june 29th 2009 almost a year has passed since i did an update. i'm not even really sure what to report... here's a review i got a review that said "everyone in laval should be killed" is a masterpiece. the end is so tragical


that short video is on the youtube page as well as the xdeterminedx trailor and when i sang for THE POSERS at SPIDER's memorial. until next time i die...

july 19th 2008 i finally added thoses pics i said i would and even more. check 'em out and drop me some sorta comment. i also added tons of pics of different locations i've visited to my flickr account. check thoses out too. the 3 way is almost done... check for it... also new videos are up on my youtube. "you got a big mouth, but you ain't got no tiny bike!" until next time i die...

may 21st 2008 new pics are up in the photo section. i will be adding more soon. until next time i die...

april 16th 2008 small fish online has added two xnemitunes to their radio section as well as a small image. the songs "what is not" and "can collector" are now up. go check it out.
in other news i'm still uploading tons of pics to the xphotosx section, so come back to scope 'em out. until next time i die...

april 13th 2008 yet another update just to fill ya in with what i've been up to for the last year and a half. xundeterminedx was finally released on STEEMEN SOUND PRODUCTIONS. you can get your copy either from me or him. it goes for 10 bones and is almost 2 hours long. you can watch the trailor HERE

after the dvd release i did a buncha comps such as Raise the evil side 1 and 2 on Survivors Records, Blasting Concept vol.1 on Tragic Scene Records, Digital Brainfucks put together by Anally Aborted Fetus, Sounds That Send You Screaming vol.1 on STEEMEN SOUND PRODUCTIONS, Pest Records Online compilation vol.2, The Bands of the Dead and Satan Clause: The Christmas Comp. on The Horror Of... Records, Popular Music has Turned up it's Nose compiled by Plaid Colored for Trashfuck Records and finally Unheard Screams on Moshpit Tragedy Records. I also did two more split cdrs. the first one was a split with the the Steemen Demon on his label STEEMEN SOUND PRODUCTIONS and the second split was done with See//Get on Tragic Scene Records.

i have submitted trax for 2 more comps which are Popular Music has Turned Up it's Nose vol.2 which will be released by Trashfuck Records and Sounds That Send You Screaming vol.2 on STEEMEN SOUND PRODUCTIONS.

i am almost done recording my six songs for the upcomming 3-way split with Pyuria and the the Steemen Demon. then i will be recording new shit for a split with 50 Ways to Kill Me.

See//Get and i have decided to work together on our upcomming split as well. i'm doing the drum programming and he's doing all the guitars and bass then we will both be singing on top of it all. that split will be released sometime this year.

Survivors Records offered to do a best/worst of xnemisisx cdr compiling the best/worst of tracks from 2002 to 2008. this should be out shortly.

i'm currently filming two more dvds which both will be released on STEEMEN SOUND PRODUCTIONS. XDETERMINEDX will be the follow up to XUNDETERMINEDX and PYURIA VISION which will be the crazy and randomness of Pyuria himself.

lots of new projects have risen in that last year or so as well.
Ratzinger (Swedish Farmer/xnemisisx/pyuria/Chouin)
Rob and the Backstabbers (Swedish Farmer/xnemisisx)
Bricolage Destroyer (Swedish Farmer/pyuria/xnemisisx)
An Art That Cannot Be Compromised (pyuria/xnemisisx)
Cake Rape (steemen demon/pyuria/xnemisisx)
Wally and the Wet-Naps (pyuria/xnemisisx/steemen demon)
Richard Karn Conspiracy (pyuria/xnemisisx) and finally
Voraxe (pyuria/xnemisisx)
more to come soon such as MOFX, Dead Hippie Soup and MTZ.

Pyuria and i have appeared on a couple Handsome T trax which we are currently working on more.

