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Things That I Hate

Well I'm tired of people not listening to my opinions so I'm going to force feed it to you through glory of this website. Oh and if you don't agree with me on any of these subjects just face it your wrong dead wrong my opinions are right and your are WRONG! Oh and if you have a problem with anything I say my e-mail address is

Psyco Kids

Parents must learn something and that is violence on tv, video games and music doesn't hurt anybody. I love it when some psyco shoots up a school and what is the first thing they blame? Not the kid who killed 10 people it was his class mates fault becaused they made fun of him. Well guess what boo friggin' hoo! What ever happened to the saying sticks and stones will break my bones and wips and chains excite me....I mean uhh well you get the point.And to get back on topic what is the second thing people blame oh its the music, tv, and video games. Well this is a bigger load of crap than the first this they blame this stuff on, here's how you know that isn't the problem well lets see Manson has sold millions of records in his life and well their are not millions of high schoolers and other people shooting up schools. Also violent video games well uh lets see all kinds of parents buy their kids Mortal Kombat,Grand Theft Auto, and other violent but fun games. According to my math if video games cause kids to go crazy well their should be more kids shooting people or at least trying to do fatalities to each other(actually one of my friends said he grabbed a kid by the head and was trying to rip his head off...but it was kind of a joke). What is the next thing that is blamed for the deaths of the students and teachers well its not the kids fault yet, it is the parents fault. I don't have a huge problem with blaming the parents partly because when your kid is making bombs or planing to shoot up a school then well you are shitty parents. All you have to do is go into their room once a week and then you at least have an idea of what you psyco kid is doing. Finnaly the last thing the media and others blame is the kids involved in these shootings but when they do say this they are quick to add that they were teased and tormented by bully's and all this does is make the psyco kids feel like they arn't acountable for their own actions. At least the crazy's from Columbine shot themselves to save the state and federal government millions on a trial, but now your going to see kids shooting the people they want to kill then give themselves up and a money grubbing asshole lawyer is going to get the kid off on second degree manslaughter and serve 5 years for killing 10 people and that is a joke.