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Phils Place for Bluegrass and Country Music

covered wagon div

~ Then ~

Phil and banjo

Bluegrass Unlimited - 9/86
Phil and banjo

~ Now ~

Yeah, this is me too!


I play music for a living, I do home remodeling for fun! However, my Dad told me, when I was a young man, "If you're gonna play Bluegrass music, don't quit your day job!" He was right, I make good money at both. I have fun with one, and work at the other. Thanks Dad for great advice!

~Brief Bio~

I've been pickin' and grinnin' since I was 7 yrs old. I began with the guitar and at age ten decided to tackle the banjo, and many years later the banjo is "still" my instrument of choice. I also play the bass, dobro and on rare occasion the mando. :)

I played professionally for 32 years with several bands, some of which include The Hotfoot Quartet, The Russell Brothers, Kentucky Grass, Southland Express and the Butler Brothers, and (are you ready?) The Wiernot Bros, Dave Evans and River Bend, The Boys From Indiana, The Woods Brothers, Southern Comfort, Tackett Brothers, and last listed, but certainly NOT least, Jimmy Martin and the Sunny Mountain Boys.

See my banjo?!


I'm Movin' On Lonesome Road Blue's Deep Purple Sally Goodin
Dueling Banjos Georgia Brown Pick Away Over The Rainbow
Old Home Place Phantom of the Opry Salty Dog Sing! Sing! Sing!
Earls Breakdown Under The Double Eagle Bill Cheatham Red Haired Boy
Billy In The Low Ground Jerusalem Ridge Beverly Hillbillies Foggy Mountain Breakdown
Will The Circle Be Unbroken Adams Breakdown Dixie Breakdown Little Maggie
Bugle Call Rag Arkansas Traveler Cripple Creek Blackberry Blossom
Fishers Hornpipe Orange Blossom Special Grandfather's Clock Tennessee Stud
Fireball Mail Mountain Dew Ballad Of Jesse James Wildwood Flower
Flop Ear Mule Cherokee Forked Tail Deer John Hardy
Kirk's Breakdown New Orleans Blues Salt Creek Whiskey Before Breakfast
Tom & Jerry Cindy Ghost Riders Midiots Breakdown
Worried Man Rocky Top Wabash Cannonball Devil Went Down To Georgia

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Special thanks to artists R. G. Allen, Roy Helmick, Don Carroll and Banjer without whos brilliance in MIDI sequencing, sites such as this would not be possible! Thank you guys!

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