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OSCLA: The Official Stephen Colbert Love Association



(The Official Stephen Colbert Love Association)

Welcome to the official homepage for OSCLA. OSCLA is a small but dedicated group whose members are devoted to one thing (or should I say one man) only; The uncontested truth-telling champion of the world: Stephen Colbert!

Stephen Colbert. That name just says it all. He's intelligent, witty, full of truthiness...there are so many things that people could describe him as. But only a select group of people would describe him as "hot" or "sexy" and well, you have stumbled upon that group! OSCLA is a club/support group/loose association of Colbert fanatics....who happen to be women (most of us I think :P). We have all found that we have one thing in common: Our love (or lust) for Stephen Colbert. This love has united us together as one, and thus our mission is to spread the Colbert love across the nations of the world so that they all may know the greatness that is: Stephen Colbert.

Here's what some members (and random people) have to say about Stephen Colbert:

As we of OSCLA have noticed, it's not exactly easy to find individuals who share the same affection for Stephen Colbert as we do. Others just don't understand what it is we like about him. 
So if you have found that you need a place where you can discuss Colbert with other "like-minded" people then yes, you are home :).

This is the link to the official OSCLA forum:

Click Here

Our numbers may be small, and our sanity may be questioned, but we know one thing: Mr. Colbert is perhaps one of the sexiest (possibly the sexiest) truthiness tellers out there today.


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Thank You Stephen Colbert


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Legal stuff: This page is not associated with Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report or Comedy Central. This is a not-for-profit site and although we love Mr. Colbert we do not own him(yet...) :P.