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Somewhere in an east coast town... A Victorian era abode made of stone, and brick.It is an elegant architecture that seems to have stood still for over a century.A black Harley Davidson rumbles up the driveway, and pulls to a halt.The rider gets off the bike, and takes off her helmet.It turns out that this 19th century structure is the comfortably appointed suburban home of ACW's Cassandra Clark.She opens the storage compartment on the motorcycle and holsters her gear, and the National Title.Opening the solid oak door, she is greeted by Chaz her German Shepard.Chaz has always been a loyal friend to Cassie...she found him 5 yrs ago on the side of the road abandoned as a pup.When she took the pitiful little furball in her arms, she wasn't sure he'd live to see the next sunrise.But with the best vet care she could afford, and lots of TLC Chaz soon recovered to grow into a healthy dog.Animals have always been a great love for Cassandra.To her they're are the purest of souls.As Cassie greets her buddy, she thinks how true this to be.In all her years of being the hired muscle to find every kind of human scum from drug runners, to child pornagraphers she sometimes hates human beings, and their wicked ways.

She hears a squawk from the seems someone else wants to say hello.Cassie walks with Chaz close behind.And there is Lily her African Grey parrot.

"Cassie:"Well hello pretty girl."


Cassie chuckles , as she gives Lily a sunflower seed.Cassie looks around for Chairman Meow her cat, but he's probably sleeping.Cassie is quite pleased that the Pet Sitter did a good job while she was away.Cassie settles down to a cup of coffee, and a smoke before throwing her baggage into the wash machine, and going for a nice long soak in the tub.When she comes out she gets dressed for bed, and than stares at her reflection with the National Title on her shoulder...her lips curl into a grimace.It just doesn't feel right...technically she didn't EARN the belt.At least not as she wanted to...hopefully at Primetime she will be able to satisfy herself as far as earning the belt, and the honor that she feels she was cheated out of.Feeling that it's pointless to harp over the other day now she goes,and watches Family Guy on tv.

Fade Out....


The next morning....

Cassie arises at about 11am...she turns on a pot of coffee, and makes some breakfast.After feeding the animals she sits down to a cup of joe, and some scrambled eggs with bacon.She takes note of what needs to be done.With her new ACW schedule, off days are hardly a break.She has to tend the garden,tune the bike, and tidy up.And also grocery shop...blah.When she finishes breakfast she does her dishes, and puts on her work clothes.Her beat up AC/DC T-shirt,and jeans.Tying her hair up behind a bandana she sets off to work.

Later on....

Cassie is sitting in the driveway.Legs splayed crudely, a greasy cloth topped with tools next to her.Cassie tunes the bike when Steve Laberre pulls up on the driveway.Cassie looks at him with his smug look as he walks up to her.

Steve:"Now what's a pretty lady like you doing this for?"

Cassie rolls her eyes...

Cassie:"And just WHAT brings you here Mr.Lebarre?"

Steve:"I was sent by Chase Owens...didn't you check your answering machine?"

Cassie:"OHHH yeah...I forgot.I have been quite busy today, as you can see."

Steve:"Right.So how does it feel to be the National Champion by DEFAULT?"

Cassie finishes tighting a bolt on the cycle, and stands up.Wiping her greasy fingers on her jeans she looks at Steve incredulously.

Cassie:"I just KNEW you were going to say that.So you really want to know?"

Steve again sneers that smug arrogance that makes Cassie think he could use a good beating.Not by her persay...but by somebody.


Cassie:"How SHOULD I feel?Delighted?Proud?...because I had the title HANDED to me?Should I run circles around the ring, and say I proved myself?At this time I don't feel at liberty to do that.It is too bad that Joe couldn't step up to the plate.In a way I feel he was cheated as well.I had truly hoped to show my fortitude in the ring the other night."

Steve:"But you could be at least a little bit happy.You won the belt.You're the National Champion."

Cassie:"Let me ask you a question.And don't be afraid to tell me the truth.What have the others in ACW been saying?"

Steve:"Uh...well...that your a freeloader.That you just got lucky.Some have even said YOU paid Lopez to attack Joe prior to the match to guarantee a win you wouldn't have had the courage to get otherwise."

Cassie:"That figures. Now tell me...this.While you seem barely a good enough reporter to find your own ass, surely you took some time to look for facts behind the attack.You are aware that I have had NO contact with Blade Lopez.In fact the only person I have actually spoken to since my arrival here is Chase Owens.I don't NEED a patsy to fight my battles for me.And I'll thank you NOT to question my courage again."

Steve:"Well you say that but.."

Cassie:"But nothing...I wanted to have this match.And if you want the truth...I will not TRULY consider myself the champion until I have worked in the ring for it.You see Steve...a title doesn't make the's the wrestler who makes the title.And I've still got a lot to prove."

Steve:"Well at Primetime this week you will get that opportunity.You will face another woman.Kaydence who won the right to face you for your title.Now SHE actually fought for the right.You got off easily..."

Cassie:" can stop right there.I KNOW what you're up to.Trying to start bad blood with me and Kaydence.Since we're the two women right now,you want to make this get ugly.Well you can save it...I have no malice toward Kaydence.She won her place rightfully, and I respect that.I will happily face her in the ring."

Steve:"You think you can defeat her?I heard tell she doesn't respect you at all.That she wants to be the only woman around here."

Cassie:'Steve you're not a very good liar so try something else.I don't think she said that at all.Again you're trying to get a catfight out of all of this.Listen...things didn't go as I wanted at Showdown...I can't stress that enough. I LOVE to get my hands dirty.It's why I am here.As for many we ways we are alike.I've seen how the men try to put her down too.But she fought I think I can beat her.I am capable of it yes.But right now I don't hate her at all. I offer my hand to her in respect, and honor.I wish her luck in our match, and I offer to face off in good sportswomanship.I think me, and her oughta show the boys just how badass in the ring we can be.So Kaydence best of luck, and may the best woman win."

Steve:"I think you're bluffing."

Cassie:" come to MY home, and call me a liar.Steve you're going to have to be more up on your pop culture if you want to survive in this business....I mean..."

:::POP!!::Steve takes a knuckle sandwich that makes him fall to the ground.He checks to see his nose is bleeding.

Cassie:"You should know better than to cross the line with someone who can kick your ass.Now get off of my property, and don't come back until you've learned some proper manners."

Steve nearly wets his pants, as Cassie lights up a smoke.Realizing that any further discussion might be detrimental to his health he scrambles away.Cassie exhales the smoke, and chuckles as she gets back to her bike.