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"The Site hasn't been updated in 4 months..
the new obs dodge channel is op obs-
When i have time i'll update the site.
Peace NoD"

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Obs Dodging Channels
East = op 0bs
West = op 0bs
asia = a2848

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Observer Down [S]

This map has all the addictive qualities you would expect from
an Obs Dodge map but adds 1 feature. When you die,
Instead of End Scenario for all players,
You go back 1 lv..
example.. Die on lv 8 go back to lv 7. etc...

Observer Ugly [Lava]

This map is Similiar to Observer Lovely [Space] with the following differences.
*You start out Slow. Each level you get a Faster Unit.
*There are only 16 Levels instead of 17 Levels.
*You can save your allies when they die.
*The length is is 2/3 of the length of Observer Lovely.
*More Observers are added each Level.
*5 Difficulty Levels. "Easy, Medium, Hard, Harder, Hardest"
*Bonus Levels are still under construction. They are not Finished yet.
When They are finished I will Post OtherWise.

Queen Dodge [Ice]

*Queens are faster than obs which makes this map challenging
*You can save your allies when they die.
*The Background is on Ice. I really like the background on this one.
*3 Difficulty Levels. "Easy, Medium, Hard"