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Halo what a game with so many memories. This game is probably my favorite first person shooter ever. This was my first game for the Xbox and it is still one of my favorites. The graphics are great and the gameplay is even better. It's unlike most first person shooter because there are not a great deal of different weapons, but the makers went for quality not quantity and I believe it paid off. The multiplayer is probably the best I have ever seen I have so many memories especially when me and my friends would hook up our Xbox's on different tv's. being able to make your own type of multiplayer game and I would say the best fun any of you will ever have is get 8-10 people and play a capture the flag game at blood gulch with all vehicles, 25 captures to win and no suicide penalties or death penalties and you will have a good 5 hours of fun.

Mrpoopy's grade A+

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