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Welcome to my domain, The World Of TBI. My name is Kelley Parker, although on the Internet I'm known as RhapsodyBlue. I'm a survivor of a traumatic Brain Injury, otherwise known as a TBI.
Okay, we all heard the jokes in school while growing up about being brain damaged, little did I know it would come home to haunt me at the peak of my life. Let me tell you now, it can happen to anyone even the best of us, and it will forever change your life. Each year more than 50,000 Americans die following traumatic brain injuries, I am one of the lucky ones, I survived. It is estimated that 5.3 million Americans are living today with a TBI-related disability.
I have had to basically relearn all my day to day living skills needed for survival, although even after 5 years, something as easy as walking is still a challenge for me. The floor seems to be much harder these days and believe me; I have felt it more times than I wish to. If you want to read my tear jerking version of my TBI story follow the links to, "Meet RhapsodyBlue". While there, check out my poems I have written releasing pent up frustrations and aggravations of the lifestyle of the not so rich nor famous TBI survivor.
If you want to learn more about TBI, the TBI Chat Room and Homepage is a good place to start, it's also a good place to find on line support as a survivor or as a caregiver.
Head Injury can't always be prevented, as we have chosen to walk upright on two legs, enjoy the convenience of the motor vehicles, not to mention the various sports we allow our children to play.
Below I have listed a few things you can do, to protect yourself and loved ones:

  • Remember It's Cool To Wear Your Seatbelt.
  • Always Wear Your Bike Helmet While Biking Or Skateboarding.
  • Motorcycle Helmet Laws Are To Protect You, Wear It.
  • Keep All Guns And Ammunition Securely Locked Away From Children.

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