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By: Norma V.


Love comes from the heart 
and flows through the soul .

How can you love someone
you have never seen ;
with a feeling
so passionate that it makes
your heart skip a beat at
the sound of his voice?

How can you feel his hands on you,
when he has never touched you?
How can you feel his lips kiss you
when he has never kissed you?

A love with such passion
that in this lifetime You could have 
Never  have known it in your wildest dreams.

For this kind of love I would take the chance.

But to know just one moment
in my life with :
such passion ...
such feeling ...
such want ...
such need ...
such desire .

I would give myself entirely.
Without regret ...
without sorrow...
without remorse...

Your wants ...
your needs...
your desires ...
your pleasures...
My love.

The love you wait a lifetime for.

True Love is out there.

It is all around 
Two hearts
Two souls 
Took the chance ...



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