Northern Assassins have let me spit on a couple trax called Obsurred, Phenomenom, The Taste of Murder, Welcome to the Club, Hell is Overflowing and We used To. lots more to come.

well that's about it for now. see ya on the spin side. until next time i die...

april 12th 2008 yep it's been a long time since i updated this site, but today i am. there's new pics in the xphotox section and new mp3s'll be up after i get back from the dep. i need a beer or 2 or 12. until next time i die...

dec 2 2006 Canuck-based Moshpit Tragedy Records have uploaded a 60-second trailor for the upcoming XNEMISISX Undetermined DVD at http://www.moshpit-tragedy.com The limited edition DVD will be released January 1, 2007 via website mailorder only. In other news, the label have announced that they will reissue EYEHATEGOD's 99 Miles Of Bad Road and EXTINCTION OF MANKIND's Ale To England, which will be out in early 2007. http://www.bravewords.com/news/55605 Montreal's Moshpit Tragedy Records have uploaded a 60-second trailor for the upcoming XNEMISISX "UNDETERMINED" DVD at this location. ( www.moshpit-tragedy.com ) This limited edition DVD will be released January 1 2007 via website mailorder only. http://www.metalmaniacs.com/content.cfm?ID=6022

aug 24 2006 wow new tunes added to the mp3 section eventhough they've been up on the myspace site for awhile now. a steemen demen / xnemisisx split is on the verge of being released. xundeterminedx is almost done, just a couple more clips and some final editting to do. there's word that moshpit tragedy might even release it. i'm siked on it. there is actual footage from the very first xnemishow and lots of dumb ideas. i've been doing quite a bit of grits and drinking at least a half case per day. things are kind of a blur. the only shit i remember is probably caught on film. scope out the new scars in the photo section. read the lyrics. drink a 40 and whatever else it is that you like to do... until next time i die...

may 28th 2006 i've been quite busy and wasted. i added a new song to the mp3 section. it's called weapon music. until next time i die...

may 17th 2006 yep fuckers, it's been a long time since i've updated this shit. things have been pretty horrible lately so i decided to write some new shit (not like i ever stopped) but once again i have shit in my life to drive xnemisisx into yet another direction. the mixture of anger, depression, frustration and a suicidal alcoholic gives you some of the newer tracks i have done recently such as "the mirror", "three years", "born from the inside" as well as the STEEMEN DEMON's song "5 months" where i did all the vox and wrote the lyrics. some of theses tracks will appear on the upcomming deadite / xnemisisx split cd. get in touch for that. speaking about split cds xnemisisx and immortal champions did a split cd entitled "dead on the dancefloor" released by FOREVER RISING RECORDS. 13 tracks by both bands that finds a way to cut up your scene (whoever you may be). also the 8 way split is finally out under the name "69 mins. of shit... ...by 8 different assholes" released by MOSHPIT TRAGEDY RECORDS. the cd is available through www.moshpit-tragedy.com for 5 bux and the cover art on a black t-shirt for 10 bux. dirt cheap. also we have done a triangular feature session between xnemisisx dsr and undescribed therapeutic practice in songs like "u.s.e", "cumspit", "stab you" and "die" which will appear wherever..... (i don't fucking know).
in other news i've been drinking. i have been for a couple months everyday. nemichick is now xnemichick so forget the x2xfuckin'uglyx dvd. i deleted everything. i started to work on "UNDETERMINED" dvd until i spilled beer all over my camcorder which indeed killed it being a drunk like i am. as much as that sucks i plan to get my hands back on a camcorder by the end of summer, which means that "undetermined" will be released by the end of the year. i am planning for october 2006. hopefully all goes well, it can't get much worse. more new and songs comming son. check the myspace site... i usually add new songs there... until next time i die...

dec 6th 2005 a lot of shit going on theses days. still waiting for the digital brainfuck (drum machine) compilation to be released. the rock the goat compilation will be released in spring 2006. you can now find xnemisisx on TARDCORE and also on XNEMISISX HXCMP3.COM x2Uglyx will be out in a month or so. SURVIVORS WILL BE SHOT AGAIN MYSPACE has a couple rough live tunes up for now but will be recording soon. the band will be releasing a cd and have 3 upcomming split releases. until next time i die...

oct 23rd 2005 the drum machine comp should be out any day now. xnemisisx is currently in the process of filming and editing "2 fuckin' Ugly". survivors will be shot again is born and eikmd is put to rest. until next time i die...

