Dreamweaver MX - why do they call it that? I dream about a lot of things - but one of them is not html.

Well, I rock, my guitar rocks and my outfit rocks. I cannot ask for more rocks without looking like a stonecutter who can't find his quarry.

Want out-and-out proof that my guitar rocks (and that I merely pluck strings like an idiot)? Defender of the Crown Theme.

And below, you'll see a marriage that doesn't get honoured nearly enough. The guitar... the bagpipe... both ridiculously loud. When will people realise that this is a combination that needs more attention?!

And below - the master. Yes. It's me. I play Alvin Lee, I play Queen, I play it all. I am your master. It's true that I do both movie-making and guitar playing - generally I play guitar during render times. Hence I'm pretty damned good at both! In yer face!