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What IS The Brotherhood of Man?
Well, you may have heard of the Brotherhood of Man, but not in a religious sense since they were in fact a group in the 1970's. For here however, it is the name of a religious organisation.

The Brotherhood of Man is, as the opening email always states, is a Christian group that is not afraid to brace the technology of God and to use it to its full potential within their community. Examples given in the opening email are "speaking machines for our mute orphans, spelling games for our mentally challenged children to help them learn the beauty of the English language and computers so that we can spread the world of our wonderful religious order throughout the world".

However, the Religious group houses Brothers who have some very unfortunate names. The current member list is given below.

Brother Mycok Wreeks
Brother Iysmel Ofcum

The Brotherhood of Man even have their own website, which can be found at this is just something quickly made to convince scammers that we're 'genuine'.

What is the 419 Nigerian Scam?
Have you ever received an email from an individual who claims to be a businessman, a dying man, a lottery company etc.... it doesn't matter really who they are, but the content is always the same; they claim that they have a substancial amount of money and ask for your help in trying to smuggle it out of the country. All of these emails should be deleted immediately since they are nothing but SCAMS. The people behind them are criminals who are out to try and con you. Believe NOTHING they say, no matter how much they try and work on the heartstrings.

Hints and Tips
The boring way is to just sit and wait for a scammer email to appear in your email inbox, but that could take a LOT of time. I have however devised an extremely quick and simple way to snag your very own scammer and if you use it I can guarantee that you'll have your very own scammer within a couple of days. The technique is called 'ScammerFishing'. This is what to do...

1) Create a new email address for the person you intend to be (for instance I am the Reverend Kevin Mingeeater'). The most popular free email accounts you can get are Yahoo and Hotmail, but doing a search on google for "Free Email" will bring you scores!

2) When registering the account, do NOT give even slightly realistic answers relating to your personal information - make it all up.

3) When registered, it's time to go fishing. Go to a search engine and so a search for '419 scammer addresses' or something similar. You should get back compiled lists of known scammers. There is an alternative to doing this, and this is to simply go to the forums at 419eatersince scammer addresses are added daily.

4) When you have compiled a list of about 20 email addresses, write out an extremely vague "I'm interested" letter merely asking for more details and send it off to them. I send the emails off individually although if you want to save time you can bulk-send to all your email addresses at once.

5) Wait for a few hours.

6) Log back into your account to see if anyone has taken the bait. You'll most likely get a couple of 'Email address not found' error reports initially, but all being well one will take the bait.

I followed this, and within 6 hours I had snared my first scammer.

Safety Precautions
The main tip here is to NEVER, EVER give out your real personal information to these people. They are greedy criminals who are preying on the gullible to line their pockets. Never trust them and NEVER believe that what they are saying is even remotely true. If they ask for an address, make something up. If they want to call, say you're deaf or don't have a telephone. etc - anything that stops you from giving out your real details. If they tire, get annoyed and say that the deal's off, so what? There are loads of other scammers out there to try again with.