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All honor and praise to Allah, the Compassionate and Merciful!


P.O. Box 3189, Auckland, New Zealand 1140.

Flag of Bokhara
The flag of Bokhara



Welcome to the homepage of the Bokhara Consulate,
in New Zealand!

Here's your guide to
what's hot and what's not

in the sunny, sandy land of Bokhara.
A camel caravan carries freight in Bokhara.

Click this stamp to learn more about Bokhara.  Click this stamp to learn more about Bokhara's stamps.  Click this stamp to learn more about the Great Khan.  Click this stamp to visit the ICIS homepage.  Click here to contact Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).  Click here for info on the rug industry.

Bokhara follows the Sunni sect of Islam, and uses both the Hijri calendar as well as Gregorian.  Hijri dates are usually shown in Arabic numerals.Many of our stamps show dates in Hijri, and fortunately for all, a web page is now available to convert Gregorian dates to Hijri and vice-versa.  Thanks be to Allah.

Bokhara 2003
Centenary of the Harley Davidson motorcycle,
44 pouls.
Click this stamp to view the minisheet.
Bokhara 1424 /2004
Cat, 11 pouls.
Bokhara 1423 / 2003
Centenary of Railways in Bokhara.

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