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Of all the email messages I receive, it is interesting to find that most of them are from various fans in Europe. Almost all the messages deal in some way with my song "A Little Bit Like Heaven". I am often asked if the song was inspired by real places here in the United States. Though the story itself is not actually true, the places are real places that I have visited in the past and they were an inspiration for the song itself. This is my way of saying thank you for the success you have given my music overseas, the song "A Little Bit Like Heaven" in particular because it has actually seen hardly any airplay in my own country. Here are a couple of pictures of the places here you have inquired about. The photo of the bridge, which is mentioned in the first verse of the song, crosses the Colorado River and is located at a great fishing area east of Buena Vista, Colorado. The photo of the chapel, which is mentioned in the second verse of the song, is actually named the Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel and is located in the town of Bella Vista, Arkansas. Thanks again to all my country music fans from Europe for supporting my endeavers. It is greatly appreciated.