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Suzanne Kay Building
Dallas County Jail


Big Springs State Hospital returned Sharif to the Dallas County Jail after ruling that he was a competent man, and furthermore BSSH released Sharif without him ever taking a competency exam (which some BSSH staff say is a first).

His adventure continued at the Susan Kay Building of the Dallas County Jail, where he was pepper-sprayed, then transferred to the Lew Sterrett West Tower, and finally given time served, but Dallas County continued to hold him after the judge's decision from August 25th until September 1st 2005 while they delayed processing his release paperwork.  Not a good way to spend taxpayer's

We should note here the fact that Sharif and his supporters were told that he had a court date on Friday, August 19th but when everyone arrived they were told he did not. According to the court coordinator Judge Greene was on vacation that week, not due to return until Monday August 22, 2005.

Unbeknown to Sharif and his supporters, as a result of the pressure caused by our expose' of the unethical acts committed against Sharif by Judge Greene and others involved, this judge had removed herself from Sharif's case and on August 25, 2005, Sharif was taken before another judge who ordered him released immediately.  Kay Lee

Monday, August 22, 2005 10:58 AM
Urgent: Sharif: Urgent
By Ayanna

We went to court on Friday to find out that there was never a court date set as Sharif's hired attorney Mr. Santiago Rangel told us there was, which you are also aware of.  (Mr. Rangel took Sharif's money and lied to us all while doing absolutely nothing to defend Sharif.)  I spoke with the court coordinator on Friday morning, who said Sharif was sent to the Susan Kay building and that he was supposed to be currently housed there. No court date was available at this time.

She also informed me that an attorney by the name of John Cooper had been appointed to represent Sharif and was reviewing his file last week, I asked who Mr. Cooper was. she said he was not a public defender, his phone # 214 460 0180 or 0801.

I contacted Mr. Cooper and was told that Judge Greene had appointed him to Sharif's felony case due the circumstances and the things Sharif has gone through thus far and MTWT's website.  Mr. Cooper said that he was waiting to hear of Sharif's arrival (which he did shortly after the message I left for him to call me).  He sounds like a good representative for Sharif.  He was not making any predetermination of the outcome of Sharif's court date,  like Mr. Rangel (the hired attorney) did. Mr. Cooper said that he just needs to speak with Sharif but is ready to do what Sharif needs him to do so this terrible ordeal can come to an end.  

I spoke with Sharif on Friday evening and informed him about his court situation and the attorney that has now been appointed. I let him know that he can forget about the money paid to that attorney Mr. Rangel, because all he was out to do was rip Sharif off, which is not uncommon among attorneys these days.

Friday, August 25, 2005 9:46 AM

Sharif went to court yesterday and was sentenced to 180 days, which he has already done considering he has been in the system since February 2005, and the time he was held in Florida (9 months) awaiting extradition on this criminal mischief charge he's currently on probation for. 

Last night I called to check on his misdemeanor charge and the bond. The bail bond company said that he had a TDC hold on him and his 180 are to be spent in the state jail but that because Sharif has served more than enough time already, Sharif should be released immediately.  I called the attorney last night and left messages. The misdemeanor case had no bond set.

Friday, August 26, 2005 9:46 AM

Ok, I spoke with Sharif's attorney Cooper this morning who said that he is on the same page as Sharif.  He gave the clerk's office the information regarding Sharif's jail time (!7 months) that should be considered credited back time towards the 180 days/6 month sentence.  He said that since it was late yesterday (i.e. closing time) that he had submitted all the information to the clerks office the problem could be that the back time has not been credited yet.

Also attorney Cooper had set up a court hearing for Sharif's misdemeanor case for today, and he also notified his public defender handling that case:  Sarah Tremble Phone 214-653-3555. 

We need to get on the public defender to make sure she is at court on Sharif's behalf so that he can get out today, if not by this weekend.  I will continue contact with the attorney because he will be in court this morning. He did request that if I find out anything to give him a call and vice versa. 

Again like I said before this guy appears really passionate about Sharif's situation and is hopeful that everything will work to Sharif's advantage.

One downfall to all of this per the attorney is that he can't guarantee that all of the hospital time will be credited.  He does not see why it wouldn't because the law states Sharif is entitled to it, but he just wants us to know all the possibilities, and verifying the Florida time served awaiting extradition may take a few more days. He also explained this to Sharif.

We as a collective should also call the clerks office regarding their getting Sharif's paperwork done on the felony case and find out if he will be credited his back time as the judge ordered. The attorney said he will be calling this morning too but the more we show our concern the better.

The court number for misdemeanor case: phn 214 653 5640, Judge Tom Fuller, case # mb 0524247-f  I called this morning and spoke with a lady who said that he is on the dockett.  But please call throughout the day if possible.

Friday, August 26, 2005
Prayers answered

Sharif is supposedly done with everything, I just received the call from attorney Cooper. They just got out of court. As a courtesy Judge Greene looked at her computer screen for the attorney and said Sharif was allotted all his time served on the probation revocation charge and the misdemeanor.  He was pronounced a free man, but the county/sheriff is still not releasing him.

August 31, 2005

Sharif is still in jail,  I called the TDC here in Dallas on yesterday.  They said they faxed the release information to the TDC department in Hansville, TX (936-295-6371).

I called back to Dallas TDC at 214 653 2961 and spoke with Ms. Johnson who did Sharif's paper work.  She said she had not received anything from TDC yet when I called back to TDC in Hansville,  said that she could not pull Sharif's information up by his name and explained she need a SID# or his TDC # I explained to her he has never been in state jail before. She instructed me to call back to Dallas. 

I called Dallas TDC back and this time spoke with a Ms. Gibson, who said they will not give me Sharif's SID or TDC # because it is not public information.  She said the only thing they will do is continue to call down to the TDC office and request that they send the release. 

Once Dallas receives the release it will take about 4 hours for him to walk out the door.

I will continue to call the Dallas TDC office today all day till they close to see if they have received anything from TDC yet. She wants me to wait until tomorrow but I don't think so. Yesterday I was told the same thing; "just wait, just wait".

Sharif's new book in number is # 05066031. The phone number 214 653 2961 is for Ms Johnson who is handling his file and still waiting on TDC.  She faxed the request in yesterday.

Thursday, September 01, 2005 12:08 PM

Sharif is released. I am on the phone now with the jail to see if he has walked out the door or if he is still in processing... 

Thursday, September 01, 2005 3:00 PM

Sharif just walked the jailhouse door a free man.  It's about time! How do you feel, taxpayers? This odyssey was at your expenseKay Lee

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