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By: L.M. Willson


God gave man a gift,
For him to love and pride.
A woman to be his helping hand,
And always at his side.
He joined them with a heavenly bond,
In marriage they be but one,
And then through life they cherish,
God's gift - a daughter or a son.
It's not always that His blessings,
Are children of our own,
But sometimes we are barren,
So we can be parents of one disowned.
These parents that are called foster,
Are God's gift to those who have no other.
It's God's gift - a caring father,
But an angel to be the mother.
I know for I was once an orphan,
My parents were called to their home above.
This couple that others call foster,
Gave me a home and a world of caring love.
God's plan for us in life,
Is seldom understood,
For we are only mortal men,
But God gives us always what is good.
So the want for parents who have none,
To us He will provide.
                  The earthly Parents He gave His Son
 They'll be ours too,
And with Them we shall abide.


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