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Intro to me
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My reasons 4 taking web design
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Growing up I've kind of always played sports. I played soccer for seven years, I've played some baseball, and I've gotten really in to football. I am currently dating the most wonderful girl on the planet Laina Duvall. I like Many different types of music ranging from certain rap to Christian rock.
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Tim Hansen is my "cousin." We grew up together and have known each other our entire lives. He is 9 months older than me and we advise and instruct each other on a day to day basis. I have never come across someone as intelligent,influential,or as amazingly shibby as Tim Hansen.
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By taking this class i wished to expand my horizons and take a firm grip in the understanding of the world around me - the internet. I aslo wish to keep up with my cousin and his knowledge of writing code and scripting, however impossible that may be.
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  1. Able to use both hands with equal facility.
  2. Unusually skillful; adroit.
  3. Deceptive or hypocritical.


A positive modern multipurpose slang word used increasingly to replace other words.

adj. 1: positive, pleasing or successful; "That was a shibby concert" [syn: nice] 2: one word positive response; TERRY: "Want to go with me to the Tori Amos concert tonight?" ERIC: "Shibby!" [syn: cool]

v. 1: to understand or to elicit understanding; "Let me know when you're done. Shibby?" [syn: understand] 2: to engage in sexual intercourse; "I am going to shibby your brains out" [syn: ****] 3: to play or to waste time; "Maybe we should cut down on the shibbying and get back to work" [syn: ****ing around]

n. 1: nickname for a lover; "How is my Shibby doing tonight?" [syn: baby, sweety, honey, ...] 2: a fun replacement for any noun; "Hello I am not home.  Please leave your shibby after the shibby."


Introduced in the 2001 movie entitled "DUDE, WHERE'S MY CAR", the word "shibby" is used numerous times as slang replacement for adjectives, verbs, nouns, proper names...  Ashton Kutchner who portrays Jesse in the film had this to say when asked about the actual meaning of the word:
KUTCHNER: "I think it comes from Phil Stark's hypothetical world. Originally in the movie, Shibby was to mean marijuana, ganja, pot, weed...just another wonderful name for it. When the studio decided to change the movie to PG-13 the drugs got taken out, and it became just another word for "cool." It was a responsible decision on the studio's behalf. We don't really want to advertise illegal substances to we do on our show (That '70s Show). (laughs)"
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