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Everybody needs a "baby" paper doll, dont ya think? She was so much fun to make! Please do not publish these or add them to any internet collections. They are for your personal use only. To use these dolls all you need to do is print them and cut them out. The dolls will need to be glued onto cardboard or you can print those and the stands on cardstock paper. I like to glue the doll onto the cardboard BEFORE cutting them seems to work better that way...Also, if small children are playing with these, you might want to glue a popsicle stick on the back to reinforce the doll...that way they don't get all floppy and worn...
I hope you enjoy these little dolls!
courtney caty
court1 caty1 chance1

court2 caty2 chance2

court3 caty3 chance3

court4 caty4 chance4

court5 caty5 chance5

court6 caty6 chance6

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