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Here I sit so dammed forlorn,

It is but early in the morn.

The powers off, no fault of my mine,

All I want is Ďputer on line.


Donít care about the kettle see,

Can always wait for cup of tea.

But badly need computer alive,

Or how the hell will I survive.


Try again, still blank screen,

Looks worse than its ever been.

Maybe I should read a book,

Oh hang on, just one last look.


Still no colour, still no screen,

Why is everything so mean?

All I want is power to run,

So I can get back to my fun.


How long will it take? I rang them twice,

And although they seemed so nice.

They cannot tell me what I need to know,

When will my computer go?


Should get up and of my ass,

Wonder if it runs on gas?

Anything to make it go,

I just need that monitor to show.

Hang on, Iíll call again,

Surely now they will know when.

I can from this suffering alight,

Hit the ON switch, what a beautiful sight.


The telephone rings many times,

Seems as if everyoneís on lines.

Probably all waiting for same thing,

Their dammed computer to begin.


Should I take the risk and wait?

Donít want to miss out, or be late.

Must be here at that time,

When power comes on, and Iím on line.


Hang on there, just a sec.

Looks like itís back, what the heck.

Havenít got any more time,

To waste on these silly rhymes.



Dark Blue Knight

© Copyright

May 1999

All Rights Reserved



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