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  • tsp. Grounded Cardamom (Choti Ilaichi)
  • 2 cups Plain Yogurt
  • 1 cup Whole Milk
  • 1 cup Ice Cold Water
  • 1 tsp. Rose Water
  • Toasted Almonds (Baadaam) (sliced) (for garnish)
  • Either of the following two:
  • 2 Soft Mangoes (peeled, cut from pit, and cubed)
  • 5 ripe Bananas (peeled and slices)

  1. Combine all ingredients, (except almonds), in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth.
  2. Serve with ice cubes and sprinkle with almonds.

Serving Suggestions: Serve Well Chilled
Yield: 4-6 Servings
Preparation Time: 15 Minutes
Degree of Difficulty: Easy
Recipe Category: Cold Beverage
Recipe Ethnic Group: Pakistani
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