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Mary Mathis and Dallas County Justice
MARY MATHIS AND HER MOTHER, who has since died.
Mary's mother died and was buried while Mary was in jail. Judge John Cruezot refused
to set a bond that would have allowed Mary to attend her mother's funeral.

Constitutional Rights Constantly Violated by Dallas County Judges

recuse v. to refuse to be a judge (or for a judge to be requested by one of the parties to step aside) in a lawsuit or appeal because of a conflict of interest or other good reason (acquaintanceship with one of the parties, for example). It also applies to a judge or prosecutor being removed or voluntarily removing himself/herself from a criminal case in which he/she has a conflict of interest, such as friendship or known enmity to the defendant. (See: recusal)

Dallas, Texas

Dallas County violated Mary Mathis' constitutional rights, including Section 10 of the Constitution of the state of Texas  and the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

When the defendant [Mary] made a court appearance on May 9, 2005 before Judge Manny Alvarez, the judge asked the defendant, "Where is your counsel?"  The defendant explained that she had informed the court and the DA on Friday May 6, 2005 of her financial hardship.  The judge then had Mary jailed until July 15, 2005.

The defendant was deprived of life, liberty and property due to cruel and unusual punishment inflicted by Judge Manny Alvarez.  The defendant lost custody of her daughter.

The law states that when a judge recuses himself from a case, he or she can not take any action on this case.  However, after  Judge Alvarez' recusal on May 6, 2005, he held that the defendant's bond was insufficient and issued warrants.

The defendant on October 2007 approached the court with a Writ to have the warrants squashed and a trial date set, because, since the judge had recused himself, the warrant and bond held insufficient was illegal.

She was arrested and is still trying to get a bond hearing.  This is not a murder case nor is it a robbery case but theft charges in a domestic dispute.

There have been several mock bond hearings where the DA interjected something and the judge gave him two weeks to investigate, while the cruel and unusual punishment of Mary continues.

The case numbers are  F02-22877 and F03-23495.

I have been trying to get my wife out for Thanksgiving, but the judge is rather nonchalant about the person in jail.

Quill <>

CC:   US Department of Justice Civil Rights
        Kay Lee, MTWT
        Sharif, MTWT Texas

No(S). F02-22877 and F03-23495 Mary Mathis

Mary Mathis has been locked up since September 17, 2007 involving an old case from 2001.  Dallas County hunted her down like she was an armed robber or a murderer.

Mary had documentation showing that Judge Manny Alvarez had recusedMANNY ALVAREZ himself from the case, yet he issued warrants and held her bond insufficient.

The law states that once a judge recuses himself, he/she can no longer make any rulings on the case.  So in essence, that made the forfeiture of bond illegal and the arrest warrants illegal.

So why was Mary arrested and why does she remain in jail?

JUDGE CARTER THOMPSONShe came to court and presented her writ to Judge Carter Thompson.  The writ was to squash the warrants and set a trial date.   Instead of addressing the writ, Thompson called Manny Alvarez and Manny said "arrest her": Then the bailiff and the sheriff roughed her up in the process of arresting her.

I was under the impression that the new DA was trying to rid himself of such cases as these.  The case involved $1500.00 in wall art that her ex-lover says she stole.  He had no receipts, nor could he describe the art, and a 1998 Mercury Marquis which he had the keys to that was parked at his house.

ATTORNEY RHONDA HUNTERJP court ruled it a relationship gone bad and ordered the ex-lover Joseph Lockwood to return Mary's things, which he never did.  Instead, he hired a good friend of his, Ms. Rhonda Hunter. Rhonda Hunter filed civil charges against Mary and Ms. Hunter being who she was, walked the case through the channels and got a judgment against Mary.

Mary, having somewhat of a photographic memory, began to look at court cases and found that Ms. Hunter had violated some rules in other cases.   So Mary filed an appeal with the 5th Circuit Court and they handed her appeal back to her and told her that they were not going to look at any part of it.

Either they were friends with Ms. Hunter or didn't like Mary or maybe it was the fact that she was pro se'.  That seems to be a big thing down at Dallas County.  If a person represents themselves, they are ostracized.

What if a doctor got angry because I bought over-the-counter drugs, instead of coming to his office?  So, why are attorneys so bent out of shape with pro se’ litigants?  The madness of it all.

