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The story of W.I.T.C.H.

This is the story of W.I.T.C.H. by each book. This is a general idea of what happens and contains no major spoilers. I have only read books 1-4 so I have asked Amanda aka witchlover of to write summaries for books 4 and up. I give her full credit. _____________________________________________________________________________________________

1) The Power Of Five- Will is new to Heatherfield and on her first day at Sheffield Institute she meets another new girl, Taranee. They also meet Cornelia, Irma and Hay Lin. The five instantly become friends. Over the next few days the girls start to notice strange things happening (color changing clothes, causing power blackouts, forceing the bell to ring a few minutes early at the end of class). All five meet up at Hay Lin's to talk about these strange things when Hay Lin's grandmother tells them that they are the new Guardians of the Veil. The Veil is the protection boarder between Earth and an evil kingdom. Their job to to protect Earth by closeing portals, or rips, in the Veil. They are each given the gift of a special elment. Irma controls the element water, Taranee controls the element fire fire, Cornelia conrtols the element earth, and Hay Lin controls the element air. Will is the self elected leader and her power is absolute energy. Will is also the keeper of the heart of Candracar (Kandracar) which contains the powers and unites the Guardians. The five come up with the name W.I.T.C.H. which is the first letters of each of their names. That evening Will, Irma and Hay Lin plan to meet their other friend Elyon at the school gym where something completely unexpected happens when they meet up this two creatures that have crossed the Veil.

2) The Disappearance- Strange things are happening in Heatherfield. Elyon and her family have disappeared as well as another boy from Sheffield Institute, Andrew Hornby. Hay Lin's grandmother gives her a map of the twelve rips in the Veil to Hay Lin. Will also meets the cute guy Matt in the park after rescuing a doormuse from torture by Uriah and his gang. Will adopts the doormouse a a new pet. Irma also admits she transformed her self to impress Andrew Hornsby at a club and turned Andrew into a toad when he tried to kiss her. Later the five girls see some sort of Elyon ghost in the empty school yard and follow it to Elyon's house where they break in and follow mysteriuos footprints to the basement. There Elyon has set up a deadly surprise for them.

3) Finding Meridian- Everyone is on edge as they struggle to figure out what happened to Elyon. Will is struggling in Math so Mrs. Rudolph offers to giver her private lessons. That same day Will sees her mother having lunch with her history teacher, Mr. Collins, it completely upsets her. (Summary Completed by Amanda, aka witchlover of Irma figures out that Mrs. Rudolph is a creature from Metamoor so she gets Hay Lin to help snoop at her house. Mrs. Rudolph comes back and finds them hiding in a closet- while in monster form! Will comes later and saves them with the help of the Heart of Candracar, but Mrs. Rudolf escapes through a portal, which the girls then close. They hold a meeting at Cornelia's and the Seal of Phobos is absorbed by the Heart of Candracar after an attack on their lives. Will pulls the Heart of Candracar over the map and they all go through a portal at Elyon's house- their first trip to Meridian! In their attempt to escape, Taranee gets captured.

4)The Fire Of Friendship- The girls set out for Meridian to rescue Taranee and leave astral drops behind(which turns out for the worst for Will.) They go through a portal at the shell cave and start searching for Taranee while wandering the streets of Meridian. Meanwhile, the Oracle wonders if he should punish the girls for breaking the laws and going to Meridian. Elyon is also tormenting Taranee in a bubble-jail, but Cedric warns her not to make her angry. In Heatherfield, Will's astral drop messes things up by kissing Matt, and then slapping him! After having a mysterious meeting with Mrs. Rudolph, Will lets Cedric capture them so that they can reunite with Taranee. He shows them Phobos's garden and the Whisperers. Elyon then brings Taranee in, not believing them until Will asked her to read her mind. Enraged at being toyed with, Taranee melts her prison and releases the others. Irma and Will have to deal with the astral drops' mistakes and the Oracle decides not to punish them because they proved that they were the chosen ones.

5)The Last Tear- After Irma's astral drop makes a date with Martin, she gets dragged to a museum where a security guard sees a creature that Irma recognizes as a creature from Metamoor. The girls use the map and find out that there is a portal in the Heatherfield Museum, and plan to go after it closes. At the same time, Uriah and his gang plan to raid the museum in search of the monster. Things turn out bad for both of the groups though. Elyon captures them and tells them of her mysterious history-she is Princess of Meridian, which is a big shock to the girls. They then get trapped in a painting without any powers. Uriah's gang meet up with Cedric and Vathek and then get caught by the cops. The girls meet the creator of the painting, Elias Van Dahl. He helps them and tells them his story and the story behind the painting. WIll figures that Elias had to mix his paints with the 'Last Tear' to get their powers back. When Frost comes, they make him go and the towns people help them head Frost off. Everything changes for the better in the painting and the girls get their powers back and close the portal to a very distressed Cedric.

