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While I was looking at my most recent update to my site I realized that you probably don't have a flippin' clue what I'm talking about when I say some of that crap, so here are the backstories to all of them.

The first saying is "Mrpoopy is the best and will always be da best." Well this is just obviouse because I am the best at everything.

The second one is "Hey look Josh made a lay in!" this originated because my friend Josh has this terrible problem with making lay-ins and all of the basketball players make fun of him.

Then there is the famous line by me "You know if we make a giant snowball and used it to pick up snow...." This was a great time beacause it was at about 8pm and Adam, Josh and I are all hanging out and I'm supposed to go and shovel a stupid sidewalk. I'm about half way done when I realize hey lets make a snowball and pick the snow up with the ball. This was all good in theory.So we make this 4 1/2 foot snowball to pick up the rest of the snow.(and this wasn't a short side walk it was probably 50 feet long and the snow was about a 1 foot and a half deep.)So we roll the snowball over the side walk and well it didn't work all it did was pack the snow down even more. so we just parked the giant snowball infront of the local resteraunts door and left but my mom who was working at the tavern next door saw us and made us move it. What a story.

The next saying is "SHMOOOZZBALL!!!" and people this is the greatest inventon ever what it is ,is a sport that my friends Andrew, Josh and Adam and I created. the rules are simple you pitch a football and you hit it with a bat and run around bases so its like a mix between football and baseball. The rules are that if you hit the football over the busted up 79 ford pickup(also second base)t you must hit it straite over the truck not off to the side(like a goal post). the other team must then touch the football you just hit and then takle the runner that just hit. you can't stop on a base though, you must keep running till you touch home or get tackled. the fun part is that for ever defensive player there is an offensive player in play so in other words there are blockers for the runner!. You play till you get tired of the game or until someone score 10 runs. It's a hella fun game.

And the saying "Dallas what happened to your other tooth" comes from when me and a bunch of friends were playing takle football without pads and it was really dark out. I was backing up and Dallas' tooth ran right into the back of my head. I barely even felt it but his tooth broke clean off and now he goes by the slogan toothless aggression.

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