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musical release: XnemisisX / CPASM split

This is the second sick sack of digital grindcore that has appeared in my PO box as of late and I would be a big fat liar if I tried to appear as anything but receptive. Saying I am all over this is an understatement - XnemisisX and CPASM strut around with the type of finger in your mom's ass type enthusiasticly rude energy that has all but been missing from punk rawk for the last 10 to 20 years (digital hardcore not withstanding). If this was any more manic you'd think it was on Japanese sourced Ritalin and if any more nutbar you'd be fearing for the baby. After listening to this split I have decided that I am definitely drinking tonight and I may even go as far as to moon my girlfriend to mark the occasion.

XnemisisX get the first round here and lace up their gloves with a casio-core flavour of digi-grind that is lousy with silly samples, rude language and speedbass tempo blast beats. The songs tend towards the bastard offspring of an epileptic programmed drum machine and a Tourette's sufferer holding death metal CDs in one hand and an automatic BB gun in the other. I have no idea whether there is any physical manifestation of this act or whether it is solely alive in the confines of an mid sized PC tower but the smell of sweaty carpet, festering Olde English empties and strings so detuned they flap in the wind is as strong as the language on the AC albums these folks must have running on a 24 hour loop schedule.

The pure fucking genius of the cover art for this disc on "Thrash Disaster" (yes, I think protesters offering donuts to cops IS funny) is reflected in the burning bag of shit audacity of the sounds it contains. Spinning this disc I feel like I am having as much of a blast as these peeps must have had recording it. Genre in a blender core with zero pretentions that's got an asshole on it like a glue huffing hornet stuck in the crack of your ass. Casio and digi-core of the purest, finest form.


Author Topic: xliesxliesxliesxliesxliesx schitnthezocieties Junior Member xliesxliesxliesxliesxliesx « Thread started on: 08/19/2004 at 23:39:07 » -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- xNEMISIS shines its pentagrams to the world with yet another release, this one entitled xLIESx. i know, i know, you'd rather put on the newest flare up on mustkill or mosh your way to the top through latest craze at smellfest but xliesx is your new hippie cult leader driving down a backroad in the darkness with the headlights out. step on the gas with no regrets. here we go. xnemiboarx says: this sounds strange but i am looking for.... well how would i call it..... like there were like 12 cases of kids jerking off on a chair bent at the knees and right before they'd jizz they were suppose to have a rope around their head to hold them up....but they'd end up killing themselves. vitaminpiss says: are you ready? 2012? its the end of the mayan calendar sick sic six salamander. clog and tap and pollute it with smog all the way to HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! insert buzzsaw thrash riff over sound clip of nature being bulldozed. people chaining themselves to trees...only to be arrested in half an hour. so let the nemicidal manical orthopedics begin! the quality of this shit is top notch pussy. there was a breakdown riff gunshots...gorevomit...gurgle burps. breakdown mania...its pummeling me into my feces CAN ANYONE NAME A DRUG? bill cosby talks to kids about drugs holy propaganda. this my psychedelia music. track 16...charlie talks to the kids about drugs. bash in yer fuckin heads bring it bring it bring it! dance hits for the kids wrecked on E overdosed on water pukin in the back of the minivan oh no ! that's my moms mini van. have fun cleaning it up at 6 in the morning at some gas station. yeah but you can't do it so the dude who said he could ride with em has to grab a squeegee and squeegee the shit. xnemiboarx says: what did you vote DEP? vitaminpiss says: on a rate from 1-5 what is the scream factor in yer apt? would yer neighbours complain? xnemiboarx says: i tested it to 3 usually it's not really loud. don't care was 3. "hi. for the next two hours im gonna scream bloody murder for several recorded tracks. okay? thanks." cheerz give em a couple of beers for their sacrifice. oh no but the mind fuck thing has to continue to instrukill. reading flyers off my walls and shit gurgle breakdown drunk as fuck everytime i worked on that jam. vitaminpiss says: you added keyboards...now were a goth band. awesome! xnemiboarx says: oh no! jokingly goth is not cool. "boogedy boo to replace bad drum fills. basketball jerseys! fuckin shirt. xnemiboarx says: lol i had so much drunk fun doin' this. yer goddam right it was fun to listen to as well. it is the no-wave digital noise collapse that will take you to places your upbringing conditioned you not to go.

WTMC - "We're keeping it chill" says: oh man i had a dream that i was walking through this ghetto and there was a spraypainted wall that said XNEMISISX WILL RULE THE WORLD!

Topic: new XnemisisX DVD review Posted by: Rayny

i just got this dvd in the mail today and it fucking smokes! xnemisis may be one warped bastard but it makes for a pretty entertaining half hour or so, lemme tell ya. ya got whiskey drinking, midgets, fights, nudity, interviews and a lot more. i don't wanna give it all away but to top it all off it even shows xnemisis engaged in various sexual activities with xnemichick shown in flashes throughout the disc. xnemisis just doesn't give a fuck, but besides the shock value i think he has come a long way artistically. i hope to see a lot more artists branching out into audio visual as media technology becomes more accesible. this DIY dvd is an inspiration. i think this video would make a sweet impression on anyone (except people who get disgusted with porn and violence) especially if you've never even heard xnemisis before. i'm sure you can get a copy mailed to you for cheap as fuck, try lookin for info at https://www.angelfire.com/creep/xnemisisx/ did anyone else get a copy yet? care to share your review?