6) Illusions and Lies-There are many illusions and lies crowding this story. After Will's accusion that Mr. Collins is a Metamoorian, Cornelia leads the other girls to disagree so Will takes off during school. Will has a short meeting with Matt and then heads to the swimming center to swim with her substitute coach, Vera. Cedric is trying to do everything in his power to make Will weak so she can't help her friends. Meanwhile, Mrs Rudolph invites the other girls over to tell them about an invasion of rebels to Earth. They figure that the invasion is in Cedric's bookshop and go looking for Will. Will finds out that Vera wasn't what she seemed and unmasked Elyon! Will was in the deathly clutches of a watery snake before Irma came and saved her. They head to the bookshop where the others are waiting. They find the rebels and begin to fight until the rebels' anger at Cedric made them forget the Guardians. The ice between Cornelia and Will is broken in this book as Will does something so unexplainable and amazing, that Cornelia realized that she wasn't just a leader-she was a hero!

7)The Light of Meridian- Not believing that Elyon would betray her, Cornelia heads off to Meridian alone to confront her after her friends' responses. Cornelia goes through a portal with the newly turned rebel, Vathek, and then gets rescued by Caleb, the boy she has loved from her dreams! Elyon is confused at everything Cedric tells her and goes to venture off in Meridian where she finds people suffering from Phobos's cruelty. Cornelia finds Elyon and they go into action as they fight against soldiers and accidentally make a new portal. The Guardians go through the new portal and find Elyon helping the rebels before they start helping in the big battle. Elyon at last gets to meet her brother Phobos. But from what the rebels told her, she knows that she is the true heir to the throne-the Light of Meridian!

8)Out of the Dark- A Karmilla concert comes into town and Will and Hay Lin can't go for family reasons. Phobos is planning something terrible, and tells Cedric to encourage the people of Meridian to go through a portal, which will bring down the Veil! Hay Lin is at home and talking to Will when she notices that there is a portal at the stadium. Will is the first one to react as she rides there. Her dormouse runs through the portal and Will chases after it where she lands in a garden of black roses. She survives and meets Phobos's gardener, Daltar, and he tells her the story of all of the horror that he had placed upon him. Will suddenly remembers about the rebel invasion and comes to the aid of Vathek. Cedric follows her through the portal where the other Guardians are waiting in the stadium for a powerful climax!

9)The Four Dragons- When Hay Lin has the opportunity to make a school play, she can't think of the perfect Asian Legend to base it on. She is soon told the legend about the four dragons, which coincidentally enough, they find out is the origin of their powers after a bad aftermath with the Grumper sisters. Irma needs to pass French to act in the play and Will gets a surprising call that leads them on another mission. They now need to track down a little boy from Metamoor and return him to his family. They seek guidence from Candracar and the girls are sent into crazy dreams of theirs until they wake up and Yan Lin tells them the whole story of the Veil. They have to soon return to Heatherfield and save the boy from a dogpound, and Hay Lin puts on a great holiday play!

10)A Bridge Between Worlds- Two agents are investigating Elyon's disappearence and the Guardians are dragged into the trouble. Elyon is now starting to have serious doubts about Cedric and her life in Meridian. When she asks for her parents' release from the prison, Phobos plans for something horrible to happen to them so that Elyon won't get the chance to speak with them. Meanwhile, the agents have the girls cornered and won't leave them alone on the issue. Cornelia and Irma find that, without realizing it, Elyon had made a bridge between worlds through her drawings! Will gets an unsuspected visitor at her window who has a plea of help from Elyon. Will goes to rescue Cornelia from the stalking agents and the Guardians go to rescue Elyon's parents. Light is finally dawning on Meridian as Elyon erases one thing that the people had feared for a long time, and in it's place, fills them with hope.

11)The Crown of Light- As Elyon's coronation approaches, the girls are in desperate need to find a portal. Phobos has a terrible scheme to absorb Elyon's powers, and it has something to do with the Crown of Light! The Guardians locate a portal, but are drawn into helping Nigel prove his innocence and Martin escaping Uriah and his thugs after blabbing to the principal of who really did the crime. They soon go through the portal Vathek had come through last time, and hope that they aren't too late to convince Elyon of what's really happening and to come up with a plan. Phobos's 'flawless' plan backfires and Elyon sees the true darkness of her brother as his army of Annihilators starts to destroy the city, and especially after a tragedy that will change one Guardian's life- forever. The battle for Meridian has begun.

12)The Return of a Queen- The Guardians and Elyon plan on getting into the castle for the Crown of Light while the rebels announce war on Phobos's soldiers. Enemies become stronger and some are stopped in their tracks. After arriving at the castle, Phobos quickly rids himself of the Guardians, sending them into a battle with a new, monstrous form of Cedric. Face to face, Phobos and Elyon battle with Elyon soon knocked out and Phobos demanding the crown that Cedric was supposed to be guarding! Will makes a quick decision which leads to them uniting their powers to rid of the spell on the crown and rising out of the Abyss of Elyon. A new queen now reigns Metamoor with goodness and light! A trip to Candracar stops the celebration and as the battle for Meridian and the job of closing portals is over, the Guardians face an uncertain future.

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