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I knew someday

it would have to end.

I knew eventually

I would have to go back

to calling you friend.

It' killing me

now that day has come .

If it's for the best


where is this pain

coming from.

I know deep inside

this is what I had to do .

But it's breaking my heart

to have to walk away from you.

I'm trying my best

to appear strong

but it's hard

when a part of me says

It's in your arms

is where I belong.

I still love you

with all my heart

that's not going to change

even though we're apart

There are so many

of our special times

I'm going to miss
All the words

I ever said or wrote

still hold true

But for now

from a distance

is where

I'll be loving you

I think

you need me as a friend

to help you through because

there are things

I can't

control that are hurting you

We both have issues

no one knows

if neither of us had the strength

to be true to our love


we will be together again

if it was meant to be


for now

please don't stop loving me

By: Normalvegas



A  passionate  night  between  you and
I  can't  begin  to  tell  you  the  things  I
want  to do.

First  we can dim  the  lights and  get  closer
I'll  kiss  your  lips  that  are so  soft and
sweet, then move  on  to your cheek
that's so smooth  and  unique.
         Let  Me  Love  you
         Let  Me   Love you

I'll  move   right along  to  that ear of yours  and  down to  your
Then  back up to  your  neck
I  kiss  your  chest  over and over again
and  again.

I'm  not  finished yet  and  the night  is  young as my  love  grows
stronger with
each  beat of  your  heart.
Hold  me  never  let  me  go  just  hold
         Let Me  Love  You
         Let Me  Love   You

I  wake  up   to  realize  it's a dream
A  passionate  dream  fueled  by my
deep  love  for  you

By: Normalvegas

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