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Jessica Danielle Andrews

Dec. 29, 1983

Biography written by Jessica's Uncle Chuck:

        Jessica Andrews is from Huntingdon,TN., a small town of around 8,000 people. It is about 100 miles from Nashville where she now resides with her family. She is going on 17 years old and has the the voice and talent of someone twice her age. Growing up she has always been involved in music as well as sports. She was an All-Star pitcher on her softball team. She enjoys all types of music and has even used Italian opera in her vocal training. She has a true gift from God in her performing and she gives him all the credit for her talents. Her mother is also a very talented singer and has perforrmed throughout the West Tennessee area for many years with various bands. When Jessica was 12 she formed her first band called Dreamchaser. They were a W.Tn. favorite performing at various venues and benifits around the area.

        It all started for Jessica when she was 10 years old in her 4th grade talent show where she was to do a dance routine but  her older sister Kellie encouraged her to sing instead. She sang "I Will Always Love You" the Dolly Parton classic, however she  sang it Whitney Houston style and hit every note with ease.This caught the attention of everyone and immediatly things started happening. She won the Loretta Lynn West Tennessee talent search and received an autographed guitar from Lorretta on stage.

        Later that summer she performed at Opryland and other places around Nashville. Soon she caught the attention of one of Nashvilles biggest producers, Byron Gallimore. Byron immediatly saw the potential in this young lady and started working with her. It wasn't long until they had chosen a few good songs and recorded them to play for other industry people. One of those people was James Stroud, president of Dreamworks Nashville. When Byron brought James and the Dream team to Paris,Tn. for Jessica's showcase, they were all so impressed that she was offered a record deal on the spot, something that hardly ever happens in the music industry. Now after a lot of hard work, dedication and sacrafice, Heart Shaped World is born. This album is packed full of great music for everyone. It has it all from rockin' (r & b)-ish sounds to soothing magical ballads. Simply a fantastic record!