Mary filed the case with the Texas Supreme Court and it was overturned.  Another reason to hate her, because she had a case overturned against Ms. Hunter.

While the case was in the Supreme Court of Texas, Ms. Hunter filed criminal charges against Mary.  First it was the $1500.00 in wall paintings and about a month later charges were filed for the 1998 Mercury Marquis.

The 1998 Mercury Marquis was set at 20,000.00 to 100,000.00.  Now I would not pay that much, nor do I know how they came to that amount in mid 2001.  This estimated value was of course to charge her with a felony, even though the ex-lover had his car back by this time.

The irony of all of this is that there was once a Deputy Sheriff who was willing to testify that she did not do these things, but I have since learned from a reliable source that he was under pressure from his superiors to recant his story.  All of these are people who take oaths, but to who and to what?


Martin Luther King once stated that  justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere.  That's certainly true in Mary's case because, as in Sharif and so many other Dallasites' cases, justice is continually being denied in Dallas County.

ATTORNEY WEATHERSPOONMary had two court appointed attorneys.  The first was one Kenneth Weatherspoon, who kept the case for over a year.  During that time, not one motion was filed nor were any of her witnesses contacted, even though she requested a speedy trial by jury.

The second attorney, *Rex Gunter, followed in the footsteps of Mr. Weatherspoon by not filing any motions and not contacting any of her witnesses.  However he did try to set up a Trial-By-Court, but he forgot one thing - to invite any of Mary’s witnesses.  Smells like a railroad (just my opinion).

Mary noticed that all of the prosecutor's witnesses were there and none of hers, so she requested a trial by jury, which apparently made Judge Alvarez.

After Mary fired her last attorney, Judge Manny Alvarez told her that she had better have an attorney when she comes back to his court.  She had filed bankruptcy and the law states that you can force someone to get representation.

Anyway, Mary appeared in court to tell the judge that she will represent herself.  He told her to sit down and wait, which she did.

At the end of court, Judge Alvarez orders the bailiff to arrest Mary.  She was locked up for over two and a half months without a bond hearing or even a trial for that matter.  If a judge was really interested in having a trial, he had the perfect opportunity, yet nothing happened.

While she was in jail, Dallas County dropped felony charges on Mary's ex-husband, who had pled guilty and waived his rights. The judge gave him custody of their 11 year old daughter, whom he had not seen since she was three.

Mary was kept in jail long enough that the appeal time had lapsed and she could not file sanctions against Attorney Hunter since the case was overturned by the Texas Supreme Court.

Mary has been in jail now for five weeks and the DA Mr. Chris Pryor, said that he did not want to set bail, even though the Texas Bill of Rights states that everyone is entitled to bail, except in capitol cases.

If you look at the whole process, it was actually illegal to arrest Mary and definitely illegal to keep her in jail due to Judge Alvarez's recusal and the issuance of warrants after his recusal.  Does that mean the judge is breaking the law?

Mary appeared seven (7) times in court because it was on a tentative docket and was never heard.  I think that they were waiting on her to not show up (personal opinion).

CLICK HERE FOR TRIBUTE TO MARY'S MOTHERMary's mother has since died and been buried, but Judge John Cruezot did not have the decency to set a bond and let her attend her mother's funeral.

After her experience in jail, being arrested in court for no apparent reason, child taken away and given to an abusive father, there was nothing good going to happen for Mary in Dallas County.

Judge Manny had become so personal with this case, that he should have removed himself long time ago.  Judge Manny interfered with child custody in San Angelo and in Louisiana, but he was not alone.

Mary filed complaints with the Texas Bar against all three attorneys, but since Ms. Hunter is working with the state bar, the cases were rejected after 3 days on all three attorneys.

She filed with the judicial board and they stated that since Judge Alvarez was no longer on the bench, there was nothing they could do.

They finally gave Mary a bond hearing on Friday 9, at 8:30 in Judge LenaJUDGE LENA LEVARIOLevario's court.  The bond hearing was a farce.

The bond hearing had started and Mary was on the stand.  She got about half way through and Judge Lena stated, "oh, I can’t hear this case.  I represented this man, well I think that I represented him.  I have to recuse myself."

I think that cannon law states that she should apologize to the defendant and attorney.  Instead, she got rude with the defendant.

