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   Music Videos

Well  guess the title summed it all up. Feel free to drop me a message down there at the bottom of the page somewhere and enjoy the vids! Hmm... I should probably mention that I'm a chlex fan, though most Chloe ships work for me. Here's another piece of info- I really don't like Lana, I mean seriously, I've known socks with more of a personality.  



What Your Body Needs

[Song: Jordan Knight - Give it too you]

[Description: Yeah, it is in fact as sleazy as it sounds]

[Rating: R for the Lion scene] 


Never Changes

[Song: Stretch Princess - Time and Time Again]

[Description: Lex loves Chloe, Chloe loves Clark, you know the story]

[Rating: PG]




[Song: Evanescence - Everybody's Fool]

[Description: Lana Lang, a waste of good oxygen]

[Rating: R for language]


- Disclaimer -

Nope- I don't own Smallville, check back later though.