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Your Stories: The Ghost Forum

Friday, 2 June 2006

My Personal Experience Talking with a ghost
I have had many experiences with the paranormal: doors opening on their own, voices in the darkness, being pushed by unseen hands. But this last experience of mine has made me question the reality of the world we live in.

I was standing at my local bus terminal, stranded by a slight snow storm when I was approached by an older, heavy woman. I remember not really wanting to talk, as her eyes bothered me. They were black and “dead”, like shark eyes, but her smile was warming and reminded me of my late great-grandmother. She had passed away just two weeks prior of a stomach tumour which left her very thin at time of death.

We chatted for almost an hour, small chat mostly and how this woman was going straight home to have something to eat – cabbage soup – as she said, “ I just love cabbage soup”. I’m thinking, I don’t really care, but I listened anyway. It was an hour later before one bus began to board passengers. People around me stared and gave me funny looks, especially one particular older native woman, who kept staring in my direction.

I waited my turn, just two people back in the line from the woman I was talking to. As I boarded the bus, I looked around for my new-found friend only to see she was no where in sight.

I couldn’t digest what I had just experienced, although the native woman was compelled to stare at me a little longer almost as if to say that she knew what had occurred.

It has been over a year now, and I have little sense of what happened that stormy evening. The only thing that I can conclude to is that the woman I spoke to was my great-grandmother coming to say goodbye in her own way. It also made me think of the story of Jesus’ resurrection and how no one “recognised” him. If that concept were true, then my great grandmother following death transformed her appearance to be heavy, partaking in gluttonous behaviour in heaven as she wasn’t able to eat or drink for two years before her death. I asked my grand mother what my great grandmother’s favourite food was. She replied, “cabbage rolls and cabbage soup”.

Life altering experience? I guess so....

Posted by SSM PRG at 4:19 PM EDT
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