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Beetle Bailey came into foster care with us after being pulled from a shelter by American Brittany Rescue. He was scared of everything except his new mom. His big eyes (he knows how to use those eyes to get away with everything) and gentle nature quickly won our hearts. On October 5th, 2006 we gave ourselves the best anniversary gift ever - Beetle Bailey. Bailey is an Orange and White Brittany that proudly sports his tail. He passed his Canine Good Citizen Test and is a member of Therapy Dog Inc. He enjoys snuggling up to anyone that will pet him. Bailey's favorite pastime is chasing butterflies, squirrels and bunnies. He never misses a chance to track birds in flight and will soon begin training for the fall hunting season. He doesn't take to the frisbee like his big brother Jack, hunting is his game.
Bailey will be working towards his conformation in obedience in 2008. Looking forward to our first leg toward his CD Title.