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Mr.poopy's Web Journal

February 4 2004- Yes people the author of this site is not dead yet but anywho pretty soon I will be working on this site everyday because I will be able to work on this site durring school.So that meens I will have time to rant and rave about whatever I want to so take that god.

December 27 2003-Oh yeah hey guys thought I would wake up from my nap and say high well I'm adding a bunch of stuff so if any people even come to this site well you shall like what you see. Oh yeah merry late Christmas or for you politicaly correct retards Happy Holidays.

October 16 2003- Oh I added a couple new things mrpoopy's magic saying and the explanations of these sayings so enjoy them.I only have one review left until I start doing Ps2 games. oh and im thinking of starting a little section called dr.poopy. I will be a psycologist and you people will be my patients and if I have to I will make up patients and problems. so take that I don't need you people at all I just need me and my imagination.

October 10 2003- I finished a couple more reviews and I might finish the rest tonite so I better get crackin' with my crack if I want to get done. OH MY GOD another great thing has happened in my life I have just found out that an expansion for Morrwind is comming out later this month and its got 2 new places you can be with new quests and can even become a werewolf, and the best thing is you don't have to start your morrowind character over again you can just load your old char from your xbox with all the same items and same stats. yes my life is so sad I know

October 9 2003- oh yeah I have this site...well I realized that you sorry people arnt probly even reading this journal by clicking the link so I figuered I would just throw it in you faces, SO HA NOW WHOS YOUR DADDY! oh and I found out a way to either get people to come to this site or on the other hand just spend more hours by myself typing stuff that no one reads either way I'm entertaining my self, but back to the point I am going to start writing reviews of xbox and ps2 games I have played and I will even let you crazy folk out there e-mail me your reviews too. I also got rid of that retarded in the news now all have a newspaper so read the damn thing. Oh yeah and thanks Claifornia for starting the decline of western civilization you know what I mean.

September 29 2003-Ok I lied I didn't change the homepage background but i did make the title flashier.Today I made the homepage easier to read I added some dividers to the different sections. Yesterday I also became the godliest multitasker ever!!!!!!I was out in the yard and I was mowing the lawn helping my mom with a crossword puzzle and was eating a popcicle!!! I know many a person will be quite jealous but hey not everyone can be as good as me. and for a final note to get an idea I have for people to come to this sad sorry site is to write game review for games I have played. bye all.

September 27 2003- Added a site mascot named Sparkles, you probably already saw him cause he is on the homepage but isn't he great. also I found a bunch of funny pictures and now i have to get them bigger so you can see them so soon i will have pretty pictures too oh I also changed the homepage background.

September 26 2003- Well i added some links and made this kind of like my website instead of angelfires so feal free to look around and feel all the love that is in here. also i looked at this site and realized how sad this journal really is, maybe tommorow i will spice it up a little.

September 25 2003- *Drum role* Yes it is finaly here the website that all will bow down and kiss the all mighty feet of it's creater(but no tongue). This site will have numerous topics and if i could get a hold of my buddy Adam he could help me with some ideas but all in all this site will be great fun *cough*when i learn HTML half way decent *cough cough*.


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