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About the REAL SuperShadow

The Truth About SuperShadow

Who is Mickey Suttle, otherwise known as SuperShadow?

It is well known that the image above is not Mickey Suttle. We once had what we believed to be a picture of the true Mickey Suttle, but in the end it turned out to be the incorrect person. We wish to extend our heartfelt apologies to Mr. Michael Suttle of Forest City, North Carolina. He was incorrectly identified as SuperShadow and has recieved hate mail, hate calls and threatening messages. We do not condone these actions and we find them to be absolutely dispicable. We would not even condone doing this to the true SuperShadow, so we ask anyone who reads this who has done this to Michael to please stop and even bring yourself to apologize to him.

==Who are We?==

In 2004, Steven Alldis, aka. ‘Supreme Chancellor Jetzt’ of London, England created this site in hopes that people would come and learn the truth about Mickey Suttle, aka. SuperShadow. Steven does not and has not lied about his identity or whereabouts. He is honest about the subject and will always and has always answered any questions anyone has about Star Wars, SuperShadow.Com or Mickey Suttle. It is Steven’s goal to rid the internet of SuperShadow.Com and Mickey Suttle for good.

In Spring, 2005, Steven brought in a second person to help run this site. This person was Brandon Rhea, aka. ‘Jedimasterbac’, of New Jersey in the United States of America. He too does not and has not lied about his identity, and he will and has answered any and all questions regarding Star Wars, SuperShadow.Com or Mickey Suttle. Brandon shares a common goal with Steven and that is to rid the internet of SuperShadow for good.

For those who still believe the fraud known as Mickey Suttle please read the text below:

==Who is Mickey Suttle?==

For quite some time, Mickey Suttle was a Product Engineer at a small “Fine Handcrafted Cabinetry” company in Forest City, North Carolina. We have intentionally left out the name of this company to protect their identities. However, Mickey’s information is no longer available on the company’s website, where the true picture of him came from, which leads us to believe that he has either quit or has been fired. To sum up Mickey Suttle in one sentence, he is a perverted man who has gotten his thrills from lying to Star Wars fans everyday for almost a decade.

Mickey Suttle, under the guise of SuperShadow, first appeared on the Internet during the production of Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. He released “exclusive” information and claimed to be an employee of Industrial Light and Magic, the special effects division of LucasFilm, Ltd, and that he was a personal friend of George Lucas, the creator of the Star Wars Saga.

SuperShadow's website first appeared during the production of Star Wars Episode I. He released 'exclusive' information and claimed to be an Industrial Light and Magic employee and personal friend of George Lucas. One day, the following disclaimer appeared:

This web site has no association with Lucasfilm. is a fan operated web site that makes no claims as to the copyrights held by Lucasfilm regarding Star Wars. Star Wars, its characters and all related items are copyright Lucasfilm.
It's reasonable to assume an actual LucasFilm employee was made aware of the site, and threatened Suttle with legal action. To this day Suttle still says he is friends with George Lucas, but no longer claims to be employed by him, or have any "official" connection to Star Wars.

Mickey continued posting “news”, all of which turned out to be fake with the exception of stories which appeared on other websites earlier in the day such as MillenniumFalcon.Com or TheForce.Net. Two such examples are “Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith Scene Summaries with Dialogue”, which is a compilation of “EPISODE III HARDCOPY NOTES” (aka. Ternian Reports) from MillenniumFalcon.Com, and the second being “Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith Spoilers, Rumors and News” copied directly from TheForce.Net.

Mickey attracted controversy once again when he claimed to be in possession of the script for Star Wars: Episode II, which was quite a feat considering that George Lucas had not finished writing the script at the time. Mickey’s source was “Brad Bender, Head of LucasFilm Internet Relations”. After some fact checking, it was found that LucasFilm has never employed anyone by the name of Brad Bender, but this all became obvious after Star Wars: Episode II turned out to be nothing like Mickey’s version of the story. His reasoning was that the script he had received was a “Rough Draft”.

A few years later, Mickey claimed to have read the script for Star Wars: Episode III but that he could not post any information about it due to copyright laws. After enough spoilers and other information had been released and leaked onto the Internet about the film, Mickey managed to cobble together a basic plot which he posting claiming it was the script, though it contained only a brief rundown of each scene with virtually no dialogue. He also later claimed that LucasFilm, Ltd. released the full title of the film, Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith, earlier than they intended because one of his readers had successfully guessed it.