aug 30th 2005 From: Anally Aborted Fetus Date: Aug 28, 2005 12:52 PM hello, my name is jaime. Snatch Maggot of ANALLY ABORTED FETUS. im putting together a digigrind/egrind drum machine driven comp inluding these bands: Anally Aborted Fetus [me] Old Time Folk Hero Jonas the 3rd 32bit a Beautiful Lotus 120% Says Youre Going to Explode MonoCalrific Peppermint Pony Rectovaginal Apocalypse Ice Cream Smash Bot Ribcage Scraping Ice Bath Suicide Emotron The Almighty Spork Wizzard Qerppsmmnx a Girl Hurts Josh Lay Pink Sock Smegma Monster God Team Kindergarten Hazing Ritual Scissor Shock Toxic Cunt Undead Dragqueen Ninja Marshmallow Postmen Into the Gore Hara-Kari Kitty Breakdance Kickboxer Brutal Nekkro Sex Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck GRINDER MAFIA The Smile Adventure Gruuthaagy Electrocutionerdz Abortion Clinic Dumpster Overload 50 Ways To Kill Me Bayi Gunerook Afterbirth of a Lesbian Finger Fuck The Popples And The Puppy THADDEUS Yoda's Eye Iron Bitchface DIMEBAGDARRELLGOTSHOTINTHEFACE Dying Fields Of Kenya Agoraphobic Nosebleed Alt-F4 Articulate Clitoral Asphyxia Breakdancing Ronald Reagan Fuck the Facts Shunt Incision Baphomet's Left Nut and more TBA. lemme know if you want in. [weed] love to have you. my info - myspace.com/anallyabortedfetus freewebs.com/anally_aborted_fetus xnemisisx is totally stoked. until next time i die...

aug 21st 2005 The Autopsy Report Metal Radio Show week commencing 6-20-05

Set your alarm clocks, clear your calendars, make some space for some heavy on line moshing because the Autopsy Report is here again with another ball-kicking, tit-slapping show. Tune in to the Brit and his collection of love songs.

This week's playlist featuring Xnemisisx:

Obituary - Insane

Scorn Of Earth - Brutal Nature

Icarus Escapes - Dynamite Bob Chambliss

Apostle Of Perversion - Habitual

Acid Pope - The Destroyer

137 - Slug

Daisy Cutter - Bleacher

Sinn -The Project

To The Bone - The Changeling

Xnemisisx - Facts

Ozzy - Mr Crowley

Visit the Autopsy Report web site at http://theautopsyreport.heavymetalradio.net

Cheers, Gramie

Prepare to be dissected.

The Autopsy Report broadcasts from:

Maddog Rock Radio


MegaRock Radio

Hot Metal Radio


Extreme Radio

Chicago Metalworks Radio

* Please not: Maddog Rock Radio will be transmitting last week's show this week. until next time i die...

aug 16th 2005 two more mp3s added! download them while they're there. Bowling is the first with an explanation of xnemisisx brought to you by Charles Manson. Listen and die. This tune will appear on the next split xnemisisx will be doing. The next tune is called One Day. This tune is pretty catchy and was intended to be that way. If you don't like it then why don't you just fuck yourself. I'm sorry for spoiling the song. Until next time i die...

aug 8 2005 a couple new tunes have been made but i only uploaded one entitled "dildo of death". The lyrics are there as well so you can sing along. also xnemisisx will be appearing on Toronto's ROCK THE GOAT compilation cd so keep a lookout for that. until next time i die...

july 9th 2005 wow it's been a long time with no updates. i've been busy working with EVERYONE I KNOW MUST DIE over the last few months. I have been doing the vokills and sampling for them and we will be on tour across Canada pretty soon. Check us out at EVERYONE I KNOW MUST DIE or take a listen at Everyone I Know Must Die on MYSPACE speaking about myspace pages, xnemisisx finally jumped on the band wagon. you can add xnemisisx at XNEMISISX MYSPACE

a new mp3 has been added. it's called "lie, cheat, steal" you can download it HERE in the MP3 section

a couple possible split cdrs are in the works. one with AMPUTEE LOVE TRIANGLE, another with PAUL CARCASS and also INERTIAL DECIBELS.

x2uglyx will be filmed right after the EIKMD canadian tour. until next time i die...

feb 19th 2005 another mp3 added to the mp3 section dedicated to XCORALDESTROYERX, entitled army boots. a big thanx to RACKETDETH for helping out on the second half of this song! "these boots were made for..." until next time i die...
feb 15th 2005 two new mp3s were added in the mp3 section. one is called "market". you'll understand why when you listen to it. the other is entitled "never be enough". both songs are two different styles but are pretty catchy in the making. the vcd is out. about 8 copies got out so far and we're getting good responses. so spark up and light up until next time i die...

