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"You know your country is dying when you have to make a distinction between what is moral and ethical, and what is legal."  ~John De Armond 


Links for both the Dallas and Texas Courts -- Reader's can also access  other appeals courts, both state and federal, on the Tx. Supreme Court's page 
Welcome to the Dallas County Clerk's Office

Mission Statement
The mission of the District Clerk is to provide the Judicial System and the public with information and support in the most technologically advanced method possible by: Fulfilling our statutory duties as record custodian and fee officer to the best of our abilities
Fostering an environment for our employees that encourages the development of new ideas and the willingness to improve productivity
Implementing our goals and objectives with a team base approach to decision making throughout the organization
Striving to be a leader and example to other county and State Agencies

1.  Dallas County District Clerk

    Gary Fitzsimmons, District Clerk
600 Commerce Street. 1st Floor-Suite 103. Dallas, Texas
    75202 .
    Telephone 214.653.7149
    Dallas County District Clerk
    Gary Fitzsimmons email:

NOTE: The phone numbers and emails of District Clerk Fitzsimmons'  Administrative Staff for the Civil, Family & Juvenile courts can be reached by clicking the following link: 

2.  Dallas County Clerk

    John F. Warren
    Records Building . 2nd Floor . 509 Main St. Dallas, TX 75202 .
    Phone 214.653.7099 . Fax 214.653.7176

3.  Welcome to the Supreme Court of Texas, Austin, Texas

Supreme Court Building    201 West 14th, Room 104    Austin, Texas 78701    Telephone: (512) 463-1312    Fax: (512) 463-1365

Composed of the Chief Justice and eight Justices, the Supreme Court of Texas is the court of last resort for civil matters in the State of Texas. The Supreme Court is located in Austin, next to the State Capitol.

The Justices of the Supreme Court are elected to staggered six-year terms in state-wide elections. When a vacancy arises the Governor may appoint a Justice, subject to Senate confirmation, to serve out the remainder of an unexpired term until the next general election.

All members of the Court must be at least 35 years of age, a citizen of Texas, licensed to practice law in Texas, and must have practiced law (or have been a lawyer and a judge of a court of record together) for at least ten years (see Tex. Const., Art. 5, Sec. 2).

By statute the Court has administrative control over the State Bar of Texas. Tex. Gov't Code 81.011. The Court is also the sole authority for licensing attorneys in Texas and appoints the members of the Board of Law Examiners which administers the Texas bar examination. Tex. Gov't Code 82.00, 82.004.

4.  2008 Texas Courts Directory For The Public -- If you need to locate any court in the State of Texas you can do so by clicking this link and using this search engine provided.

5.  Dallas Bar Association:
    a. Info about the Dallas Bar
    b. Useful Forms and Information
   c.  State Bar of Texas

If you are having problems with your attorney and can not resolve the problem alone, you have options available to help you. Below is a link is a v Attorney Complaint Information Brochure
English version  -  Spanish version
Texas Bar Grievance Forms available in English and Spanish 
Bar Complaint in English  -  Bar Complaint in Spanish



The following link provides information for those interested in employment in the Dallas County :
Dallas County Human Resources

Employment Services - Apply For A Job at 509 Main Street. 1st Floor-Room 103. Dallas, Texas 75202 . Telephone 214.653.7668


Texas Injustice Network
Texas Injustice Network Journal Portal
Journaling of Texas injustice by those who experience it!


If you've had trouble with the Dallas County Jail, we are preparing a list that will give you a place to begin making your complaints. If you'd like to make a statement on this website, contact me, Kay Lee at I can keep you anonymous.


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