===SuperShadow's Q&A===

Despite seemingly irrefutable proof that he is a pathological liar, SuperShadow has attracted a legion of fans who send him their questions, which he answers on his website every day or so. These questions pertain to Star Wars history, trivia, and the upcoming movies. These appear on the index page of his site, with the answers in bold text following the questions. Example:

O.K., SS, you promised a long, long time ago and now you must tell us the real Episode III title. Finally someone guessed, so speak! Great site and congratulations from Canary Islands, Spain. (SuperShadow: Wish I could, but I just promised Lucas a few days ago that I would not reveal the actual title for Episode 3. The Episode 3 title will be announced on in November-december 2004.)

Suttle is constantly contradicting himself for example:

Hello Almighty SS, still scoring?(SuperShadow: Scoring at lightning speed.) Can you tell us who trained Palpatine? (SuperShadow: Darth Imperius was the master of Sidious.) Thankyou Master Shadow, this site is DA BOMB! (SuperShadow: Everyone says so.)

Then SuperShadow posted some "spoilers" for EP III which includes this quote from the movie:

"Darth Plagueis was my master. He taught me the key to his power," Palpatine said. Suddenly, Palpatine's voice turned cold, and old: "...before I killed him."

==SuperShadow and Stealing==

Many items on has been stolen from other websites.

**Links to the following websites can be found at the bottom of this page**

The Galaxy Map on has been stolen from Suttle's version of the map hasn't been updated for quite some time. "MAP COMPILED BY E.S.P. FOR NAV-COMPUTER.COM" has obviously been removed by Mickey and he claims that Lucas has given him this map.

Mickey Suttle makes up spoiler infomation until a REAL insider releases infomation. The administrator at, Ternian, has great insider contacts and he posts awesome spoilers on his site. SuperShadow steals most of these spoilers and posts them on his website claiming that George Lucas gives them to him.

SuperShadow uses the 3SA, a spoiler forum on, to get infomation about EP3.

SirSteve, from SirSteve’s Guide to Star Wars, has contacted me about SuperShadow’s behavior. He claims that’s Mickey Suttle has stolen a domain name from him and is using it to redirect people to He is correct. If you type instead of it will automatically redirect you to SirSteve has tried to contact Mickey on numerous occasions but has had no reply. He is also willing to pay Suttle for the domain name. You can find a link to SirSteve’s site at the bottom of this page.

===Star Wars Sequel Trilogy===

SuperShadow claims to possess the scripts, or at least the outlines, for Episodes VII, VIII and IX of the Star Wars Saga. These involve an army of Dark Jedi on rocketpacks, a superweapon which creates black holes, and characters fighting clones of each other. An excerpt from Star Wars Episode IX: Victory of the Force, reads as follows:

Ben and Anakin battle Horgon while the real Luke battles the Luke clone and Mara Jade battles the Vader clone. Horgon strikes down Anakin. Ben screams in anger and then lunges at Horgon with all his might. The real Luke cuts the clone Luke in half. The real Luke then turns to fight Horgon in order to prevent Horgon from killing Ben. The Vader clone battles Mara Jade. They exchange many, many blows.
SuperShadow also claims that the Sequel Trilogy will not be made by Lucasfilm, but by SuperShadow himself, and the fans who support his website. He has never specified when or how, but recieves and posts many comments about it regardless.

An example from his "interview" with George Lucas can be found here:

Do you really want to make Episodes 7, 8 and 9?

George Lucas: Absolutely not. I’m finished making Star Wars films. However, Shadow wants to continue making them. It will take perfect conditions for me to green light the next trilogy. First, Revenge of the Sith will have to be the biggest box-office hit of 2005. Second, the Star Wars TV shows will have to be produced and ready for broadcast. Finally, I will need a five year break before I even come close to considering working on Episode 7. Let’s be honest. Episode 7 may never happen. If it happens, you will all have Shadow to thank for it. He is the driving force behind Star Wars. I decided to make Star Wars TV shows based on ideas formulated by Shadow. He is a very brilliant and clever guy. I owe him so much.

SuperShadow claims that these scripts have been written by George Lucas, even though the creator of Star Wars has said many times that "Revenge of the Sith" will be the final Star Wars film.