january 11th 2005 yeah it's been awhile since i've been here keeping you posted. anyways here's the deal, xnemisisx is looking for musicians of all kinds willing to practice at least once a week and be willing to play shows hopefully some time in april. there are mp3s in the mp3 section that xnemisisx would like to play live. if interested, geek-mail xnemisis@hotmail.com.

also comming soon is the xnemisisx dvx. home footage, music videos, interviews and more. can be played in most dvd players. until next time i die...

nov 18th 2004 another mp3 added in the mp3 section. this tune is called drift. check it out before i bash your face in with a rake. until next time i die...

nov 16th 2004 i think i've come to the conclusion that most people are fucking asshole pieces of shit that only care for themselves. my whole world just crumbled down and i'm so drunk, that i'll worry about it tomorrow. it's been the shittiest month in a long fucking time and i think i reached bottom. fuck you all. right now you can all just fuck off. do you hear me? fuck off! until next time i die...

oct 14th 2004 Topic: "Octogonorrea" 8-way split cd (Read 666 times) the paranoid "Octogonorrea" 8-way split cd Thread started on: Oct 13th, 2004, 10:02pm -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Octogonorrea" An 8-way split cd of a bunch of friends who just happen to have solo projects. You'll get 10 minutes each from... -Pyuria (johnb, inhaled/posers/facedown/and many more) -CPASM (andy xposer in winnipeg) -XnemisisX (robbie d out in montreal) -In Tatters (brian, inhaled/t3bq/posers/woods of ypres) -Val Killmore (shane from godinaheadlock) -Apnea (rob g, original facedown singer) -TheDeadite (jay buston, clusterfuxx/factofdeath/posers) -TheParanoid (posers/raynoid/a bunch more)

copies are being made for the slancio anale/xnemisisx split cdr. slancio anale is fuckin' noise grind from italy and totally rules! xnemisisx, well you wouldn't be here if you didn't know what xnemisisx is or, you're still tryin' to figure it out. until next time i die...

oct 10th 2004 i took most of the split down, but some trax are still in the mp3 section. the XNEMISISX/SLANCIO ANALE split cdr is finally here!!! I just have to install my new cd burner and I will be making copies. so if you want a copy drop me a geek-mail at xnemisis@hotmail.com also a couple new mp3s are now on the site! "charge" was inspired by the cramps. you can dance to this one! "tug tug" was inspired by xjud judx. if you don't have any xjud judx i suggest you dl some now! also "the sean song" is for a good buddy of mine named sean boone. the story of this song is about a party at panet house and tags and sean got a 750$ kickdown! the story must be told! pannin' does pay... sometimes. live material in the werx until next time i die...

sept 29th 2004 finally i uploaded the whole xnemisisx side for the SLANCIO ANALE split. download the whole xnemisisx side in the mp3 section. 1-2-3-GO!

sep 8th 2004 another mp3 added called strut. you can do a lot with 2 seconds. this tune will appear here : from the noisecore/grind label No Lyrics Records : __________ __________ __________ 1789 WAYS TO GET CANCER! (1789-way split) It will be released on cassette and cd-r, and you will not receive any copy of it, because it will be limited to 10 copies, that will be given away... but the full album and the cover artwork will be avalible for download, so you can do your own copy if you want. It will take a long time to get done, you know. As you red this compilation will be avalaible for download, so we'll surely distribute it by CD-R (or probably some records label will be interested in pressing a professional CD). 'Til now there are 110 bands involved in the project, so it will take a long time to get done, but you cant give an important help just forwarding this email to all your contacts.

also the SLANCIO ANALE split with xnemisisx is in the werx. can't wait for this.... http://www.slancio-anale.tk/ until next time i die...

aug 14th 2004 a brand new mp3 entitled DON'T CARE added to the mp3 section. xLIESx is now out and i have no where else yet to put it but here. a possible SLANCIO ANALE split cd might be in the werx. visit their site... http://www.slancio-anale.tk/ peace = war until next time i die...

aug 9th 2004, i added lyrics to one of the final tunes to appear on xLIESx. 2 days before release date and i may have problems with my cd burner. i allready have a few copies made so thoses can get out. if my burner dies then i'll have to get a new burner and get it installed. eating nothin' but rice and the occasional pickle, things can be a little rough. cross yer fingers though until next time i die...

