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Folks keep asking me how I feel, "I'm feeling pretty well"

If they should see me in the early morning, I look just plain old swell

One day I was acting off the wall, I woke up in a strange place

I didn't remember anything, couldn't recognize a face

Cowboy knew I hadn't taken medication, not a single pill

I thought I could do without, leave it up to God's will

I finally got to thinking God led me places I didn't know

More doctors, friends, and angels, I simply would go

Now y'all know how I love coffee, it is my favorite drink

Seems now I don't take to it much, cause I just couldn't think

Now I drink lots of milk, I really do not know why

I've lost quite a few pounds here, I wonder who's the spy

Another thing I gave up was eating, something I don't like to do

Never took much to begin with, but I'm still faithful to you

I was going to have some tests done, but they forgot to call

So now I'll just have to wait another week before I can tell y'all

By: Lil Angel Reb

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