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Wedding Vows






Wedding Vows

By: L.M. Willson


I'm waiting for you at the alter,
And watch as you glide down the isle.
You are as pretty as a buttercup,
And your beauty is enhanced by your smile.
The radiance of your being,
Gives tingles down my spine,
And God in His Heaven is blessing,
This union taking place in His shrine.
You reach for my hand as a greeting.
As we face our Maker above.
We vow to be one for ever.
As God blesses our union with love.
We promos to love one another,
And always be faithful and true.
With God as our guide and protector.
Our vows together each day we'll renew.
With patients and understanding,
We'll try to raise the family You give,
For we know their souls are from Heaven,
So we'll teach them each day how to live.
Now as we accept each other's betrothal,
And God shines His radiance from above.
We accept each other without reservation,
And give each other our lives in love.
Promises are made to be broken,
But vows are made to God and His Host,
So the vows that we made to each other this day,
Are now consecrated by,
The Father, Son and Holy Ghost.


By: L.M. Willson

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