wishful Thinking 05/10 edition of 11 and edition of 25(?)
All Of My Loves Are Like Dreams CD Assembly Of Hatred 11/10 edition of 300

Compilation appearances: L.O.D. (Callow God, 2xCS), Moral Hazard (Indie-Ziert, CDr), Like A Frog In Winter (Hospital Productions, LP + 7"), Cemetery Road/Dead Electroniks (Wilt album and disc of remixes), Heavy Focus (Small Doses/Phage Tapes, 2xCDr), Hate Tasting (SickCore, CD), Tied To An Abuse (Nil By Mouth, 2xCS), Noise Propaganda Vol. 3 (Corrosive Arts CS), This Is Good (A Tribute to Black Flag (Land O'Smiles CS)


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