I don't like movies. I won't ever buy a dvd disc, or a dvd player. but xUGLYx takes the fuckin cake and throws it at the tv. war. fights and violence. gore. blood and gruesome. porn. cock and tits. watching UGLY was my revelation of the real world. and let me tell you, i suck! and people, hear me, for i am a god in flesh, i cannot stress this enough...xNEMISIS is the real deal. xNEMISIS is real life homemade DIY original homebrew scores and shouts out to the peeps. UGLY is what's in the xNEMISIS portfolio. to express the way i feel is in three words, XinspirationX. If you read this, let my words dare you to view this and may it change your perspective...and turn you to your nearest chrisitan academy for biblical learning and fellowship outreach. praise sloth. heil kabosh!

SLANCIO ANALE/xNEMISISx Split Cdr xNemisisx Review: Canadian distorted weird-ass grind/noisecore, squeaky/screamy/gurgling vocals, harsh sound quality, rugged guitar riffs with alot of reverb effect, electronic drumming... Pretty enjoyable in a bizarre, lofi way... http://www.goregrind.net/lastreviews-demos.htm

Slancio anale/XnemisisX 'Split CD-r' (Self released) After an intro "Dwarves" appears, the first real track by XnemisisX, built through hyperfast drum programming and guitars which are as violent and distorted as hell; this noise can be compared to the Armageddon soundtrack for sure. "Sewn Shut" is grind rock with raw vocals, while "Brake" is my favourite one, thanks to the barks Flesh Parade trademarked, the lobotomized riff and the crackling drum machine. "Drill" is up to its name owing to the piercing vocals that'll make your fucking brain bleed, "I Won't Leave" joins vocals a là Killjoy's Necrophagia, grind ones and a mincecore music tissue. Simply fantastic is the serial killer intro sample to "Pus Swamp", a claustrophobic song like NIN's, who don't have the haunted vocals the mysterious act has. The distortion followed by the guitar stabs and unmerciful keyboards lines of "Scurv" precede "Unfinistinguished", a mere hardcore song sped up with a PC or more likely with just a tape recorder. A song that Zenigeva - or at least their fans - would dig is "Soft-core Sux", followed by the wicked "Grandfire" and the conclusive "Don't Care", sound-wise deeply connected to the undervalued Sore Throat, pungent forefathers of Anal Cunt and Meat Shits, directly from the working class. http://www.rockmetalbands.com/Slancio-anale-XnemisisX-review.htm

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SLANCIO ANALE + XNEMISISX Split Etichetta: autoprodotto

Anno: 2004

Durata: 26 min

Genere Slancio Anale: grind noise demenziale

Genere xNemisisx: grindcore digitale

Questo split CD-R vede all'opera due entità musicali estremamente diverse tra loro: gli Slancio Anale e xNemisisx. Si tratta di una pubblicazione ultra-underground che potrà interessare a chi ama tutto ciò che è di nicchia e contro il buon gusto. Gli Slancio Anale si presentano con ben ventidue tracce deliranti. Beh, alcune di queste non sono altro che intermezzi tratti da film o da trasmissioni televisive. E' lo schermo infatti la somma fonte di ispirazione per il trio bolognese. Le immagini scelte per la loro sezione di copertina parlano chiaro (sono tratti da film italiani, forse Deserto Rosso e Divorzio All'Italiana).

Lo stile del gruppo è sempre lo stesso. Scanzonati, casinosi, goliardici, cazzoni, divertiti, cialtroneschi, ecc. Chi più ne ha più ne metta! Due canzoni sono dedicate come al solito a Raimondo Vianello, modello di vita dei musicisti (lo split si apre con la sigla di "Casa Vianello"). Vi è poi il vero classico della band, "L'Arrotino", e una cover degli Anal Cunt. Inoltre il gruppo fa il verso a vari generi musicali, suonando canzoni dedicate al grind, al black, al pornocore, al pop-punk, al surf, al rap, ecc... Come al solito non me la sento di dare un voto agli Slancio Anale! Il lettore è invitato ad ascoltare il gruppo a suo rischio e pericolo. Ma è così bello farsi pigliare per il culo da questo trio!

La proposta musicale di xNemisisx è invece un po' più seria. La sua musica è grind come spirito ma digitale come realizzazione. Campionamenti e programmazione sono sempre in primo piano, mentre la voce è spesso effettata. Si tratta di una musica disturbante ma, al tempo stesso, realizzata con criterio. C'è un qualcosa nella musica di xNemisisx che attira l'ascoltatore. La sensazione di attrazione/repulsione che si prova all'idea di vedere uno snuff movie. E' una realtà musicale che vale la pena di conoscere.

La produzione non è eccezionale e forse questo è il vero limite del progetto musicale. L'ispirazione però è presente così come un certo gusto per gli arrangiamenti minimali. Non male. Sarei curioso di saperne di più su xNemisisx.

Bene, la recensione è terminata. Che ne dite? Vi ho convinti o no ad acquistare questo split? (Hellvis - Novembre 2004)

Voto Slancio Anale: s.v.

Voto xNemisisx: 7


Mail Slancio Anale: bist@despammed.com

Sito Slancio Anale: http://www.slancio-anale.tk/

Mail xNemisisx: xnemisis@hotmail.com

Sito xNemisisx: https://www.angelfire.com/creep/xnemisisx/


band/title: SLANCIO ANALE / XNEMISISX split

format/price CD-R 3.00 USD


SLANCIO ANALE: Dumb noisegrind from Italy

xNEMISISx: Machinegrind from Canada


XUNDETERMINEDX review by Larcyn (Immortal Champions)
Drunks, Punks and Spunks. The most important DVD of 2007. This is a must have a pure DIY computer-core masterpiece from the legend himself XnemisisX. Drinking, Puking, Bleeding, Fucking and full out insanity on this soon to be infamous masterpiece. From live shows, to general insanity, tits and drunken debauchery you cannot go wrong with this. Grab a beer, smoke a J and enjoy what computers, metal, punk and life really is!