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6:17 PM 10/21/2008 - As I've been announcing elsewhere throughout the TimeSplitters community, the TimeSplitters Time Portal may very well soon be coming to an end. I no longer have the time nor the monetary resources to commit to it. As I've gotten older, my interest in the TimeSplitters series and gaming in general has also waned. Add all this to the fact that converting my entire site over to more complicated code was a mammoth task I should have never taken on by myself, and we have most of the major reasons why I'll not be renewing my domain name and hosting come December 31st.

Today I've taken the time to upload any articles from the new site here to Angelfire so all is not lost. I plan to keep this up as an archive. I'd also like to clean up the articles and fix any broken links or images before letting the site pass into the legends, just a month shy of its 3rd birthday.

I would love to see someone else take over the reins of TimeSplitters Time Portal, or use some of its content in a new upstart TimeSplitters fansite to replace the dying current wave, just as this site and TimeSplitters Resource did when the TimeSplitters 2 community died out.

I wouldn't just hand over the site to anyone, mind you. I'd like to see a team of 2 or 3 webmasters and/or editors take it over, or give the content to an site dedicated exclusively to TimeSplitters or Free Radical Design's games.

If that never happens, this site will always be here (or at least as long as Angelfire allows it to collect dust). Who knows? I might feel compelled some day to pick it back up, what with the release of TimeSplitters 4 somewhere on the horizon.

Over the next few days, I'll be notating my marginal updates and cleanups. Maybe I'll even leave a few new articles as a final parting gift. Keep watching this space for more information.

9:15 PM 7/28/2008 - I've a new interview with Lorenandtxm, creator of As the Hamster Wheel Turns, a TimeSplitters machinima up here. I rate it as my best interview yet.

In other news, you may have noticed that this site seems to be dead. This is mainly due to what a pain in the ass it is to code more than anything. I've been considering using an easier site design (perhaps a blog?) from now on. I really hate doing that, but this site is just too much effort for me to maintain, especially since real life and my music take most of my attention nowadays. Feel free to leave some input on the forums about this issue.

3:27 PM 6/12/2008 - Long time, no update, huh? Anyway, I've interviewed Graeme Norgate, the composer for the TimeSplitters games! Click here to view!
1:34 PM 2/17/2008 - Shock Trooper has written an article on TimeSplitters Machinima to christen the new site! I also managed to get the TS Merchandise and Undeniable Proof Cortez is a Homosexual articles up. To be honest I wasn't expecting the site conversion to take this long, but I haven't had much time to mess around with this site yet. 4:36 PM 2/9/2008 - Slow progress as usual. The news should all be archived now, and the Shaun of the Dead article is back up. I'll try to get the majority of the other TS articles up tomorrow.
12:58 PM 1/27/2008 - Pop Culture References has been redone and added. The article on Ross Tregenza and the TSG review should also be up.
11:18 AM 1/20/2008 - The conversion's taking an awful long time. This is not only because it's a lengthy process, but because I've been rather unmotivated to do it, to be honest. Still, slowly is better than not at all, isn't it? So, the following pages should be up.

All General TimeSplitters and TimeSplitters 2 Articles
A Eulogy For TimeSplitters
The Mapmaker Advanced Tips and Tricks FAQ

Everything else should be giving you a 404 page at the moment. I plan to at least get the site to where it is on Angelfire by the end of the month.

In other news, TimeSplitters Resource seems to have been taken down. As a result, I've removed it from the affiliates list and links page. The TimeSplitters Box Art article from that site is still available here, however.

The Free Radical Design website has finally been updated as well with a new Furry Radicals blog. Apparently the site maintainer had broken a leg and was incapacitated. That doesn't much explain why he couldn't update the site, though. Oh well. In any case, there hasn't been much new news on either TimeSplitters 4 nor Haze for months now. God knows when Haze will be announced again.

3:13 PM 1/1/08 - Happy New Year! And with the New Year comes a surprise - our new domain name! Don't get too excited though. As of right now, only the main page and the TimeSplitters index are operational. For all intents and purposes, continue to use this site until the new page is nearing completion. When the new site is complete, I'll shut down this one and redirect you to the new domain.
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