aug 1st 2004, more lyrics to new songs appearing on xLIESx added. i fixed the degas so a couple new tunes are now added on xLIESx. also a brand new dance tune as well. xnemisisx represents. until next time i die.

july 30th 2004, another mp3 added! this is a cover of the band called the HERMAPHRODITES OR DIE. after eating a weed cupcake, a couple dubes, a beer or two and avoiding my prostitute neighbour, i did vokills to THE PARANOID's cover of 'my sister the nun or die'. THE PARNOID did all the music to this cover song and XNEMISISX did the vox. this tune brings me back to the burg no doubt. special thanx to THE PARANOID for this project. hopefully they'll be plenty more. until next time i die.

july 27th 2004, i added a brand new cover song i did of EL CONQUISTADORE in the mp3 section. yesterdays chat with THE PARANOID brought up some shit that was in the attic. i remember when EL CONQUISTADORE would jam with dubes, acid and squatter sauce and this same tune played over and over again. kareoke machine moments, yeah thoses were the days. until next time i die.

july 17th 2004 i thought it might be a good idea to explain a bit of what is goin' on after drinkin' a 40. so we're goin' on the forth release entitled xliesx. up until xliesx there was the XNEMISISX/C.P.A.S.M split cdr (Oct. 2003), XNEMISISX/PYURIA/SHY SHIT split cdr 2003 - 2004 then there was XNEMISISX - XFAILUREX (june 1st 2004)and onto XLIESX. aight in the mp3 section, either or somehow you can either download a song or hear it on the fly. if it just plays and you want to download theses tracks "right click & save as" now here's some short descriptions of theses tracks. download 'em in the mp3 section.

SC(H)ARVARD was written sometime in 2002 off of a demo called "back to the streets of combat midget zone". this song describes the twisted roomates geniousity butchered dancy harvard degree road rage.

SCUZZ BUCKET featuring CLAUDIA from CYNICAL CZARDAS. i think, this was one of the easiest tunes i've done 'cuz i didn't do the vokills. Claudia tears shit up! i remember her in this room by herself and shit was flying around and she was jumpin' and shit or something. it ruled! i can't wait to do more shit with her.

THE MILF MUFFLER was written with chris-tougher for the XNEMISISX / C.P.A.S.M. split cdr with help from brother craig and his chick jessica with their version of fun. thank the dude who invented the answering machine.

NATHAN GILLIS IS A GOOF (I GOT PROOF) is a tribute to a high school jock hero that pushed only the real people around in high school. bringin' back memories with a touch of humour in the same vein as the lazy sods. what hardcore i guess should have been in the early 80s. yeah that might have gotten ya.

ANOTHER CURLING IRON VICTIM was released on the XNEMISISX / PYURIA / SHY SHIT split cdr. almost everything is on this cd from rock n' roll to hip hop to straight out grind! this track was just a thought of the news breathing a story about someone getting hurt with a curling iron. if you're looking for shy shit go to www.shyshit.com or PYURIA at gitface.cjb.net

GORE - TEX appeared as well on the 3 way split as well. have you ever noticed that some winter jackets have GORE - TEX embroidered somewhere on them? keep an eye out.i ain't lying to ya which brings you the next subject.

VOMITINA is considered track one off of XFAILUREX. i guess they just don't understand.

DOESTHISAPPLYTOYOU is unreleased as of now and will be released on the next solo cdr entitled "xliesx". this tune is about the same guitarist. i can't wait till you translate the answering machine tune! i'm gonna release it, but that's when the cdr is out. this is a short but sweet tune. wreck shit.

STRANDED is another unreleased tune which will appear on "xliesx", a cross between manson and and...

ON GOING BATTLE ... and...cosby. if you got a sense of humour go for it. well i'm gonna drain this brew. eat. sleep and that's about it. until next time i die.

july 11th 2004 well finally i got this page runnin'. i got some mp3s and lyrics for ya. if any of this stuff doesn't work than drop me a line and let me know. so after xfailurex, xnemisisx is back in the studios working on the next release entitled xliesx. this is the doom era and broken guitars has been a problem this time around. also rumour has it that there will be another upcoming split with none other than DEADITE! so stick around... get in touch. until next time i die.