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Elder Scrolls III:Morrowind

Ok people this is what I call the greatest RPG for a system ever and I mean ever. I know final fantasy is a different type but you guys all know Morrowind kicks Fantasies big white ass! This game has got great graphics and the game play is unbelievable.One of the greatest parts of this game is the character development you can take your character anywhere from being an alcheimist to becoming a pure fighter with no magic at all. The vastness of the game is crazy there are over 200 different books all with probably 3-20 pages. Also there are weapons galore with so many secret or rare items that you can accually make you character a treasure hunter if you wanted to(which I have done). There are so many AI characters that you can talk to and all with there own personalities. Even after you beat the game you can keep playing and join a guild to be head of a guild. Oh yeah and there are so many guilds from the lawful Imperial legion to the morag tong(thieves guild). You can even become a powerful political leader. So to sum it all up this game is probably the best thing to ever happen to the RPG world.

Mrpoopy's grade:A+

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