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-;-Kinky Kaos-;- [Backstreet Boys fanfiction]

'Ello everybody! Welcome to my little corner of the web. Yeah, my parents sent me here. I was bad. Actually Nick Carter sent me here. I was very naughty. I'm waiting for him to punish me. Tee Hee. LoL, J/K. Actually, this is just my fanfiction site. However, this isn't your ordinary fanfiction.

My fanfiction, Backstreet Boys/Nick Carter fanfiction, IS NOT CENTERED AROUND ORIGINAL FEMALE CHARACTERS AND IS NOT ROMANCE. In one of my stories, there's a female character but she's only in it a little bit and there's NO ROMANCE involved. She's a figgin' Paranormal Investigator. THAT'S ALL. And she's only in it for a couple of chapters. And any other characters that are chicks, like there might be a nurse or a teacher, they, I can assure you, DO NOT play a big part.

So, if you're looking for boy meets girl, they fall in love, or, boy and girl are best friends and she's got a major problem stories, I suggest you leave. I don't write that. I'm ORIGINAL. Backstreet Boys fanfiction is called that for a reason. It's fiction about the Backstreet Boys. Not some unknown chick.

Now, with that aside, read my stories and send feedback! Thanks!

-Viktoreja Rose

Spesso ci troviamo avvolto nella forma della societį. Qualcosa possiamo o non possiamo andare bene in. La maggior parte di noi ha un creativo emotivo statura che non puņ andare bene in tale una forma. Ancora tentiamo comunque. Spremere il nostro intelletto e la nostra originalitą in un foro una piccolo appena misura per anche l'il pił piccolo di anime. Sono orgoglioso per dire, ho rifiutato quella forma, quella societį di esistenza perfetta ha creato per noi. Ci č la bellezza nell'imperfezione.

Translation: Often we find ourselves wrapped in society's mold. Something we may or may not fit into. Most of us have a creative emotional stature that cannot fit into such a mold. Yet we try anyway. Squeezing our intellect and originality into a small hole barely fit for even the smallest of souls. I am proud to say, I have refused that mold, that perfect existence society has created for us. There is beauty in imperfection.



~~3/25/03: One more chapter to ALTTP added. Slowly but surely...


Three chapters to A Link to the Past is up. I'm hoping that by Friday, all six that have been written will be up and some more short stories too. By the end of next month everything I've written thus far should be up.


Four more short stories are up. I'm working on putting three long stories, not completed yet, up. A Link to the Past, In which I'm co-writing with Aleey, Ice Eyes, a dark horror, and Butterfly, an angst with Nick. Remember to send me feedback!


Okay guys, all of Behind Blue Eyes is up in the Long stories section. Within the next couple of days there should be several more short stories up and then I'll work on other long stories. In total, by the end of the month there should be twenty-two short stories up, one completed long story, BBE, which is already up, and three more uncompleted long stories. Keep reading guys! And sign my guestbook!


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Created on March 5th, 2003