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Welcome to Triple (K) Kennel
Home of the Old Country Bulldog

The Old Country Bulldogs are my hobby and one of my life long passions. I was first introduced to the Old Country Bulldog some thirty years ago by my father who still loves a good Old Country Bulldog today. Over the years we have had many long discussions about the Old Country Bulldog, he has shared with me what I feel was some great stories about some of the bulldogs that he and his brothers had throughout their lives. Alot of their bulldogs I had the pleasure of seeing. My entire family is from the South (South Carolina that is), which means that I am a coutry boy and have been around bulldogs and have owned bulldogs all my life. I feel that after having been exposed to the bulldog at such an early age in my life by bulldog fanciers that breed and used the bulldog for what it was intened for gave me valuble insite and a direction of which I feel Triple (K) Kennels should be going in as we reproduce the Old Country Bulldog. Now I know alot of bulldog fanciers today will ask the question what is a Old Country Bulldog? Well as a young kid I didn't know or learn much about the many different types of bulldog that are readily available today. The one type I did know about was the Old Country Bulldog and I think the reason for this was that most bulldog fanciers in the South simply didn't want or breed for alot of the different types of bulldogs that are readily available today. The Old Country bulldog is a big rugged well built bulldog that looks intimidating and performs the work that is required of him in any arena be it on the farm, in the woods hunting hogges or just being a good family companion. In most part of the South the bulldog is still known as the Old Country Bulldog by most fanciers and it is the type of bulldog that Triple (K) Kennels has always loved and will continue to produce. Now I could give the specs on what I feel an Old Country Bulldog should look like but that wouldn't be fair to the breeders that are producing the many different types of bulldogs today because everyone has their own opinion as to what a bulldog should be. My goal here at Triple(K) Kennels is to produce the best functional Old Country Bulldog possible. Over the past several years I have produced and owned a great number of bulldogs and have only kept the best specimens that I thought would be best suited for my breeding program. I am striving to reproduce the same Old Country Bulldog that was originated in the South and owned by my family in the South when I was a young man. At Triple (K) Kennels the priorities are health and temperament first. My Old Country Bulldogs will have good confirmation and will move very well for a bulldog of their size. We breed for a bulldog that looks and performs as well act like a bulldog. Our bulldogs will be of good size with nice thick bodies and big head pieces that fits their bodies very well.

Size wise Triple (K) kennels is breeding for a 17 to 19 inches @ the wither female weighing in @ 60 to 80lbs. As for the males we are breeding for 18 to 21 inches @ the wither and weighing in @ 75 to 100lbs. These are the specs that I like and breed for. I also breed for bulldogs that have good athletic ability and drive which is essential if one is to have a really good bulldog.

I hope that this gives you a good idea of what Triple(K) Kennels is about and the type of bulldog that we are striving to produce. If this is type of bulldog that you are looking for then you have come to the correct place for your bulldog.

Kimery Lewis

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