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Ninja Bear Press

Purveyor of Alternative Literature Since 2001


The Original Ninjabear Presents
the long awaited sequel to
H.R.T. Specialist...




    Chief Petty Officer Midori Mallev was hired away from the Colonial Confederate Fleet, to be part of a private security detail.      Her services no longer required, she'd already been demoted and expected to be let go, until a new houseguest turned her world upside down.
     When she finds herself caught up in a nightmare, Midori learns the horrifying reason the Borlo have gone to war.
     Humanity's fate depends on Midori and a rogue, covert operator, code named...



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Enjoy The Shadowmaster Series
of romantic, interstellar adventures, from the beginning...


Ed Flynn, former Confederate Fleet Marine, is not enjoying his retirement.  As owner and captain of the starfreighter Nosferatu, Ed spends his days cruising the fringes of explored space.  The monotony of asteroid surveys and cargo runs, has Ed yearning for his days in uniform---until a routine stop at Zashek Outpost turns into a nightmare.

Billions of lives depend on the outcome of a deadly game, in which Ed has been set up as an expendable pawn.  Flynn and his crew of fallen angels find themselves in a desperate race, to rescue a kidnapped child and prevent a high level political assassination; the first shots of an interstellar war...

Shadowmaster: The romantic, interstellar adventures begin...


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Heroism demands a sacrifice in the second installment of The Shadowmaster Series of romantic, interstellar adventures...
     What really happened to Molly on Borlo?   The truth could destroy her sanity, or even cost Molly her life.   As Molly emerges from her breakdown, terrible new abilities compel her to endure horrific visions of death and mass destruction.   Molly's inescapable, waking nightmares lead Nosferatu and her crew to their most dangerous mission; a battle Molly already knows, not everyone will survive...

Banshee's Wail: The romantic, interstellar adventures continue...




In the third installment of The Shadowmaster Series, the grief stricken crew of the starfreighter Nosferatu contend with their most ruthless adversary.   Using every means at their disposal they must hunt down a rogue intelligence officer, and prevent a legion of saboteurs and assassins from wreaking havoc across the galaxy.   In their quest the crew finds adventure, unexpected romance and the answer to the ultimate question...
Do you believe in Heaven?

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The starfreighter Nosferatu and her crew have escaped into the space-time continuum.   Seeking safe harbor, pursued by Temporal Enforcement agents, Captain Flynn and crew flee to an all but forgotten world and blend into its primitive, untamed culture.
     Discover a quarter century of intrigue, adventure, danger and romance in the most important mission of their lives; a labor of love, in its own right...

Time and Time Again



    The crew of the starfreighter Nosferatu has returned from self-imposed exile, to find the galaxy a far more dangerous place than they remember.   Political bickering and a lumbering bureaucracy, have allowed a dangerous enemy to become a menace to outlying star systems.
     Emboldened by ineffective enforcement, pirates and drug runners have become warlords in their own right, yet serve an evil empire bent on galactic domination.
     The Colonial Confederate Fleet stands ready and able to defend the far-flung outposts of democracy; but striking at the heart of evil is left to an elite Corps of warriors, led by The Major...

H.R.T. Specialist

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