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Last Night

Last Night...


I screamed for you last night
I can't take the pain Anymore
Please come back one more time
and hold me tight

I dreamed of you last night
You said you loved me one last time
Before you faded back into the light

You left me With words unsaid
I cry until this day
The pain locked deep inside
Nothing is wrong I continue to say

I cried for you last night
The tears formed a river in my soul
My heart feels ripped out
Why'd you have to go?

It's a dream I'll continue to say
Can't deal just yet
Until I see you again
the pain I will not forget...


Copyright.. Stacey Gallo 2006

When I Think of you

 I recall the ways, You turned special moments into wonderful days.

How your smile brought the sunshine chasing the blues-

Recalling happiness we had both known. The whole world seemed brighter

To think about you....

But now...

You're there...

I am here... I wish I could see your smile

And tell you my thoughts and feelings.... I wish to say that

I really miss you......

Dedicated To my Gram..


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