Judge Lena asked the attorney, "Well how is Mr. Lockwood?"  I said to my self what?  She did not represent Mr. Lockwood, but tried to intervene on behalf of Ms. Hunter in the Texas Supreme Court Case.

JUDGE JOHN CREUZOTThe case is then transferred to Judge Creuzot’s court.  He sets a bond hearing for the 13th of November.

The DA comes in with Judge Manny Alvarez, who went around shaking hands like it was a social event.  The DA states that Manny Alvarez wanted to testify first since he had somewhere to go.  He began a rhetorical deluge of character bashing.  He sounded as though he was intimidated by Mary.  Judge Alvarez left the stand after his 15 minutes of tirade and rambling.  Judge John Cruezot did not intervene.

Mary took the stand and Judge Cruezot told her to speak only when spoken to.  After she got off the stand, the DA stated to the judge that Mary had a hold in Louisiana for charges of interfering with the custody of a child and she had a P.O. Box in Odessa, Texas.

The attorney addressed the issue of the bond forfeiture set after Judge Manny had recused himself.  Judge Creuzot stated that he would take responsibility for that, but no one addressed the warrants.  I guess Judge Creuzot is taking responsibility for the warrants issued by Manny Alvarez on which Mary was arrested and detained?

Judge Creuzot gave the DA two weeks to investigate the hold in Louisiana and the P.O. Box in Odessa.  All it takes is a phone call to both places to get the information.

The information concerning the Louisiana hold was presented to Judge Creuzot on Friday November 16th.  I just knew that when he saw that there was no hold in Louisiana, he would do the just thing and post a bond.

The judge looked at it twice as if in disbelief, asked about the P.O. Box, and restated the two weeks meeting.  The attorney stated that his client had been in jail now for a month. Judge Creuzot was unfazed.

Judge Creuzot seems not to mind that the DA has lied to him repeatedly.  It is like he doesn’t care if justice is being served.

Mary is still locked up by hard core DA's and judges and this is not even a murder case, nor is it an armed robbery case.  What happens to the average Joe Dummy who has no understanding of the law and his rights under those laws? Is he/she being maneuvered like pawns in a chess game by the attorneys and judges? Is it only happening in Dallas County, or has our American Judicial system really come to this?

Why has Mary spent all this time in jail? Is justice being served, if so, whose justice

I always thought that the lady of justice was blind, but in Dallas County, she has taken off the blinders and the scales are tilted.

Rex Gunter

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UPDATE December 2nd, 2007:: Mary is out of jail.  Details are being prepared.

UPDATE Feb. 11, 2008: Judge John Cruezot has revoked the bond of Mary Mathis for not complying with bond requirements and set the bond at $100,555.00 on each offense. This is not a murder nor armed robbery case of any kind of violence, but a domestic theft case that Dallas County let fall through the system and now they are trying to cover their butts. Due to the hate and disreguard for the law displayed by Dallas county Judges and Craig Watkins, I would not be surprised if they create a charge. Yes, it still goes on in 2008!

UPDATE April 18, 2008: Mrs. Mary Mathis has just informed MTWT that she has been given 30-days by Judge John Creuzot to hire another lawyer after it was discovered at her April 14, 2008 court hearing that the lawyer she had retained has been barred from practicing law in the State of Texas. Mrs. Mathis has repeatedly requested to represent herself in the questionable charges pending against her, and according to the U.S. and Texas Constitutions this is a right every American has, but Judge Creuzot, has refused her requests and demanded that she go aout and spend more money to find a lawyer to represent her. We will keep you readers updated as the information becomes available to us.

This is a Spiritual Messages from Mary Mathis ISAIAH Chapter 5, v 21-23 said; Doom to you who think you’re so smart, who hold such a high opinion of yourselves! All you’re good as is drinking-champion boozers who collect trophies from drinking bouts and then line your pockets with bribes from the guilty and let the wicked go free while you punish and violate the right of the innocent Spiritual integrity will defend everyone’s right to fairness and justice and that is the true Spirit of Law:

 If anyone has a story to share about the Judges or justice of Dallas County, you can contact myself, Kay Lee, Sharif, or Mary's husband, Quill.

 "Justice cannot be for one side alone, but must be for both sides."
~ Eleanor Roosevelt


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