===Most Powerful Jedi Knights & Sith Lords===

A ranking system containing characters from the Star Wars movies, the Expanded Universe, and others which appear nowhere except Suttle claims that these characters correspond with George Lucas' "vision" of Star Wars, even though most do not have published stories or profiles on

===History of the Jedi & Sith===

An exhaustive history of the Jedi Knights and their enemies, the Sith. Much of this information can be found nowhere else except

===Midichlorian List===

Supershadow claims to have invented the concept of Midichlorians, and has compiled a list of each character and their midichlorian count. Most of these characters are not recognised by Lucasfilm and only appear on

===History of Star Wars===

A timeline of the Star Wars phenomenon, starting in 1974 with the release of George Lucas' second film, American Graffiti. For an unexplained reason, "Star Wars" is always highlighted in blue and "History" in yellow, making it look like SuperShadow typed "Star Wars + History" into a search engine and copied the result. The effect looks sloppy and could easily have been changed with little effort - this has lead some to believe that SuperShadow is a parody of obsessed fans, and the site is deliberately awful.

===Star Wars Fan Fiction===

SuperShadow's readers send in their own stories, which he posts. The section is mostly concerned with Episode 3 fanscripts.

===Mickey Suttle and the Prequel Trilogy===

Fan Question: Previously on “For the record, I have appeared in all three of the prequel movies.” Where are you at in the movies? I've watched them numerous times and I've never saw you. (SuperShadow: You need to look more carefully. In The Phantom Menace, I can be seen in the audience arena at the pod race. In Attack of the Clones, I can be seen seated behind Obi-Wan in Dexter’s Diner. In Revenge of the Sith, I play a Jedi called Nebar Foxis, who can be seen being mowed down by Anakin during Anakin’s assault on the Jedi Temple.)

Hmmm... It seems that Mickey is mistaken (or high). The crowd for the pod race was made up of Tunisian's, crew extras and CGI animation, Mickey Suttle was not there.

In AotC he claims to be sitting behind Obi-Wan in Dex's diner. Again this is not Mickey Suttle it is Dylan Lewis, an Australian TV presenter. One of my contacts, Shane Ross, has made a web page confirming this. It can be viewed in the links section at the bottom of the page.

I think its pretty safe to say that there will never be a Nebar Foxis.

===SuperShadow's filmography===

This page claims that "SuperShadow is one of the world's premier documentary film makers. SuperShadow specializes in films about the paranormal, cryptozoology and extraterrestrials", and lists about two dozen documentaries, none of which exist outside of

===SuperShadow's Girlfriend===

A picture of an "attractive" woman that changed every month or so. Many of the women that have been put in this section of have gone public and have thought about taking legal action againced Mickey Suttle. By Supershadow's own admission he "just can't stop scoring". THIS IS NOT SUPERSHADOW'S GIRLFRIEND!


I once had something that I called the "final nail" but someone ratted me out to Shadow and he finaly replaced it in his archives.

What was once:

"All Apologies: I wish to extend my heart felt apologies to George Lucas, his family and all of Lucasfilm for any comments I have posted that may be misunderstood. Everything I post on this site is just for fun and I don't mean to offend anyone by it. Things have gotten out of control when my words hurt somebody's feelings or upset someone. From now on, I will try to never mention Lucas again on"

Has now been changed to:

"Shadow is the greatest friend I have ever had. I can't imagine Star Wars without Shadow. I must be the most fortunate person of all time to be able to call Shadow a close friend. Shadow certainly does deserve to have the most successful Star Wars web site of all time. We should all pray day and night for the continued success of Shadow in all his endeavors." (Source: George Lucas)

Now you know why people hate him... I'm not the kinda guy to give people quotes without evidence but unfortunatly Mickey has since deleted this "Lucas" quote from his archives, perhaps because he realised how stupid it sounded.

== Note to Shadow==

Here is a hint for you Mr Suttle: Your "Lucas" quotes and Q&A started off well... you may have tricked a few... but as soon as someone insults Jar Jar, the PT or wants to see the origional OT, Lucas would not call that person a "Net Nerd", he would quite simply back up his claims in a proper and non-abusive tone and tell that person the ethics of the characters, and story's within his vision. Calling someone a geek, nerd or dork is not the best way to IMPERSONATE Lucas. I can't believe I am telling you how to do this!

...anyways I know you come here every so often, Shadow, and its nice to know that I have attracted your attention... and it's also nice to know that you see me as a potential hazard to your site.

===Contact Us===

You can contact us at


for any questions you may have about or Mickey Suttle.

Please sign the "Stop SuperShadow" Petition at the bottom of the page... and don't worry Mickey, we have already signed it as you!

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