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Name: Niran Joshi
Sunsign: Sagitarius
All-time fav. actress and actor...Tom Cruise, Al Pacino, Demi Moore, Catherine Zinta Zones
Things I don't leave home without... My wallet.
Things I couldn't live without... Friends, family.
Pics I have up on my room walls... My pic with crowne prince, my bhanji and myself on terrace!
Myself in five words... Average, simple, hardworking, patienceless and Shynature.
What is most important to me...nothing is as important as the people around you, or your friends and loved ones... they make all the difference to your life.
Color of my eyes...Brown
Color of my hair...Black
Fave hangout: MSN
Fave timepass: Chatting with friends.
Fave fizzy drink: Coke, of course.
Fave piece of clothing I own: My Leather Jacket.
Fave music: Eagles, Doors, George Harrison, Pink Floyd
Fave sport: Football, Basketball, cricket
Fave food: Prawns.
Fave animal: Dogs.
Books I like: Anything, except Sci-Fis. And I prefer reading detective types



Home   MY Photo Album     My Family   My Chat Room