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Open Private Gardens - Offene Gartenpforte Welcome to the garden of Beauvy-Uster

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 VIVALDI, Antonio (1678-1741), ITALY, Concerto in G major - Largo cantabile (2k)

Dear garden-friendCat

We are hobby-gardeners and would like to invite you to our five private gardens.
They are located at the Lower Rhine, Germany (Where exactly?) and well worth a visit.

It may take some time because the jpg´s are about 180k each. Feel free to copy pictures but please set a link to us, then. Thank you.

Take a look at the garden of:
apple 1 Krautwig [Member of the Society of the Mad Gardener] apple 2 Hübbers apple 3 van Huet apple 4 Bender/Lucenz

apple 1
apple 1


Come and see the beautiful landscape of the Niederrhein-area,
speak with experienced private german gardeners about garden-related problems,
and exchange knowledge and new ideas.

Show the world your own private garden!

For questions or notes regarding gardens please ask the gardeners directly.
If you have problems with this site (broken links, bugs etc.) please mail to
Robert Uster.
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